Care for irises. Why does not iris bloom?

Irises are beautiful, bright and unpretentious, they have one very important property. For some reason, they do not cause the desire to ruin a flower bed and to pull out all the flowers from the root, and therefore they bloom safely even near the porches. Sometimes they seem too simple and inconspicuous, but this is only as long as you do not look in the modern magazine, which presents a variety of varieties. The variety of colors and shapes just staggering, surely not one grower will not be able to give up the pleasure of ordering at least one varietal bulb for himself. However, many gardeners complain that the bush grows lush, and the shooter does not. Therefore, today we will examine the reasons why the iris does not bloom. In fact, the reasons can be quite a lot.why the iris does not bloom

We will check the soil

Very often unpretentious, hardy plants are planted in all dark corners, where the worst soil, because they pass any test. Should I ask later why the iris does not bloom. If we are talking about a young plant, then perhaps it just does not have enough nutrients, and if your plantings are more than 5-6 years old, then their reserves are simply exhausted.Irises need special soil - with elements of limestone. It may even be stony, but must be moisture permeable. A slightly sloping bed is especially suitable, the irises love it very much. They do not like heavy and sour soil. In this case, be sure to put in good drainage and add coarse sand to the soil.why do not bloom irises

Landing place

Another reason why not the color of the iris, may be insufficient illumination flower beds. Very often, irises can be found in the courtyards, fenced from the sun by the walls of houses, so the flowering is either depressed or completely absent. The choice of location is very important. Under the trees, in deep shade irises will grow, but you can not wait for flowering. They are in dire need of sunlight and are in need if they are obscured by other plants. At the same time, most of the light is required for plants in the autumn period, since it is at this time that the flower buds of the next year are laid.why do not bloom irises leaves alone

Planting Technique

Another reason why the iris does not bloom is the wrong transplant that wasn’t done at the right time. Replant it usually after flowering.Just at this time, the plants begin to release new roots and very well take root. If a transplant occurs earlier, the plant will lose a lot of time and will miss flowering next year, even with very good care.

Digging up the root after flowering, you will see greenish tubercles. They will become the new roots, but if time is lost, they grow back, but they are still very fragile. Now it's better to wait with a transplant until autumn, until they become stiff and fibrous.

Let's see what else there are reasons why the irises do not bloom. If the transplant is made in the fall, then it is likely that it will freeze over the winter, and therefore there will be no flowering. Therefore, it is necessary to transplant irises no later than the beginning of September, while it is necessary to compact the ground around the plant and to cover it well. Then the flowers well overwinter and will bloom beautifully. Well-established flowers do not need shelter. Therefore, the first year, try to properly cover your landing, so that they have time to get stronger. Delenka should not be too deep, because the roots should be well heated by the sun's rays.This is another reason why irises do not bloom - the roots are too deep, this is especially important when the soil is heavy and clayey.why do not bloom Siberian irises


We continue our journey into the world of irises. This is a very common problem, gardeners now and then ask why the irises do not bloom - only the leaves. It is rather easy to explain it: the iris, like no other flower, requires daily attention, weeding, pruning, feeding. Having planted a plant in improper soil and depriving it of attention, you condemn it to a life without flowers. Particularly undesirable frequent and abundant watering with cold water. The fact is that the iris accumulates water and nutrients in its rhizomes, and therefore they need watering only when the soil is very dry. However, when you plant a small delenka, with a poorly developed rhizome, it is necessary to maintain optimum humidity.

There are other reasons why irises do not bloom. Some leaves are formed when the root system is damaged, which is often the case with improper loosening. The first year, the roots are located in the top layer of soil and only then fall. In the first years, the ends of the roots branch and form thin, root hairs.Only in the third year, they stop their growth, but remain active, mastering the nutrients.why the bulbous iris does not bloom

Plant division

The bush grows and thickens gradually, therefore, speaking about why the Siberian irises do not bloom, it is necessary to say about the need for periodic updating of the bush. This usually happens once every 5 years. The fact is that every year not only new roots, but also links are formed around old shoots. Only the outer shoots bloom, the inner ones, along with their roots, gradually die off. Therefore, in the middle of the bush there is a tangle of dead stalks and roots. Depending on the species, the plant can grow in one place for a different amount of time. So, dwarf species can be transplanted once every 10 years, and giant irises - once every 4-5 years.

Bulbous iris

It remains to consider the last topic, why the bulbous iris does not bloom. They, too, there are many varieties that differ in a variety of colors. The very first reason why they do not bloom is an excess of moisture in the soil. At home, in Holland, they are in dry ground after flowering, since precipitation falls there only in spring and in winter when they rest.On the contrary, most of the precipitation falls in the second half of summer. Therefore, for planting, choose the lightest and warmest place, drain well flower beds, add sand to the soil, and place it at an angle. Observing all the recommendations, you can grow the most beautiful flower bed.

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