Business ideas online store: features of the opening and the choice of activities

It is difficult to find someone who would not buy clothes or appliances in the online store. Nowadays, in terms of employment through the Internet, everything has become available, including the purchase of necessary goods, without leaving home.

Every company or entrepreneur can conduct trading activities through an online store and sell their products around the world, so the information that is needed to open such a business is of interest to many.

Opening Features

Before you open an online store, you should know that this is the same kind of business activity as trading goods in a regular store.

To start trading, you first need to register as an individual entrepreneur and register with the tax authority,specify the type of activity and select the tax system.

To attract customers you need a quality website. The site for the convenience of customers should be provided with all the necessary functions, including product search and form of payment.

Before opening, you need to decide what to trade in the online store, as well as choose a supplier.

The main decisive reason for making a purchase in the online store is the delivery of the goods you like to the buyer, in connection with which it is necessary to solve the issue of prompt delivery of goods through courier service or to be engaged in shipping and delivery.

Criteria for choosing the direction of the online store

To find out which product will be in demand, how to find a niche in the online business and find an idea for an online store, start-up entrepreneurs look at the data from various statisticians. For example, a study of the RBC market. It showed that online household appliances are the most popular among Russians. The second place in terms of the number of purchases is clothing, the third place is divided between books, perfumery and cosmetics.

Choosing an idea for an online store, you should pay attention to the small demand of goods from the population, because if you choose the one that is very popular as the main product, there is a chance to get lost among competitors who have long and firmly taken their place in the market. Among such, for example, online shopping fashion bags in Moscow. But you can beat it differently. For example, sell fashionable bags in the online store with delivery in a small town. It can make a profit even for a newbie in business.

The main criteria when choosing a business idea for an online store are:

  1. Target audience (potential customers for whom the product is intended).
  2. The budget (how much money must be spent and which assortment can be purchased).
  3. The relevance of the product (some products are relevant only one season).
  4. Interest (the idea should work and generate income; it is almost impossible to achieve profit without interest in your business).
For shopping on the Internet

Business plan online store

A business plan is a document with the help of which a business is built, that is, a description of the strategy, actions and measures to achieve the main goal of business activity - to make a profit.

It is better to make a business plan yourself in order to control the situation and to be aware of the need to make any decisions for the opening and operation of an online store.

The optimal business plan for an online store should contain:

  1. Description of the store (wholesale or retail trade; one-page website or as a complete catalog of goods; for what it functions and what benefits it will bring to the buyer).
  2. Description of the goods (characteristics, demand).
  3. Market analysis (market research on the Internet, the number of competitors, their offers, the number of potential buyers).
  4. Marketing plan (how the store is planned to promote, contextual advertising, optimization of the store in search engines).
  5. Production plan (team planning, recruitment of employees or third parties for taking orders, filling out cards, answering phone calls, etc.).
  6. Organizational plan (calculation of the amount of the planned costs, including calculations with the web studio, purchase of goods, advertising, etc.).
  7. Financial plan (calculation of approximate net monthly profit, payback, taking into account the costs of advertising, transportation and other expenses).
  8. Risk assessment (strategy of behavior in the event of difficulties - delay in delivery of goods, return or rejection of products, poor technical support of the site, etc.).

Product selection for the online store

You can trade in the online store with many goods, the main thing is that people buy it.

selection of goods for sale

When choosing a product should pay attention to:

  1. Product characteristics (weight, size). If the goods are small and light, you can attract a courier service for its delivery or use postal services. Bulky goods, like fragile products, require more caution, and the cost of sending them will be more.
  2. The possibility of return. Not all goods can be sold, for some characteristics it may not be suitable for buyers. For example, often return clothing and equipment. It is necessary to calculate the percentage of return of goods in advance.
  3. The novelty of the product. In order to compete with large manufacturers and sellers, especially those selling appliances and telephones, it is necessary to offer new models (which is difficult) or a new delivery or purchase method and try first to offer your product.Constantly keep track of new items on foreign sites and order goods from foreign manufacturers.
  4. Markup. For most goods, wholesalers usually set a low price. The size of the margin, each seller sets himself, based on the criteria of reasonableness and attractiveness of the proposal for the buyer.
  5. Suppliers. Very much depends on the supplier: the quality and price of the goods, the time and cost of delivery.

