Color correction in Photoshop: the main aspects

Browsing on the computer a bunch of recently madephotos, we often remain not very satisfied with the color scheme they got: somewhere they were too dark, and somewhere, on the contrary, the image turned out to be too light. I want to somehow fix this. Here we need a set of procedures, such as color correction. Photoshop - this is the program with which we will now try to adjust the colors the way we need.

color correction in photoshopFirst of all, you need to open this editor andload the desired photo. The toolkit that you need to work with color can be easily found by going to the Image menu, and then to the Image / Adjustment item. Next, select the option Brightness / Contrast, put a tick in the box with the word Preview and start moving the sliders, which in the appeared window will be only two. One slider adjusts the brightness, and the other - the contrast. This color correction in Photoshop will suit those who are not yet very familiar with the program.

A bit harder may seem another waycolor adjustment. In the same Image / Adjust menu, select Levels. There will be a window with a histogram, below which you will see three sliders: black, gray and white. Moving them one by one, you can adjust individual channels, that is, with a black slider lighten the darkened areas of the photo, white - a little darken too light, and gray to adjust the middle tones.

But there is even more professional color correction in Photoshop. In the already knowncolor correction in photoshopfind the Curves option in the menu. When clicked, a window with a graph appears. The principle of working with it is similar to the previous one. In the window, in addition to the graph, you will see icons with three pipettes. With their help, mark the darkest and lightest point of the photo, then, grabbing the curve curve, we begin to adjust the color. Such color correction in Photoshop also provides the choice of channels: RGB, Red, Green and Blue. With their help, you can strengthen a particular color in the picture.

Also lighten or darken the photo, doits brighter or paler can be, using the option Exposure. Moving the sliders, you can achieve the desired effect. Change the saturation and tone of the picture if you use the corresponding Hue / Saturation item. This option has three parameters: saturation, tone and brightness. Such color correction in Photoshop can be carried out both on the entire photo, and on individual colors, which can be selected in the drop-down list. By ticking Toning, you can paint the entire picture in the color that you specify by adjusting the settings. If a tick is not set, then, if you select from a list of a particular color, you can add an additional shade to the picture.color correction photoshop

Also color correction in Photoshop, namely the optionBlack-and-white (Black & White), can convert a color photo into a black and white version, above which you can also work with any of the above methods for adjusting the color. A black-and-white picture can be given a sepia effect, made in yellow, red, orange and other colors. Even if you have a portrait photo that you do not really like, with the help of color correction and transfer it to black and white mode, you can make an original, beautiful and even a mysterious portrait.

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Color correction in Photoshop: the main aspects Color correction in Photoshop: the main aspects Color correction in Photoshop: the main aspects Color correction in Photoshop: the main aspects Color correction in Photoshop: the main aspects