Burdock root: what heals, methods of use, properties and contraindications

Burdock - a plant that can be found in almost every corner of the country. Its large leaves are visible from afar, and bright purple spines, which are fruits, stick to the clothes of people or animal fur. Summer residents are struggling hard with burdocks, considering them malicious weeds. But healers from ancient times discovered the unique healing properties of this plant, and modern science has confirmed this knowledge. All parts of the plant have healing properties. But most often use burdock root. What cures a burdock, what health problems it can be used for, what are the contraindications for taking it - you can find out about it by reading to the end.

Plant description

Burdock belongs to the Compositae family. This biennial plant, reaching a height of three meters. The leaves are large, resembling a heart.Flowers of violet color are like bright spiky balls. The root of the core type can go down to a meter and a half. The most useful are the rhizomes of the first year of life of the plant. It is easy to distinguish such bushes: they are larger than their brethren and without flowers-thorn. All the forces accumulated by the plant over the summer, concentrated in the root. It is these instances and need to dig for medicinal use.

that heals burdock root

The homeland of this plant is the Mediterranean. But thanks to the amazing vitality and adaptability of burdock, it is common to almost all continents, in temperate latitudes. It can be found on the outskirts or in the garden, in the woods or on the garbage heap, in the city park or in the wasteland.

The history of healing

In ancient medical treatises around the world, you can find recipes that describe the use of burdock root. Tibetan and Chinese healers considered it an excellent remedy for edema, gout or syphilis, used for snake bites and poisoning or for nervous disorders. Russian herbalists prescribed to their patients preparations of burdock for renal ailments, gout and rheumatism, for dropsy and skin diseases,with hemorrhoids and sexually transmitted diseases.

burdock root medicinal properties and contraindications

The story goes that burdock did not grow in Europe before the invasion of Napoleon. But when the valiant French soldiers retreated from Moscow, they brought ubiquitous burrs on their clothes. So burdock "conquered" Europe and was nicknamed the "Russian contagion." But after a few years, the Europeans appreciated the taste and medicinal properties of the new plant and began to treat it with respect. It began to be used as a diuretic, choleretic, laxative and cosmetic.

From ancient times, burdock was treated with poisoning with mercury vapor, as well as the bites of poisonous reptiles.


Burdock root is successfully used not only in folk but also in traditional medicine. Its useful properties are proven by science. For medical purposes, the whole plant is used, but burdock root is the most popular among physicians, whose medical properties and contraindications are studied by scientists from all over the world.

burdock root extract

This medicinal plant is a natural source of vitamins, minerals and other beneficial ingredients. This set can boast a rare plant. Medicinal properties and contraindications of burdock root are due to its rich composition.It includes resinous and tannins, vitamins B, A, P, D, E (tocopherol), C, essential oils, flavonoids, organic and fatty acids, mucus, tannin, proteins. The mineral composition of rhizomes of burdock is also impressive: copper, strontium, calcium, silicon, potassium, zinc, iron, tin, boron, titanium and vanadium. And this is not a complete list.

A large amount contains inulin - its content reaches 45%. Due to this, burdock is a natural sugar substitute. Its roots have a sweetish taste and can and should be included in the diet of diabetics. In addition, inulin restores the intestinal microflora, normalizes metabolic processes, dissolves and removes deposited salts from the body. Due to such a rich composition, it is easy to understand that a burdock root treats a huge variety of diseases. No cold, no inflammation, no oncology will stand against him.

Application Methods

Due to the fact that heals burdock root a huge number of diseases, the methods of its use are also different. It is brewed as tea, insist on alcohol or vodka, make oil and ointment, used in the form of compresses.In each case, you need your own recipe, with its own method of preparation, dosage and course of treatment.

burdock root application

Due to the fact that burdock is officially recognized as a medicinal plant, burdock root extract can be bought at any pharmacy. The instructions describe in detail how to use and dosage.

Cooking options

There are several options for brewing burdock root. The easiest is to cook in a thermos. With this method, all the beneficial substances in the maximum concentration will be transferred to the infusion. One tablespoon of crushed roots pour two cups of hot water. Having brewed a healthy drink in the evening, you can already drink it in the morning, after having filtered it. Infusion is taken before meals. Treatment start with taking one spoon per reception and bring to ¼ cup (3 to 4 times a day). Such a drink is very effective in treating diseases of the joints, gastric and intestinal problems, diabetes, skin diseases and many other problems. The course of treatment is from 20 to 50 days. The most effective scheme - 20 days of admission, 10 days break and another 20 days of admission.

burdock root benefit and harm

This infusion is good to lubricate the wounds of a different nature, warts, rub into the scalp, gargle with colds. Root burdock treatment is effective and diverse.

Infusion of leaves is used for stomach ulcers, with stones in the liver and kidneys. It is prepared like this: 60 g of leaves pour three cups of boiling water and insist for 4 hours. After straining, take a glass 3 times a day.

Infusion of seeds is useful for constipation. On a glass of boiling water is taken 20 grams of bright spiny balls, which are known for burdock. After an hour, you can start taking 1-2 tablespoons up to four times a day.

A decoction of burdock root is prepared in various ways. Dosage for each disease may vary. When starting a course of treatment, you must carefully study the recipe and method of preparation, and follow the instructions clearly.

