Cadastral registration of the property: the grounds, documents, terms

Today we have to find out how the cadastral registration of the real estate object takes place. What kind of procedure is this? Why, when and who needs it? What type of paper will be useful for the implementation of the task? In fact, everything is easier than it seems. What should every property owner know?

Cadastral registration is ...

First you need to understand what is cadastral registration. This term should be familiar to all owners of apartments, land and other real estate.

The thing is that in Russia cadastral registration is called the collection of all parameters, characteristics and information about a particular property. More precisely, about real estate. They are collected by an authorized state body.cadastral registration of the property

In other words, cadastral registration of a property is the entry of information about an apartment / house / cottage / land plot and so on into the relevant list in the organization,involved in the collection of data on the property of the population.

What is registered and what is not

It is important to take into account the fact that not all real estate is subject to compulsory cadastral registration. Some property does not need to be registered in this way.

Accounting is required for the following property objects:

  • land plots (fully, shares are not subject to accounting);
  • buildings, buildings, premises;
  • everything that has the status of unfinished construction;
  • apartments;
  • underground facilities.

And what does not need to register with government agencies? Today, a citizen does not have to issue a cadastral passport and put on the appropriate account the following properties:

  • subsoil areas;
  • vessels (air, sea);
  • long-distance vessel;
  • enterprises;
  • space objects.

In the course of registration, a unique identification number is assigned to property, by which it is possible to quickly and easily find information about a particular object.cadastral registration of land

Who can register

Another important point is that the application for cadastral registration submitted by certain persons. Not everyone has this right.

According to the established rules, the appropriate package of documents can be handled:

  • owners of a particular property;
  • tenants;
  • persons capable of inheriting property for life;
  • those who use real estate indefinitely.

The representative is also able to help translate ideas into reality. Only for this it is necessary to give him a power of attorney certified by a notary. Heirs and persons who are transferred the rights to real estate, also have the right to apply to the registering authority for cadastre.

What is required cadastral passport

After the citizen has put the property on the account, he will be issued a so-called cadastral passport. He keeps all information about the property. Why do I need this document?cadastral documents

In fact, this paper is extremely important. She will be requested in the following cases:

  • in case of re-registration of the rights to secondary housing;
  • during the registration of documents of title to real estate;
  • for the legalization of redevelopment;
  • in court proceedings;
  • if you need to prove ownership of the property;
  • while checking the legality of owning real estate.

Accordingly, the passport from the inventory is extremely important. Making it is not as difficult as it seems. What features of the procedure will have to pay attention to every citizen?

Where to turn

Where is the cadastral registration of the property? Previously, only one state body was involved in this process. We are talking about the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography. But now you can contact several organizations for obtaining a cadastral passport and registering real estate.

More specifically, you can implement the idea by coming with the appropriate package of documents in:

  • Rosreestr;
  • State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography Service;
  • regional registration chambers;
  • MFC.

Terms of registration and registration, as a rule, not too long. These procedures do not take much time. Some problems may arise from the citizen, if he carries out the initial cadastral registration. With the secondary and subsequent changes in property information, the process proceeds without any particular difficulty.technical plan for cadastral registration

Terms of installation

The next nuance is the deadline for paperwork. Every property owner should know about it. What are the terms of cadastral registration of the site?

It all depends on where the citizen is turning. In general, there is a generally accepted restriction - no more than 18 days. It is during this period that the registration of real estate with the state body will be carried out. The exact dates depend on the workload of an organization.

If you come to the MFC, then the time increases by 2-5 days. Accordingly, it will not take very long to wait. In practice, clearance through multifunctional centers proceeds faster.

Cost of

Important: the process under study can not be called free. For cadastral registration of a particular property will have to pay. This is a completely legitimate phenomenon, without which it will not be possible to realize the idea.

The cost of cadastral registration varies. So, for example, individuals pay a fee of 200 rubles for this procedure. Organizations will have to pay 600 rubles. But obtaining documents through an employee of the BTI costs an average of 5,000 rubles. No further fees or costs are foreseen.

Primary production

Now it is possible to consider documents for cadastral registration.Let's start with the situation in which the property is primarily registered by the authorized body.cost of cadastral registration

So, the owner or representative of the property owner must collect and submit the following papers:

  • ID of the owner of the apartment / land / other property (civil passport);
  • application for registration (original);
  • any papers indicating the property of a citizen in the form of registered real estate;
  • payment orders that can confirm the fact of payment of the duty in the prescribed amount.

It is also necessary to draw up and bring a technical plan for cadastral registration. To implement the task, you must go to BTI. It is here that you can issue and receive the original registration certificate of any real estate.

After providing the specified package of papers, it is enough to wait for the registration of real estate in the cadastral chamber. At the agreed time, you can get a passport on the property with new data.

Secondary clearance

And what to do if a person again puts an apartment or land on the account in the registering authority? In this case, less documents are required.In addition, as practice shows, the procedure as a whole will proceed faster.

Secondary cadastral registration of the property occurs after the submission of the following documents:

  • applications for obtaining a new cadastral passport;
  • ID of the owner of the property;
  • receipts for the payment of the necessary money for the operation.

In addition, documents confirming the legality of the property ownership may be requested from the citizen. For example, the contract of donation or sale. Some bring with them an old cadastral passport. But to do this is not necessary.deadlines for cadastral registration

Grounding grounds

Cadastral registration of land is a process that occurs not too often. Therefore, it is considered separately. The grounds for registration of this property are the following situations:

  • the emergence of a new land plot;
  • the termination of the existence of a land - deregistration;
  • the emergence of a new owner of the land;
  • sale of land or its donation.

The process of registration remains the same. A citizen must:

  1. Have grounds for registration in the cadastral chamber.
  2. To collect documents of the established sample (their list was given earlier).
  3. Write a statement on cadastral registration and attach to it prepared paper.
  4. Submit a package of documents to the registering authority and wait for a response from him.
  5. Get in Rosreestre or state cadastral chamber cadastral passport of the land.

application for cadastral registration

That's all. Now it is clear how the cadastral registration of a land plot or another real estate object takes place. In fact, everything is much easier than it seems.

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