Cholecystitis: Symptoms and Treatment

What is cholecystitis?

Cholecystitis is the inflammatory process of the gallbladder, which is necessarily infectious in nature. This disease is considered one of the most common among all diseases that can affect the human digestive system. Most often, cholecystitis, the symptoms of which can be easily seen, is manifested in women who are overweight. In many cases, this disease is accompanied by cholelithiasis. In some situations, cholecystitis appears in patients whose weight is normal or does not even reach it.

Causes of cholecystitis

The most important causes of this disease are a violation of the nutritional regime, overeating, inactive lifestyle, reduced immunity, chronic infections. The appearance of cholecystitis can be triggered by parasitic microbes entering the body: streptococci, enterococci, staphylococci, etc. This disease can also develop if there is a violation of the outflow of bile, which is observed, in particular, with cholelithiasis. Here, the cause of the disease can be germs and parasites.In some cases, cholecystitis, whose symptoms are visible to the naked eye, develops due to hypertension. She can prove herself several years after her appearance.cholecystitis symptomsYou can prevent the occurrence of hypertension. To do this, simply play sports, often make walks in green areas and eat right. With the observance of simple rules you will not be afraid of cholecystitis, the symptoms of which arise quickly and appear quite clearly, requiring the immediate intervention of qualified specialists. This is especially true for an acute attack of this disease. In the event that the patient does not immediately consult a doctor, serious complications may arise that will require long rehabilitation and surgical intervention.

The first signs of cholecystitis

Cholecystitis, the symptoms of which are very diverse, can be felt as follows:

calculous cholecystitis symptoms

- arising pains under the right ribs, which can be given to the right side of the back and significantly increase during inspiration;

- nausea with bile taste;

- a sharp increase in temperature;

- muscle tension under the right ribs, which occurs involuntarily; even if you lightly press the right hypochondrium with your palm and inhale, the person will feel severe pain;

- In some cases, jaundice appears.

chronic cholecystitis symptoms


Quite often there is a situation in which the disease accompanies a person throughout his life. This is chronic cholecystitis, the symptoms of which are similar to the signs of the acute manifestation of this disease. It occurs most often in patients suffering from diseases of the stomach and intestines, the reproductive system, and those who have foci of chronic inflammation. It is worth noting that, by its course and nature, this disease is not only divided into chronic and acute.

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