How to choose a supplier

From the choice of the supplier depends on the stability and profit of the online store.

Suppliers can be divided into wholesale (supplying the necessary goods on a prepaid or deferred) and dropshipping suppliers (the owner of the online store is an intermediary between them and the buyers, not having their own warehouse).

The supplier can be found:

  • in print media (advertisements in newspapers and magazines);
  • at exhibitions, forums and various conferences (wholesalers and manufacturers show samples of their products, offer catalogs and advertising leaflets, you can directly discuss all the details, exchange contacts and get discounts);
  • among local producers (the price may be much lower than that of large suppliers);
  • in online catalogs (data with links to the supplier’s website are contained on specialized sites);
  • on competitors' sites (in the photos of products, watermarks may indicate suppliers, information about the supplier is usually contained in the documents on warranty service and on quality certificates).

The next step after determining the list of priority suppliers will be an attempt to contact them and find out the terms of cooperation. When deciding on cooperation with a particular supplier, it is necessary to find out:

  • the formation of the value of the goods (discounts, terms of redemption);
  • the amount or minimum quantity of goods for a one-time purchase;
  • formation of the order of the goods (to reserve or pre-order, whether all items from the catalog are in stock);
  • availability of certificates of conformity for the goods;
  • the procedure for the return of marriage;
  • the possibility of warranty service;
  • terms of exchange of goods;
  • how to pick up the goods (from the warehouse by self-delivery or the supplier will deliver the goods to the buyer himself).

This information should be enough to get acquainted with the supplier and make a decision on cooperation.

What should be the site

The website of the online store should be focused on the buyer and satisfy his needs. Going to the home page of the site, a potential buyer should without effort choose the positions that he wants to see. Product search should be convenient and comfortable.

The buyer should be given the opportunity to get acquainted with the terms of payment and delivery of products.

site selection

The site should be clearly structured, sections placed from right to left and top to bottom for the convenience of visual perception.

The center of the page should be informative and vivid, to attract attention. As a marketing move, you can place information about discounts or ongoing promotions in the center of the page. If the main page does not "hook" the consumer, it will go to competitors.

The site must be functional and easy to use. It is important to provide for the registration of users on the site.

In any online store must be:

  1. Admin panel (seller’s office, through which the site can be managed).
  2. Showcase (name, specifications and photos of the product).
  3. Shopping cart (for checkout and purchase of goods).

To inspire customer confidence, it is necessary to fill in the “Contacts” section as fully and accurately as possible with the details of the individual entrepreneur or LLC, e-mail address, telephone numbers, Skype, etc.

Each new filter is additional money, but it is also the convenience of finding a product. If done correctly, the costs will pay off quickly. For a beautiful design you need to submit photos of the goods.

It is better to entrust the design and design of the site to professionals. It is necessary to choose a studio that is engaged in the creation of websites and online stores. It should work officially, an agreement should be concluded with it. In addition to creating a website, the web studio is also engaged in promoting it online, which is necessary to attract potential buyers, as well as online advertising and marketing.

Form of payment for purchases

Very often, the choice of product and purchase in a particular online store is played by the possibility of an affordable and convenient payment. There are several types of payment:

  • cash payment (usually to the courier or payment at self);
  • cashless payments (based on the account, suitable for individual entrepreneurs and legal entities);
  • bank cards;
  • cash on delivery (by mail);
  • With the help of electronic money (the main advantage is instant replenishment and withdrawal of money).
online payment by card

The most famous payment systems on the Internet include:

  • WebMoney.
  • "Yandex money".
  • Paypal
  • Qiwi.

