Corvette "Perfect", project 20380: design, basic characteristics, weapons

Effective opposition to NATO destroyers and aircraft carriers is possible with a completely new type of anti-submarine warfare ships (BOD). The protection of maritime frontiers at the Baltic is carried out today, using for this purpose multi-purpose “guard” built by the Amur Shipbuilding Plant (AES), “Steregushchy”, “Soobrazitelny”, “Stoic”, “Boyky”. Bookmark similar ships made for other fleets. Corvette "Perfect" was the first ship of the twenty-first century, provided to the Pacific Fleet.

perfect corvette

It is planned that this vessel, together with its “brothers” under the project, will become the basis of the Russian Navy in the near-sea zone. The article presents a description of the Corvette "Perfect", the main characteristics of the vessel, the history of its creation.


Bookmark Corvette "Perfect" was held in 2006. However, in 2013, due to over-pricing from the plant to 7 billion rubles, it was decided to suspend construction. The construction of the corvette "Perfect" was turned into a long-term construction. Simultaneously with this ship, work was carried out on another ship of this project called “Loud”. In 2014, the Ministry of Defense signed a new contract with the United Shipbuilding Corporation, according to which the cost of two project 20380 corvettes was 13 billion rubles. Production was carried out at the plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur (Khabarovsk Territory).

 project 20380

Construction and release of the ship

The Corvette “Perfect” of project 20380 was developed by the staff of the Central Design Bureau of St. Petersburg. In April 2014, the AEZ entered into a state contract with the Tula Machine-Building Plant for the manufacture of two AK-630M-06 artillery for the “Perfect” corvette.

In May 2015, the vessel was launched. In November 2016, mooring trials and demagnetization were carried out on the corvette. In January 2017, factory running tests were carried out, after which the ship went to sea.


In March of this year, the first sea tests of the “Perfect” corvette were successfully conducted. The place for the artillery firing became the sea polygons of the Pacific Fleet. The combat armament of the “Perfect” corvette was tested in the early summer of 2017. State tests consisted of rocket firing from the main shipborne missile complex "Uran". As a target was used naval ship shield. In addition, a cruise target missile was launched from the Russian R-79, which the corvette successfully struck using the A-190 100-mm artillery mount. In July 2017, the state marine tests were successfully completed. The corvette “Perfect” entered service with the Russian Navy on July 23, 2017.

Russian Navy Corvette perfect

Future plans

For the Russian Navy, it is planned to build several dozen ships of this class. The works will be carried out at two large shipbuilding enterprises: the Severnaya Verf in St. Petersburg and the Amur Shipbuilding Plant.

Amur Shipyard


The uniqueness of both corvettes of project 20380 lies in the fact that these ships can be upgraded if necessary.Improved corvettes are capable, in addition to their guard tasks, to detect enemy submarines, surface targets, fighters, cruise missiles, and torpedoes with their further destruction. In addition, it is planned to use the "Perfect" to provide powerful fire support by launching missile and artillery strikes during the landing of the Russian landing force.

Principle of modularity

For the design of the Corvette "Perfect" used a modular scheme. Due to this, the Russian designers had the opportunity, if necessary, to equip the corvette with new weapon and radio-electronic systems. In the future, in order to install navigation equipment on the Corvette “Perfect”, the ship will not have to be radically altered, which, in turn, will save time and money.

What is unique corvette?

Unlike other ships of Project 20380, the “Perfect” is multifunctional and more compact. For this ship, in accordance with the "stealth" technology, a multilayer composite material (fiberglass with carbon fibers) with radio absorbing properties was used.Due to its design features and thanks to a special coating, the corvette is almost not noticeable in the radar and infrared ranges. In addition to the helicopter on this corvette provides a place for the transportation of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Body device

"Perfect" is equipped with a steel smooth-shell casing. Employees of the PES performed a quality stroke of its underwater part. Thanks to this, it was possible to reduce water resistance by up to 25%. The lower part of the vessel under the waterline is a convex ellipsoidal shape. In shipbuilding, this design is called the “bow bulb”. Thanks to him, the flow of water is systematically distributed along the entire body of the corvette, which saves fuel, as well as increase the speed and cruising range.

Corvette perfect basic characteristics


The corvette is equipped with a two-shaft main diesel power plant. It is based on two diesel engines DDA 12000. In one such unit there are:

  • Diesels 16D49 (two pieces), which are manufactured at the Kolomna plant.
  • Two gear transmissions.
  • One summing reverse gear unit manufactured at JSC "Star".

Energy is produced by four 22-26DG diesel generators. The power of one generator is 630 kW.

