Cedar oil: application, beneficial properties

Applying any oil for cosmetic purposes (as part of homemade masks and creams), you can always replace it with cedar nut oil and significantly improve your appearance, skin and hair. Do you have distrust? Then read carefully, and all doubts will shatter by themselves!

cedar oil application

Pine nut oil: application, properties, composition

You can often hear the term "heat treatment". During this process, the product may lose its beneficial properties and qualities. Cedar oil is not subjected to such a process, which means that all the healing properties remain in it, and it comes to the shelves of pharmacies and shops useful. It contains proteins, unsaturated and saturated fatty acids, carbohydrates, phosphatides, lecithin, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, D, E, amino acids and essential oils.

In addition, cedar oil contains many macro-and micronutrients necessary for vital processes in the human body.Namely: potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, copper, manganese, iron, zinc, iodine and much more. Such a composition makes cedar nut oil universal. The properties and application of this product are unique.

Due to all that is in the composition of cedar oil, it was called curative, and it can be used both in cooking (a combination of a pleasant aroma and unique taste), and for cosmetic and medical purposes. Cedar oil, useful properties, the use of which is diverse, is a storehouse of nutrients.

pine nut oil application


Incredibly useful and versatile cedar oil. Its properties and applications in various areas are truly impressive. The oil is well suited for the treatment and prevention of various diseases such as angina, atherosclerosis, anemia, varicose veins, heart attack and stroke. Vitamins F and E contained in it improve the elasticity of blood vessels, reduce blood viscosity and cholesterol levels in it, and magnesium normalizes blood pressure. The list of what can cure and prevent cedar oil is very long. And this is understandable, because there are so many components in it that are vital and extremely important for the body.You can also use cedar oil when getting burned, abrasions, as well as if there are small boils. All injuries will heal quickly enough.

Could you imagine that cedar oil is not only possible, but you need to bury your eyes? Yes, it is the only one suitable for this role, because it contains vitamin E. When instilled into the eyes one drop every morning, the age-related changes of vision pass by you!


There is linoleic acid in cedar nut oil. When it enters the body with food, it gives the brain a signal of saturation, but very little comes with its food. Taking oil three times a day, one small spoon, you can lose weight without harming the body (if at the same time to eat right). Also, linoleic acid will help to burn excess fat, only for a good and quick effect to take oil should be combined with exercise. So cedar oil can also save on excess weight.

pine nut oil application

Pine nut oil: properties and application in cosmetology

Now let's talk about the role of cedar oil in cosmetology. Today, many women face the problem of excessive hair loss.If the cause of this disease does not lie somewhere deep in the body and is not associated with serious illnesses, you can buy cedar oil and restore the vitality of the hair quickly and easily. Permanent styling using lacquer, stylers, ploek and other enemies hair thinns them, they become brittle, faded and weak, grow poorly, it seems that they are getting smaller every day. Want to fix this situation? Just rub the oil in the roots, and the rest of the work it will do. Also, a few drops of it can simply be added to the shampoo or make various masks based on it.

cedar hair oil

Hair Mask

This is probably the most simple mask. Only egg and cedar oil are necessary for its preparation. The use of such a mask will allow you to forget about problems with hair. It is necessary to do it within a month. Calculation: one yolk, 1 teaspoon of oil, and the amount depends on the length of the hair. It is necessary to beat the yolk (or several yolks) and add oil, and then rub into the roots of the hair and distribute throughout their length. After three hours, wash off.

Cedar oil for face skin

The skin is dry, the face has lost a pleasant natural shade,Elasticity disappeared somewhere? And cedar oil will cope with this problem! Its use in cosmetology purposes pleasantly surprises even professional cosmetologists. Just as in the fight against hair loss, it can simply be applied to the skin of the face, in other words, use instead of moisturizer. It will not only restore the vitality of the skin at the cellular level, but will also protect against excessive sunlight, which is especially good in summer. Oil-based compresses are used to rejuvenate the skin, after several procedures it becomes more elastic, more gentle, the natural shade is restored.

cedar oil for faceMask for the face

Cedar oil, the use of which is useful and without additional components, is suitable for the preparation of a warm mask. Prepare a piece of gauze to fit the face, cut holes in it for eyes and lips. After heating the oil in a water bath: it should be neither hot nor cold, just warm. After wetting the gauze in it and put on face. Soak until the oil has cooled. Flushing is not required.

Cedar oil: application

For prevention, you can regularly take a course of oral administration.As a rule, it should be twice a year for 20 days. During this time, you should take oil three times a day 30 minutes or an hour before meals, 2-3 teaspoons.

Are there any contraindications?

There are practically no contraindications for use. It is very rare to find an allergic reaction, a consequence of individual intolerance. But it happens very rarely.

cedar sap on cedar oilWhat is cedar sap on cedar oil?

Actually, turpentine is a wood resin. Cedar resin on cedar oil, the use of which is widely known, has no less useful properties than oil, and our ancestors constantly used it for medicinal purposes. During World War II, antibiotics were replaced with it and with great success it disinfected wounds. Meanwhile, the wounds were quickly healed by cedar resin, in particular, the elements contained in it.

Since ancient times, Siberians have used resin for the treatment and prevention of completely different diseases. For example, they made cakes based on it, curing absolutely all diseases of the oral cavity (they had to be chewed), and they also treated cataracts in those times when science did not know the solution to this problem.

In its pure form, cedar resin is used extremely rarely. Often it is used to make ointments, oils and balms, suitable for internal and external use and completely safe for humans. Cedar resin on cedar oil, the use of which is diverse, is a unique natural product, natural, containing a lot of only useful components and positively influencing a person. To be healthy is simple, you only want this.

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