Cleaning company customer reviews and staff is a cleaning company that provides residential and office cleaning services. Today, the company operates in four cities of Russia - Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. Despite the fact that the company has been operating for a long time, customers and employees leave the most controversial reviews about it., undoubtedly, is one of the leaders in the field of cleaning. But what difficulties do the employees of this company face and what do the customers say about it? It is necessary to sort out these issues in detail.

Why cleaning should be ordered from professionals?

So, who is ready to clean the apartment? Who to contact for this service? There are only two options:

  1. For a clean, decent housemaid (most often a middle-aged woman) who gains a customer base by publishing announcements of her services on the Internet, newspapers, or finding new customers thanks to the recommendations of regular customers.
  2. In the cleaning company, which, as a rule, has a wide staff of hired employees, which allows the company to perform cleaning at several sites at once.

qlean ru reviewsThe principle of work in specialized services is quite original. For example, in the reviews of the cleaning company, customers note that they liked it when they first turned to professional clinics:

  • Offer to clean the apartment using environmentally friendly detergents.
  • Ability to use the service at the most convenient time for the customer. By the way, judging by the feedback from employees in St. Petersburg, the company's management takes punctuality and labor discipline in the team of kliners very seriously.
  • No need to come to the office. Order cleaning is made directly on the site Customers in the reviews also indicate the possibility to choose for themselves a convenient way to pay for the work done.

Punctuality above all!

This cleaning company, like other firms operating in the service sector, was created so that any customer would have the opportunity, using the official website,call a qualified employee (or several) to conduct high-quality cleaning of the room as soon as possible. At first glance, the system “customer - company - Cleaner” works promptly and smoothly: employees arrive at the facility at a pre-arranged time, without delay, with all the necessary tools and cleaning compositions.

Who uses the service?

Anyone who doubts the demand for customized cleaning at home should pay attention to customer reviews cleaning company It would seem, would anyone want to pay money for what, by default, is the responsibility of each of us - keeping the place of residence clean? In fact, there are those who wish to eat, and there are plenty of them. The responses of real people indicate that cleaning services today are in demand among people of different social status and material wealth.

In addition, the cleaning is carried out not only in residential premises, but also in office, commercial, administrative buildings. In such cases, a more advantageous solution would be to conclude an agreement with the company on maintenance on an ongoing basis.By inviting cleaners when it is necessary to restore order, the customer will save a significant amount by refusing to maintain full-time staff.qlean ru cleaning reviews

Lack of free time due to constant employment, “floating” schedule at work, poor health - a few more reasons why people think that it is more expedient to contact the cleaning company Reviews confirm that housewives need professional help in cleaning the dwelling. For women who are tired of regular homework, cleaning service is like a breath of fresh air. Having ordered the service in the company, the lady finally gets the opportunity to do other things and take the time to be loved (visit a beauty salon, go shopping or chat with a friend in a cafe). According to reviews of the cleaning company, more often than not, women are the ones who order cleaning.

How much is?

The fact that those who want to order the cleaning of the room even more than enough, it is easy to guess. But can they all afford to regularly turn to professional clients? Judging by the reviews, is a company that provides some of the most inexpensive cleaning services for residential and non-residential premises.So the manufacturer pays special attention to the tendency to reduce the cost of work. In the opinion of the company's management, professional cleaning should no longer be perceived as a luxury available to people with impressive financial capabilities. This is confirmed by the price policy of the company. In reviews of - cleaning service - availability of receiving services is repeatedly noted:

  • for cleaning one-room apartment you need to pay 1590 rubles;
  • keeping order in a two-room apartment will cost the customer in 1990 rubles;
  • in a three-room apartment - 2490 rubles.

With each subsequent room to the cost of cleaning should be added 500 rubles. Meanwhile, among the regular customers there are quite a few representatives of commercial organizations that need constant cleanliness of their offices and trade missions. There the price is calculated by the square of the cleaned room.qlean ru cleaning company reviews

The customer-oriented work of the center is built on the relationship between the performer (cliner) and the client, while the rule “the customer is always right” secretly applies. What does this mean for workers? In the reviews of there is something to read about this.

How to get a job in the company

For example, potential employees who want to get a job in a cleaning company need to undergo a serious interview and testing. The fact is that the center provides cleaning services for houses, apartments or offices both in the presence of the customer and without his supervision over the work progress. Agree, this circumstance requires special responsibility from the employing company. In order not to lose an impeccable reputation, the company carefully selects personnel. Again, to be sure of this, it is enough to get acquainted with two or three reviews of employees about - this is quite enough to understand: people from the street and first comers are not taken here. It is necessary to prove their professional suitability to employees as follows:

  1. Demonstrate a high level of practical skills, abilities and knowledge. For example, the applicant is asked questions like "which detergent is better to use for washing the window sill" or "how to quickly get rid of stains on the glasses".
  2. Psychological portrait is a part of the interview, during which the employer develops a definite opinion about the potential employee, his personal qualities.

The principle and system of work for employees

There is no doubt in the popularity of the cleaning company in Moscow. According to reviews, over the past few years, the company has expanded several times. The number of orders continues to grow to this day, which means that in order not to lose customers, the center has to constantly get employees into the staff. At the same time, according to employees, cleaning orders are sorted out “hot” - any work is snapped up. Being self-confident and competent, the client accepts any company qlean ru customers reviewsThus, those who are quicker have time to make more than one order per day. Accordingly, everyone gets the possibility of unequal earnings. By the way, it depends on several factors, about which you can also find a lot of feedback from employees.

