Cool movies: list. Films for teens. Russian films about the adventures

Among the large number of motion pictures, it is hard to find something really interesting. Below is a list of cool films of various categories in order not to spend a lot of time searching for an interesting tape to watch.

To view the whole family

The list of cool films that can be watched by the whole family is very large, but often the search for such a film project becomes problematic. Without looking at the tape, it is impossible to understand whether this picture is suitable for children, but for this purpose the selection presented below is created for this.

Family movies are for the most part very easy to read. They also often have a good instructive conclusion. Such is the film project of Russian production "Freaks". In the center of the comedy story is a young guy Slava, who coaches a football team of teenagers.The competition falls on his wedding day, and the guy decides to lose the championship in order to get to the wedding on time.

As for foreign films, interesting films for the whole family can be: "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory", "Little Miss Happiness", "Always: Sunset on Third Avenue".

Films for teens

Great success now enjoy the tape about the life of teenagers. Of course, the most popular ribbons among schoolchildren. Films for teens should be exciting, dramatic or fantastic. All these characteristics correspond to the motion pictures presented below.

"House of strange children Miss Peregrine" is included in the list of cool films that are worth watching teenagers. At the center of the story is a guy named Jacob. In childhood, the boy's grandfather constantly told him stories about unusual children with incredible abilities. As he got older, Jacob realized that these tales were real, and strange children needed his help.

movies for teens

Not less interesting film for teens is the project "Academy of Vampires". It tells about teenage vampires who can control the four elements of nature.They are not ordinary monsters and do not kill people, but take blood from volunteers. However, their lives are constantly under threat, because the undead dream of their death - those vampires who have taken the wrong path and lost their souls.

family movies

Adventure tapes

Russian films about adventures are also very popular. A very famous picture of this genre is the tape "Defenders". In the center of the story are people with supernatural abilities. They are constantly forced to hide from others, but once the lives of unusual people change. The country is in danger, and only these superheroes who were previously considered freaks can save their homeland.

russian adventure films

Another Russian adventure film is "Santa Claus. The Battle of Mages." The film tells about the girl Masha, who is tormented by nightmares about fiery monsters. Once the baby's dreams become a reality, but Santa Claus, the main magician in the country, saves the main character from the terrible creatures of history.

russian adventure films

Superhero Movies

The list of great superhero movies is huge. The most famous projects about people who save the world are produced by the film companies Marvel and DC.Studios are constantly competing with each other. Film critics are usually more supportive of Marvel production, but DC is not inferior to their opponent at the box office.

The DC film company has become famous thanks to two dissimilar superheroes - Batman and Superman. In March 2016, the audience was presented a project showing a confrontation between the characters called “Batman vs. Superman: At the Dawn of Justice”. The picture was the highest grossing tape in cinema history, released in March.

cool movies list

As for the film history of the studio Marvel, the company presented to the audience a team of brave superheroes called "The Avengers". Almost every member of the squad made solo films, each of which is a great success. The Marvel Universe of projects continues to evolve, and now the company is engaged in the production of the largest tape in the history of cinema.

interesting film


A special place among the list of cool films is occupied by franchises. Almost all series of projects developing one story are worth seeing. The fact that the creators of the tape continue to release new parts of the motion picture, says the success of the whole story.

The most famous franchises around the world are the stories of "Harry Potter", "Star Wars", "Indiana Jones". Pictures still do not lose popularity. And even despite the fact that the original versions of the films came out many years ago, now the franchises are successfully reviving. Fans of film awards about the young wizard can enjoy the movie "Fantastic Beasts and Their Habitats", a prequel to the story. Directed by "Indiana Jones" is now preparing a new part of the series, as well as the creators of "Star Wars". In addition, the audience was already presented the first spin-off of the new franchise.

New 2017

In 2017, the audience was presented more than a dozen projects that should be included in the list of cool films. In the spring, a new version of the Beauty and the Beast tale was released.

Also a lot of positive feedback received thriller “Live.” In the center of the tape is a team of astronauts who arrived on Mars. They make the greatest discovery - there are living beings on the planet. Soon, the joy of a scientific breakthrough is replaced by horror, as it turns out that a creature from Mars is hostile to other civilizations.

More recently, several sequels have been released that were able to successfully continue the original stories - this is "John Wick 2", "Fifty shades darker", "Guardians of the Galaxy.Chapter 2

Successfully started the last picture of the life of Wolverine called "Logan". As for comedy stories, the films “Battle of the Teachers”, “Family Robbery”, “Very Bad Girls” are very popular.

2017 also pleased fans of action films. The paintings “Rescuers of Malibu”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead do not tell fairy tales”, “Wonder Woman”, “Power Rangers” started well.

As for cartoons, recently, viewers saw animation projects "Cars 3", "Trio in Feathers", "Lego. Film. Batman", "Boss-sucker".

This year also the film critics were pleasantly surprised by the horrors "Off" and "Split". Despite the small production budget, the horrors brought huge profits to their creators. Split talks about a guy with 23 different personalities. Several of them came together to kidnap three young girls. Later it turns out that they are waiting for the emergence of a new personality.

Oscar-winning paintings and award nominees

In 2016, the premiere of the musical "La La Land". The picture was highly appreciated by film critics and set a record for the number of nominations for the Oscar.The tape claimed fourteen statuettes, in the end got six. The film tells about the love story of a girl who dreams of becoming an actress, and a guy who loves jazz. Lovers help each other achieve their goals, not knowing that the realization of desires can interfere with their relationship.

The picture "Shawshank Escape" was nominated seven times for an Oscar. The creators of the picture, as well as the creators of "La La Lenda", were confident in the victory of the film, but this did not happen. Nominations remained nominations, but this did not prevent the success of the tape. We remind you that “Escape from the Shoushenk” tells about a prisoner who is not going to put up with his fate, therefore he decides to escape from prison. The tape is an adaptation of the novel by S. King.


A good movie story to watch in the science fiction genre is the movie "John Carter." The protagonist of the picture is a veteran of the US Civil War. Once against his own will, he finds himself on Mars. The guy is sure that this journey is the worst thing that could happen to him, but the problems in John’s life are just beginning.

john carter movie

Carter is captured by the natives from Mars.Much to the surprise of the guy, it turns out that because of the low gravity he has become much stronger, but this does not help him escape, as his opponents are over four meters tall. In addition, he becomes a party to the war between the two planets, and also falls in love.

Top grossing movies in film history

Another good criterion for finding a movie to watch is its box office. If you still do not know what to see, you can enjoy the most profitable films in the history of cinema.

We remind you that most of all in the world box office has collected the tape "Avatar", the creators of which are now preparing a whole continuation franchise.

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