Technically, if you have the necessary function module, you can connect any payment system to your resource.

Delivery of goods

One of the main advantages of making a purchase in the online store is shipping. When opening an online store and in the process of business development, you must choose how to deliver products to customers.

You can deliver the goods:

  • courier service (when selling goods within one locality);
  • through the transport company;
  • via Russian mail (the cost of delivery will depend on postal rates in different regions of the country);
  • by self from the warehouse (the buyer himself can pick up the goods).
Courier delivery

Advantages and disadvantages of an online store


  • The online store does not require rental costs and the purchase of commercial equipment. There is no need to recruit a large staff, at first everything can be done by oneself or with the help of relatives.
  • You can choose and order goods in the online store around the clock at any time convenient for the buyer.
  • Lack of inspections by government agencies, obligations to comply with fire safety requirements and sanitary epidemiological standards.
  • Opportunity to choose a form of payment that is convenient for both the store owner and the buyer: prepay or pay in fact, cash or electronic money.
  • An opportunity to order the goods you like, being in another region.


  • The inability to see live, touch the goods.
  • For buyers, the newly created online store is less credible, and therefore it is necessary to constantly monitor the presence of online store information.
  • Accordingly, the income, as well as the costs, will initially not be very large. Many new online stores work at a loss.
  • Buyers can return the product because it may be the wrong color or size as listed on the website. In an ordinary store, the reason for the return is usually a marriage.

Ideas for online store

business ideas

Idea No. 1. Delivery of goods from foreign online stores ("Aliexpress", "Amazon", etc.).

Idea number 2. Online store of large sizes.

Clothing is sold by many shops, but it is mainly designed for people of lean and slim stature.Clothing of large sizes is presented in a small range or not presented at all. Meanwhile, people of non-standard sizes also want to look good.

Internet-shop selling big clothes will always find its client if the offered models are stylish and beautiful. After all, fat people also love to dress fashionably and tastefully.

Idea number 3. Online store seeds.

Many entrepreneurs do not consider seeds as a commodity, on the sale of which you can make a profit, but in vain. Selling of seeds depends on the season, there is always a current demand for good seeds of Russian producers. The main requirement - the seeds must be certified.

In addition to vegetable and fruit crops, flower seeds are very popular and in demand. In the online store of seeds, you can also sell garden tools and plant care literature.

Given the growing interest of Russians in agricultural activities, especially those who are engaged in growing plants at the dacha or private land plot, one should also think about opening an online gardening shop.

online shopping

Idea number 4. Online book store delivery.

Despite the fact that books are available for reading in online libraries, paper books continue to be actively published, therefore, they are being bought as before.

Books can be sold both in print and in digital form.

Now, in pursuit of its benefits, many online libraries offer to read only an excerpt from a book for free, and readers are more willing to buy paper-bound books, as before. Considering that many Russians have almost no time left to visit bookstores, they prefer to make purchases on the Internet. Delivery of books is very popular, because it saves time and is convenient for the consumer.

Idea number 5. Online stores for motorists.

Given the increase in the number of cars, the number of needs of motorists in spare parts, accessories for cars and related services is also growing.

A car is a valuable commodity. He needs a routine replacement of filters, brake pads, oil, etc. A well-chosen range of spare parts will ensure a constant flow of customers.

The owner of the auto parts store must thoroughly understand the features of the trade, the design of cars and manufacturers.

Idea number 6. Online store for needlewomen.

In our country, a lot of needlewomen.To create hand-made things, they need a lot of different consumables (yarn, beads, threads, canvas, dyes, fabrics, etc.).

Specialized stores are in almost every city. But not everyone is comfortable visiting such shops due to inconvenient work schedule, lack of time and so on. There is another nuance: in stores there may not be exactly what a needlewoman needs.

When conducting this business via the Internet, the main attention should be paid to the user-friendly interface of the site - you should think about it in advance. It will play a huge role for its future development.

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