Cleaning vessels with garlic and lemon. Reviews of garlic peeling

The people have long known and appreciate the useful and healing properties of such a plant as garlic. First of all, its cleansing effect was noticed both on the whole organism, and on the vessels in particular. Good garlic and against germs and viruses, and against the deposition of salts, and against cholesterol plaques. The substances contained in this well of nature, increase the elasticity of the walls of the circulatory system. And cleaning vessels with garlic and lemon is one of the first places in terms of efficiency and ease of vessels with garlic and lemon

Why is it necessary: ​​“cleanse” the body?

On the background of the fact that modern man eats extremely irrational, and our vessels are not designed for such a mode of life, their lumen gradually narrows, tends to connect with components of the blood plasma. As a result: the appearance of the notorious atherosclerotic plaques, also called cholesterol plaques.Their location is local, it is impossible to predict. Cleaning the vessels of cholesterol with garlic completely removes these formations. At the same time, it must be remembered that the fat-like substance itself - cholesterol - is nevertheless necessary for our body to organize vital processes. For example, it regulates the pressure inside the cells, forms amino acids, sex hormones, retains moisture. But there is a “good” cholesterol, and there is a “bad” one, which one should get rid of in every possible way. And in this matter one of the best means - cleaning vessels with garlic and lemon.cleansing vessels of cholesterol with garlic

So that the head does not hurt

An average person who has crossed the line of thirty periodically requires attention to his body. If he is not supported by cleansing in time, he is unable to cope with the tasks and workloads already set, he begins to act up and periodically “break”. In particular, require attention to the vessels of the brain, clogged cholesterol plaques and slags. As a result, blood circulation is hampered, there is a risk of stroke, which has significantly "rejuvenated" recently.Cleaning the blood vessels of cholesterol with garlic improves the overall condition of the system, pass headaches, improves the parameters of brain activity. The irritability decreases, the general energy level of an organism increases. Regular use of garlic helps to reduce cholesterol plaques by 20-30 percent.

Little secret

As a remedy against many diseases in the recipes of traditional medicine, garlic should not be used immediately after cleaning and grinding. It is necessary to wait somewhere twenty minutes. During this time, various reactions take place in it, enzymes that stimulate activity are formed. It is also impossible to heat treat garlic. From this it (with long boiling, frying, stewing) many useful substances disappear. As well as flavor.

Old recipe

And the most probably common. Ingredients: garlic, lemon and honey, taken in equal quantities. The combination of components reinforcing each other, noticed by the healers, greatly increases the beneficial effect of the drug. This is a real elixir of youth, health, a storehouse of vitality, the best cleaning of vessels with folk remedies: garlic, lemon, vessels with folk remedies garlicThe method of preparation of the drug is extremely simple. It is necessary to peel the garlic, and only wash the lemons, but do not peel and cut into pieces. If you have such a kitchen miracle as a blender, this will greatly facilitate the cooking process according to the recipe. If not, use an ordinary or electric meat grinder. All components are ground in a blender until smooth. Then pour the mixture into a dark bottle and set it aside in a warm place for up to ten days (some sources indicate different periods: from seven to twenty days), wrapping the neck with gauze. After the elixir is aged, it can be consumed: a large spoon, diluted in a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening after eating, but not before bedtime, as it is invigorating. In order to clean the vessels with garlic and lemon and honey successfully, it is necessary to repeat the procedure at least a month. Then take a short break and take it again regularly (already up to three months).

Garlic tincture for cleaning vessels

garlic tincture for cleaning vessels

Ingredients: garlic, vodka. Three grated peeled garlic or press it with a special hand press. Pour the resulting mass into the container (you can take a half-liter bottle of vodka) and fill it by a third. Then fill the rest of the place with vodka. Some recipes use alcohol.But vodka is much softer in the first place. And secondly, alcohol burns due to its strength biologically active substances found in garlic, thereby reducing its energy value. We close the bottle with the future tincture with a cork and place it in a dark, warm place for up to ten days (in some recipes the period varies within a month). Every three days the composition must be shaken. After this time, the tincture is ready. It must be filtered through cheesecloth, and then it can be taken separately by drops (starting with three, bringing to thirty, then decreasing, again up to three, three times a day), and can be used in mixtures.

Another recipe

Cleaning vessels with honey and garlic with lemon can be carried out using the following mixture. You need to take filtered garlic tincture (how to make - see above), lemon juice, honey - all in equal parts. Mix in a blender or mixer until smooth. Pour into the appropriate dish, put in a warm and dark place for ten days. Cleaning vessels with garlic and lemon and honey is made according to the following scheme: two large spoons - in the morning and in the evening daily - a month.Then you need to take a break and continue vessels with honey and garlic

Opinions of people

This is how garlic is cleaned. Reviews about her, however, are not always positive. For example, among the population practicing such procedures, there is an opinion that the tincture of garlic on vodka contributes to an increase in pressure. And indeed it is. It should be remembered that with very high pressure (200 mm and above) the use of the mixture is not recommended in order to avoid the risk of hemorrhagic stroke. Negative reviews also include subjective opinions about taste, color, smell of a healing drug. But there's nothing you can do: for the sake of their own health, you must suffer. Patients with impaired acidity of the stomach can not tolerate citric acid, and patients suffering from allergies to any component of the mixture, complain of skin rashes. And so basically the opinions of people who cleaned (especially long) vessels with garlic agree that it has a stable positive effect, which is fixed by repeated procedures. The main thing is not to give up what has begun, bring the cleaning of the vessels to the desired result.

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