Cappuccino hair color - is it simple?

Cappuccino is a brown color with white added. It got its name in honor of the coffee of the same name for its color similarity. First gained popularity among women in the 1960s, and remained fashionable to this day. Hair color "cappuccino" attracts with its naturalness, noble shades and shining modulations in the sun.

hair color cappuccino

Different shades for different types of appearance

Hair color "cappuccino" has different shades in its range - from dark, almost chocolate, to very light, similar to blond. The darkest shades will suit girls with gray eyes and (especially) with wavy hair. Stylists also advise a darker gamut of the long-haired women. It should be as the length of the hair thicken a palette of colors: light - from the tips, darker - to the roots.

Also, the dark color scheme is suitable for brunettes from nature, the growing dark roots will harmoniously fit into the overall palette of shades. This may be a frosty cappuccino hair color, or else it is also called “icy”.

For brown-eyed women fit light shades.In order for the hair and eyes not to blend visually into one spot, light hair dye should be chosen. Color "cappuccino" you need to choose exactly the shade of coffee with milk or a little lighter. This is especially true for swarthy women with brown or light brown eyes.

For whom the cappuccino with milk hair color is perfect?

Such a light shade from the cappuccino palette will look great on girls with a long face. Natural light shades will visually make the face more rounded and proportional. Also, this color suit blondes from nature. When the hair roots begin to grow, it will look more natural than with dark paint.

hair color cappuccino with milk

Hair Requirements

Cappuccino hair color is not as simple as it seems. The paint of this palette is very fastidious to the state of the hair. In order for the dyeing to be successful, and the hair after it did not look faded and faded, you must first treat the curls if they are not in the best condition.

"Cappuccino" and all its varieties do not tolerate diseased hair and split ends. Before dyeing, it is necessary either to make a haircut in order to get rid of the “sick” ends, or to carry out certain restorative procedures - nourishing masks, proper care, etc.If we take the matter seriously, then in one and a half to two weeks the hair will be mirror-smooth, and it will be possible to start coloring.

hair color cappuccino

In addition to the state of hair, you should consider your original tone. Blondes easiest to achieve the desired result. Brunettes are often waiting for disappointment. Instead of a beautiful coffee shade, they get a faded brown or unwanted red hue. Therefore, if blondes can be colored even at home, having chosen the means themselves, then the brunette women have only one option - to turn to an experienced hairdresser.

Ginger girls also should not experiment on their own. They risk getting even less attractive results than brunettes. But according to the color type of the ladies, who have red curls from nature, the coffee shade will suit as well as possible.

Perfect hairstyles for "coffee with milk"

Stylists in one voice say that the ideal hairstyle for this color is large curls. With this styling, cappuccino hair color is revealed in all its glory. But this is not the only option.

hair color frosty cappuccino

With "coffee with milk" or "cappuccino", short haircuts are perfectly combined, like a bob or shoulder bean.On long straight hair, “cappuccino” will look advantageous only as an ombre or highlighting with a predominance of dark strands.

In conclusion, it should be said about make-up. With the color of "coffee with milk" on the hair is unlikely to be able to combine aggressive makeup. You should choose a calm, pastel colors for both eye makeup and lipstick. The only exceptions are red lipstick and wine shades on the lips in the absence of eye makeup in general or when it is applied when the eyes look brighter, but the presence of make-up is not noticeable. However, such rich shades of lipstick should be left for the evening, and during the day the nude or light pink peach lip gloss will look perfect. With a cappuccino scale, lip gloss is the most advantageous, and not matte light lipstick.

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