Ship's armament

Corvette is equipped with:

  • Anti-ship missile complex "Uranus". This is the basis of the combat weapons of the "Perfect". The location for the location of subsonic rockets (can be used X-35, "BrahMos" or "UKKS Caliber") became two four-container (four-barrel) launchers. One rocket weapon set consists of eight anti-ship missiles. The X-35 range is 130 km. Used to destroy surface targets.
  • Anti-missile system (ZRK) "Redoubt". It consists of three modules, each of which has 4 cells. Thus, the air defense system contains 12 missiles (9M96M or 9M96E), designed for long and medium range. Also, the air defense system can be equipped with missiles designed for a short range: 9M100. If desired, anti-aircraft missiles can be combined. For each missile, an active radar head (ACG) is provided, which performs self-homing on the target. The rocket is set in motion and flies up from the cell to a height of 30 meters under the influence of compressed air.After the rocket leaves the cell, it hangs in the air for a while. After turning on the turbojet main engine, it is set in motion and with the help of this engine and the ACG is delivered to the target: to the enemy’s missiles or aircraft.
  • AA-630 anti-aircraft artillery. It is presented by two artillery installations. These guns are located on the sides. Installations have a high rate of fire: per minute one gun can carry up to 5 thousand shots. High-explosive incendiary projectiles are used as ammunition. The firing radius ranges from 400 to 4 thousand meters. Within these limits, the “Perfect” anti-aircraft artillery poses a serious threat to the enemy’s air and surface targets.
  • Anti-aircraft missile and artillery weapons. It is presented by the Kortik-M complex. The combat kit contains missiles (32 pieces) and 30-mm projectiles (3 thousand pieces). The radius of a missile strike ranges from 1.5 to 8 km, with projectiles from 500 to 4 thousand meters.

Corvette Perfect Test

  • Artillery system AU-A190.

It is a universal ship installation of 100 mm caliber. As ammunition for this artillery system, high-explosive fragmentation projectiles (FES) and projectiles containing a remote detonator (ADL) are used. The range of the OFS is over 21 km, and the ADL is up to 15 km.High-explosive fragmentation ammunition destroys surface objects of the enemy, and ADD - air enemy targets.

The artillery system is equipped with a rifled gun barrel. For the AU-A190 developed bilateral supply of ammunition. It was noted that with a one-sided feed rate of the gun does not exceed 60 rounds per minute. With two-way rate of fire was able to increase to 80.

The special barbet of the artillery system became the place for the storage of shells. Artillery system is characterized by high accuracy. Since after the execution of 20 shots, the gun becomes very hot, the designers equipped the AU-A190 with a water cooling system: there is a flexible hose in the barrel cavity through which sea water flows to the gun, passing through the installation, cooling the barrel, and then flowing back into the sea. One ammunition contains 320 ammunition. The installation is designed to perform 2500 shots.

What provides ship navigation?

Monitoring the implementation of the firing and launching of missiles is carried out at the combat position of radio-technical weapons (RTV). This post is equipped with LCD monitors, which display goals. To facilitate the adjustment of shooting, the PTB uses an optical tracking channel.As a result, enemy targets are served on screens as real video images. The ship is equipped with a multifunctional television complex MTK-201. The system picks up the signal at a distance of 45 km. The guard only needs to capture the target on the screen, the data about which is immediately automatically transferred to the weapon system racks. Tool targeting is also carried out with the help of automation.

For the corvette, the Sigma combat information and control system, which is the software and the “Perfect” operating system, was developed. It is associated with other ships, coastal points and aircraft. Here comes the information about the goals. Using signals emanating from the enemy’s ship, the commander of the “Perfect” can determine which state the ship belongs to. With the help of signals, on-board numbers, classes and even ship names are easily installed. After all the information about the enemy has been gathered, MTC chooses the most effective means to destroy it.

Detect enemy targets in the air, the commander of the corvette can with the help of the radar system "Furke-2."This radar is capable of detecting a threat at a distance of up to 110 km. As a result, the crew of the ship is reliably protected from air strikes.

Fire control

The corvette is equipped with the Puma-02 fire control system (LMS). With its help, radio-technical armament can simultaneously support four targets, two of which stand out as the most dangerous. Then the shooter selects the place where the projectile should go, and the mode of fire. It can be both single and serial. In order to release a large number of shells on the enemy's ship, the arrow on the "Perfect" you need to press the pedal and hold it for a while.

Anti-torpedo protection

To protect against enemy torpedoes, the corvette is equipped with a unique package-NK system. It consists of two four-tube 33-cm apparatus. The place of their placement became two special lapels along the sides of the ship. The systems allow the destruction of enemy torpedoes and submarines.

The Ka-27 helicopter is also capable of detecting and destroying enemy underwater targets, which, as a base, is attached to the “Perfect” corvette.

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