Warranties for customers

The cleaning company provides customers with a range of guarantees. In addition to inspections and staff training, the fact of liability insurance is taken into account. That is, any damage caused by an employee of the company (provided that the blame for the incident lies entirely with the employee) is compensated from the company's budget.Thus, the client is insured against errors and sabotage for the period of the cleaning by the contractor. The maximum amount of insurance payments may be about 5 million rubles. This condition really allows a person to make a choice in favor of the cleaning center The guarantee of material compensation sounds much more convincing than testing and testing of professional skills.

Another “bonus” for customers is the ability to refuse to pay for the work done. If the contractor didn’t respond to the fulfillment of the order seriously, unfairly carried out the task, the company takes into account the client’s claims. Indeed, no one is obliged to pay for poor-quality cleaning. At first glance, everything seems to be honest. However, we cannot exclude the possibility of a biased assessment of the final result by the client himself - in this case, the clinician will have to look for evidence of his own rightness. As a rule, the question of the return of funds arises before the parties in the event of the presence of really gross violations by the company's employee.qlean ru reviews staff in St. Petersburg

How to order a house cleaning?

So, as already mentioned, the system of the company does not cause questions:

  1. The client calls the phone number or selects "Callback" on the website of the company.
  2. The manager discusses all the nuances of the order: the number of rooms, the type of detergent used, the address of the object, the time of the cleaning. The consultant reports the total cost and time that the clinic will spend on the work.
  3. Arrival of the artist at the appointed time for the provision of services.
  4. The final calculation at the end of the work.

At the stage of discussing the upcoming ordering, attention is paid to such a moment as the access of company representatives to the premises. Owners do not always have the opportunity to be present during the cleaning process, so the issue of providing keys is decided in advance.

Here, the punctuality of the employee of the company is of fundamental importance and prerequisite. According to reviews, in St. Petersburg works in an organized and fast manner, and the branch managed to obtain an impeccable reputation due to the constant work of the management on the labor discipline of the staff.

Payment Methods

Today, the most popular environmentally friendly cleaning, involving the use of detergents,harmless to health living or working indoors.

You can not ignore the question of calculation. is a modern cleaning company that keeps up with the times. There are several payment options:

  • in cash;
  • credit card;
  • by wire transfer.

Next, we will conduct a brief analysis of customer reviews on Both individuals (owners of apartments, apartments, private houses, cottages) and entrepreneurs cooperate with a cleaning company. Some customers leave recommendations and feedback on the quality of services received on the company's website. In most cases, customers are satisfied with the induced order. Although those who appealed to the company for the first time, admit that at first they were afraid to let a completely stranger into the room during their absence.qlean ru saint petersburg reviews

What is important to clarify when placing an order?

In addition, among those who like to use paid cleaning in their apartment, special portals are popular, on whose pages you can share your impressions of cooperation with cleaning companies. Among them there are reviews of In the preferential number of cases, the work of the cleaners is not satisfactory.

Many note the convenience of using the site of the company, including the possibility of placing an order using a special online form. It's simple: you only need to specify your contacts, the exact address of the object, the layout of the room (the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, additional nuances) and the desired time of the cleaning. Next, the manager will call to clarify all the details of the order. On this mission of the customer is completed. Now he can only wait for the arrival of the artist at the agreed time.

How to save?

The fact that people with low income can use the service is obvious. On the prices of cleaning apartments has been mentioned above. In this case, the client needs to keep in mind that the work may vary in a big way depending on the layout of the room, its arrangement, as well as the degree of pollution, confusion. In neglected cases, promotional codes and coupons can help the customer to save money. Their provision gives the right to a good discount. By the way, a loyal bonus system and frequently held promotions is one of the additional advantages of ru customer reviews

Considering the issue of employment in this cleaning company for permanent or temporary work, it is important to pay attention to the opinions of those who have already had experience working with the company.The first difficulties will be faced at the interview stage. To get into the team, it is important to prove themselves the best of the best. At least you need to get into the number of these people. Many, leaving a resume and passing the interview, are refused without giving reasons. In this case, you need to not give up and continue to search for a workplace.

Ratings and rating of wines

Another point that is simply impossible to ignore is the customer’s assessment of the removed object. Upon completion of the process, the client accepts the result of the work and determines the number of points, which, in his opinion, deserves the final result. Difficulties at this stage can really arise, and not through the fault of the cliner. Rumors of inadequate customers who find fault with employees of cleaning companies with or without a reason, unfortunately, are not fiction. Some clients, for unknown reasons, leave negative recommendations about the work of the clinic, which subsequently negatively affect the rating, and hence the possibility of earning. In such situations, you can only shrug hands and say that the employee was not lucky.If a client requests money back from work, providing proof of poor-quality cleaning, the company that protects its reputation will have to return the funds.

You need to understand that anything can happen, all people are different and unpredictable. Providing apartment cleaning services is a kind of risk. In addition, cleaning - it is hard physical labor, the work is almost for wear. This lesson completely excludes the possibility of career growth and any prospects. And to hear the words of gratitude from customers, if the cleaning was carried out in their absence, it is impossible. By cons, perhaps, there is nothing more to rank.

But in general, the company leave mostly positive feedback. It continues to grow, successfully conduct advertising campaigns, create new jobs and expand its customer base. Tens of thousands of families have already used the services of this center, and this, apparently, is far from the limit.

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