Consequences and cause of increased testosterone in women

Testosterone is the sex hormone produced by the adrenal glands. Its functions include increasing the physical endurance and sexual activity of the male representatives. However, it happens that testosterone is excessively elevated in a woman, while a man suffers from a lack of it. In this case, when a woman has an increased level of testosterone, she is likely to have health problems. And therefore, at the very first signs, she needs to contact a gynecologist to find out the reason for the failure in her hormonal background. Any delay in this matter can have a very negative impact on the reproductive system of women. What is the cause of increased testosterone in women? We will understand this article.cause of increased testosterone in women

What functions does testosterone perform in the female body?

This hormone is normally capable of being produced not only in the male body, but also in the female. Undoubtedly, in men, its level is much higher than that of the fair sex.In the female body, the testosterone content is insignificant, but it is responsible for the performance of the following functions: functional activity of the bone marrow, formation of a female-type figure, normal functioning of the reproductive system, growth of muscle mass, growth of the skeletal system during physical formation, regulation of libido.

The cause of increased testosterone in women must be determined. This will help in further treatment.

Normal testosterone levels in women

Testosterone must be contained in any person's body in a certain amount, since it is responsible for many important and necessary functions, including proper development of the skeleton, muscle mass, functioning of the sebaceous glands and bone marrow. In addition, thanks to him, a good mood is maintained. In the female, this hormone contributes to the development of the mammary glands and is responsible for ensuring that most body systems are in working condition. However, this is only possible when its level is within the normal range.

Unlike men, whose main problem lies in reducing this hormone, women will have an abnormality to increase it.

So, testosterone is elevated in women (we will look at the reasons later). It is possible to notice this even by external signs, since it causes excessive growth of hair on the body and on the face. In addition, the hair becomes dark and tough, like in men. Also, problems with increasing testosterone levels can be detected through appropriate medical examinations. For all women who are over ten years old, the presence rate of the hormone testosterone should be 0.45-3.75 nmol / l. Moreover, in certain periods the rate may shift. For example, a significant decrease in it occurs during the end of menstruation, and a strong increase is observed in the period of carrying a child. Moreover, the normal level of the content of this hormone in pregnant women may be as much as 4 times higher and at the same time not constitute a dangerous disorder.testosterone in women elevated causes

The cause of increased testosterone in women is of interest to many.

What is the main danger?

In some circumstances, this can have a detrimental effect on the entire hormones of a woman. It can even cause the cessation of menstrual bleeding, as a result of which there are significant problems when a girl wants to conceive a baby and in carrying a fetus before its birth.Therefore, each woman should be examined before conception for the content of testosterone in the body and, if necessary, undergo the necessary course of treatment in a timely manner, which can protect a woman from the mass of problems in the future. What to do when testosterone is elevated in a woman?

Causes and treatment are always interrelated.

Symptoms of elevated testosterone

In women with elevated levels of testosterone hormone, the following symptoms can be observed: the acquisition of male features by the body - the shoulders will become wider, the waist will disappear; superfluous body hair appears and strengthens growth, besides, the appearance of hair is possible even on the face; the voice is broken, its rounder; the skin begins to peel off, and also its dryness rises; hair on your head may start to fall out and become fatter.increased testosterone in women causes and effects

The cause of increased testosterone in women sometimes remains unexplained.

However, these signs are only external indicators. But there are also internal, talking about the symptoms of pathology, which are much more serious than external: aggression, irritability, baseless rudeness; violation of the menstrual cycle (possibly its complete disappearance); sudden increase in libido, increased physical endurance.

With the appearance of such symptoms in the female body can begin to develop any dangerous condition, such as Cushing syndrome or ovarian tumor.

This happens when free testosterone is elevated in women.


There are many reasons that affect the increase in the amount of testosterone in a woman: pregnancy, ovarian tumor, long-term use of drugs containing hormones (birth control pills), tumor or adrenal hyperplasia, polycystic testosterone increased in women causes

In some cases, the cause of increased testosterone is in the wrong diet. Namely, in the use of alcoholic beverages, cabbage, nuts, increasing the production of this hormone in the body. These are the main causes of increased testosterone levels in women. But there are others.

Increase testosterone during pregnancy

When a woman bears a fetus, her testosterone level increases significantly, and this is the only period when such an increase is relatively safe for her. During the entire period of pregnancy twice or even three times it is possible to increase the level of the hormone progesterone, which is associated with its additional synthesis by the placenta.In the case of pregnancy as a boy, the woman will have a testosterone level more than during pregnancy as a girl.

However, an increased amount of hormone is safe only in the second trimester of pregnancy. In the first it will be a deviation from the norm and can lead to missed abortion.

Analysis to determine testosterone levels

If women have increased testosterone, the causes and symptoms may be different, she needs to pass an appropriate analysis to establish its level. You just need to find a laboratory that takes tests and donate blood from a vein to conduct the necessary research. Such an analysis usually costs about 200-1000 rubles, and a woman will be able to find out the results in a day. To eliminate errors, it is necessary to pay attention to the rules for passing this analysis. First of all, it is performed from 3 to 5 and from 8 to 10 days of the menstrual cycle. The second point is to stop any physical activity and sports training, as well as avoid experiences and stress the day before the study. Well, the third point is the need to rest and quit smoking 1-2 hours before the analysis.testosterone is elevated in women causes and treatment

Following these simple rules, a woman will be able to rely on obtaining the highest quality biological material for analysis, as well as its most accurate and accurate results.

When demonstrating serious deviations from the relevant norm and too much increase in the level of the hormone in the patient's body, immediately contact a specialist.

How to treat elevated hormone levels?

At elevated levels of the hormone testosterone therapy is usually carried out using the following drugs: "Dexamethasone", "Digostin", "Ciproterone", "Diethylstilbestrol."

In addition, glucose medications are successfully used to reduce the level of this hormone: Veroshpiron, Glucophage, and Siofor. The composition of these drugs include metamorphine and spironolactone, qualitatively suppressing the synthesis of excess testosterone.

In addition, it is possible for a doctor to prescribe oral contraceptives, such as Yarin, Janine, Diane 35.increased testosterone levels in women causes

Do not self-medicate, because the female hormonal system is extremely sensitive to intervene without a doctor's prescription, and there is also a high risk of side effects.At the end of the course of therapy, further control of the hormone testosterone level will be required, since the possibility of re-raising it is not excluded.

What should be the diet if total testosterone is elevated in women?

The reasons must be clarified. However, in the case of a slight increase, you can use the help of a special diet. There are a number of products that in a short time reduce the level of this hormone. These natural helpers include: honey, fried vegetable and meat dishes, cherries, vegetable oil, apples, wheat, rice, salt, sugar, caffeine, potatoes, full-fat milk and cream, soy products.


The possibility of changes in the body is determined depending on how much the level of the hormone has been increased. With a slight increase, a woman will only change her mood, that is, the appearance of bouts of irritability, increased physical activity, she can begin to grow on the body of excess hair where it should not be - on the arms, legs, above the lip.

If the increase in testosterone is significant, then the consequences are more serious: the development of diabetes mellitus, a change in body weight, as well as negative changes may undergo a reproductive and reproductive system.increased testosterone in women causes symptoms

When a woman increases her total or free testosterone, this will be reflected in every area of ​​life, including her physical condition and appearance. Then development of various health problems is possible. Therefore, every woman should remember that she should consult a specialist and undergo the necessary treatment when the first signs of an increase in testosterone occur.

We examined the causes and effects of increased testosterone in women.

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