Camphor alcohol in the ear never drip!

Camphor alcohol in the ear

It so happened that colds have always tried to treat their own folk remedies. Some of the names of such a home kit are familiar to us from childhood. When it starts to shoot in the ears, pain appears, and even against the background of common cold symptoms, then the first thing that comes to our mind is to use camphor alcohol in the ear. Who can remember from early childhood what the grandmother took and how she cooked. We remember only how warm and comfortable it was later. But our grandmothers never buried camphor alcohol in the ear, we made warm compresses from it! Therefore, if you want to achieve the same effect, especially with your children, you need to do everything right, and most importantly, do no harm. First, if it is possible to drip preparations from the miraculous camphor into the ear, then it is camphor oil, not alcohol.Camphor alcohol in otitisAnd it does not drip, but is laid in the ear on the fleece, and a clean cotton pad is superimposed on top and a scarf is tied. Secondly, camphor alcohol, from which a watered diluted at least twice, is placed with gauze around the ear so that the auricle always remains on top.Thirdly, it is desirable to use such a tool in combination with drugs of direct action on the inflammatory focus. Depending on the degree and location of otitis, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and pain medications are used. This issue must be addressed exclusively with a specialist - ENT doctor.

Miraculous camphor alcohol in children with otitisCamphor alcohol: use in otitis

Never forget the delicate structure of the ear in small children. In addition, when a child is exposed to colds, otitis media can begin with a constant wrap and ears covered with a cap. To all this, the baby can not always indicate the source of the pain, even if he already knows how to speak. Moreover, otitis often is indeed accompanied by noise and sharp pain in the ears, but there are still exceptions. Therefore, never neglect the consultations of pediatricians, and better - ENT doctors. This specialist should be the first to inspect a child with frequent colds, so as not to start the disease and its consequences in chronic forms. Perhaps the doctor will not give you camphor alcohol. In the ear drops of the modern generation are more applicable.But this does not prevent you to clarify the possibility of parallel use of this folk remedy. Perhaps with prescribed drugs you should not use camphor alcohol. The use of otitis in a particular case may also vary. Therefore, it would be better if you specify all the nuances of a doctor immediately.

Recommendations for the use of camphor alcohol

Often compresses of camphor alcohol children are made twice a day at bedtime. This pain relieves, and warms, and soothes. If the child does not wake up, the bandage must be removed after two hours.Camphor alcohol for otitis in childrenCamphor has not only medicinal, but also pain-relieving properties, for children it is better than drugs. It is better not to know, but the pain in the ears is as unbearable as the toothache. Applying a bandage and camphor spirit, it is also desirable to put a cotton swab in the ear. If you have been prescribed ear drops, you can bury them in parallel. A soft, large piece of cotton is laid over the inner tampon to the size of the auricle. It is not scary if he falls out himself. But it is desirable that the child is more in bed. Pick up his age quiet games and activities.But TV, computer and other increased loads on the ears and eyes should be postponed. And the last important point, camphor, like alcohol, is a strong irritant for the skin, so it is necessary not only to dilute it, but also to lubricate the skin of the child at the site of the compress with a fat cream before and after application. To forget about otitis for a long time, strengthen in parallel also immunity. Do not be ill!

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