Coffee tree: stylish, affordable, easy

Air freshener creates a short-term effect, pillows “pillows” are old, aroma candles at work can not always be used. Another thing, coffee tree - what you need! Its tonic aroma will make the brain work faster, and an interesting design will add style to any room: office, kitchen, bedroom. But how to make a coffee tree? From scrap materials!

a coffee tree

Collecting parts

Prepare the following materials for use: plastic ball (children's or tennis ball), coffee beans (400-500 g), Moment glue, wooden stick for a tree trunk. By the way, there are options: you can find it on the street and take a real twig of a suitable size. However, a pencil or a Chinese chopstick will do. To make a coffee tree, you can not do without a skein of fluffy yarn or braid, a small flower pot (cup), a handful of pebbles, foam or building cement (300 grams) or gypsum, a flap of fabric to decorate a flower pot, artificial moss, or anything that can in your opinion, mimic the soil.And also do not forget to prepare a brush, scissors, tape or duct tape.

coffee tree how to make

Barrel and crown

Depending on the material from which your future tree crown (plastic, rubber, foil rolled into a tight ball), pierce it in any convenient way. Insert the so-called barrel into the hole. Strengthen it well with tape or tape, especially if you think that the union of the trunk and crown is not very strong. It fully depends on the materials you work with.

Clay - foreground!

Lubricate the barrel with glue, and then gently, turn by turn, wrap it with wool. If you picked up the band for this purpose, put it overlap a little. Using a brush, lubricate the “Moment” ball. Give it some time to dry, and only then start sticking coffee beans one at a time. At the same time, no matter how hard you try, you will have “gaps”. To hide them, apply glue to a certain amount of grains. Give them a little too dry and stick to empty places.

how to make a coffee tree

Planting tree

Lubricate with glue and the inside of the flower pot (cups), put in it the harvesting tree.True, already like a coffee tree? How to make the foundation stable and strong? Pour the pebbles into the container, pouring them abundantly with glue, or pour it with cement or plaster mortar. Give time to dry to bond the entire structure.

a coffee tree

Foundation and ornament

The unique miniature sculpture is almost ready. It remains only to close the unsightly working surface of the foundation, pasted on top of an imitation of grass or soil. Finally, here it is - a coffee tree! Add to your work some delicacy, a kind of designer touch: a ribbon tied in a bow, a butterfly or a flower.

Let there be a garden!

Surely, the coffee tree will not be your last work of such a plan. Acquired skill is useful in further work. That's when the most interesting things start, because you can make a candy, money, and a wedding tree. Or maybe you make something that no one else has done before you!

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