Method number 1: pour 15-20 g of crushed roots with a glass of water, simmer for 20 minutes, leave for another half hour. Use after filtering 1 spoon up to 4 times a day after meals. This decoction treats inflammation of the bladder, gout, osteochondrosis, gallstone disease.

burdock root in oncology

Method number 2: In a liter of water, boil 100 g of chopped roots, until the volume is halved. Strained broth is used 3 tablespoons 4 times a day.

A decoction of leaves and flowers, prepared according to the traditional recipe, moisten gauze and applied to problem areas on the skin, sore joints.It is very useful to add it to the treatment bath - it will have a very beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and of the organism as a whole.

Method number 3: Pour 2 tablespoons of chopped root half liter of cold water. Insist at least two hours so that useful components are transferred to water. After this boil the infusion.

The juice from the leaves is prepared in a juicer on summer days when there is a lot of it in the plant. Juice and gruel is good to apply to burns, to treat bedsores, wounds and ulcers.

Ointment is also not difficult to prepare. Boil 25 grams of prepared raw material in half a glass of water for 20 minutes, rub with 100 grams of home-made butter. This is a powerful remedy for baldness, as well as medicine for burns and frostbite.

Burdock oil can be purchased at the pharmacy, and you can prepare yourself. It is not difficult. 75 g burdock root pour 200 g of any vegetable oil. Leave to infuse for 24 hours to transfer nutrients to the oil. A day later, boil over low heat for a quarter of an hour and strain. This is a proven remedy for skin and hair.

how to drink burdock root

Fresh burdock leaves can be applied to sore joints or wounds, or even to a sore head.They will relieve pain, reduce swelling.

Medical use

Doctors and pharmacists all over the world have long proven that many diseases are cured by burdock root. No wonder he is part of a large number of drugs in the pharmacy, as well as in cosmetics. The benefits and harms of burdock root are under the scrutiny of medical luminaries around the world. And the range of application of this medicinal plant is truly extensive and almost limitless. Scientists around the world open up all the new features of this amazing plant.

how to brew burdock root

The enzymes contained in burdock roots have a beneficial effect on the digestive system. They promote the removal of bile, have a mild laxative effect, reduce pain and eliminate inflammation. The pancreas is improving, so burdock roots are so useful for diabetes. Inulin, contained in the roots, has a beneficial effect on the composition of blood, normalizing the level of leukocytes. It is useful for anemia and problems with the circulatory system. Also in the composition of the roots of burdock there are substances that prevent the formation of stones and improve the output of bile.They successfully use preparations containing burdock in the treatment of diseases of the liver and duodenum, stomach and kidneys. Broths and burdock root extract is used for ulcer, gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, pyelonephritis and other diseases.

For diseases of the joints, it is advisable to use burdock root and other parts of it, both fresh, and as compresses externally, and as decoctions inside. An integrated approach contributes to the normalization of the exchange of salts, the removal of deposits, and the reduction of pain. It is good to put fresh leaves or gruel from juice and oilcake on sore spots, or to make compresses from decoction. Good rubbing ointment or oil, the preparation of which is described above.

The use of burdock root for colds and SARS is due to its antiseptic properties. Broth - a good antipyretic agent. In addition, they can gargle with sore throat and bronchitis and other diseases of the throat. It interferes with reproduction of pathogenic bacteria, improves the general condition of an organism.

Burdock root in folk medicine is often recommended to strengthen the immune system. Due to its rich composition, it has a beneficial effect on all organs, blood composition, complexion, and the state of the body as a whole.For prophylaxis, it is necessary to drink a decoction according to the 20-day regimen, 10-break, and again 20-day admission In the autumn-spring period, such a course can be carried out by everyone. This helps to increase the body's resistance to viral diseases and improve metabolic processes.

Diabetics and cores are also recommended to conduct courses of treatment. How to brew and how to drink burdock root, you can see above.

For beauty and harmony

Since ancient times, beauties have used burdock for skin and hair care. This is a natural antiseptic that helps fight acne, boils and other rashes. Practical any wounds can be treated with juice or broth of burdock root.

burdock roots on vodka

Burdock oil - proven for centuries means for the beauty of hair. It helps not only to improve the appearance, but also with baldness or hair loss. In addition, the oil normalizes the sebaceous glands, which reduces oily hair and eliminates dandruff.

For those who dream of a slim figure, decoction or burdock root extract is one of the best products. It regulates metabolic processes, reduces appetite. In addition, it is a mild and effective laxative, contributing to the removal of excess fluid and accumulated toxins.Due to the rich mineral and vitamin composition, weight reduction will be beneficial for health and will have a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails. Appearance will be flowering, not worn out, as is usually the case with diets. For weight loss is preparing a decoction: a spoonful of chopped roots pour a glass of clean water overnight. In the morning boil and drink during the day for 4-5 receptions. You can add honey to the decoction to enhance the effect. If you are allergic to bee products, then the additives should be abandoned.

Application in oncology

Research pharmacists confirmed the effectiveness of burdock root in oncology. Substances included in its composition, prevent the formation and development of tumors of various kinds.

For the treatment and prevention of applied juice from fresh burdock roots. The course is held only in May! Then the roots are quite juicy and soft. Fresh roots rubbed on a grater and squeezed juice. Take a spoonful 5 times a day at regular intervals.

A decoction prepared as follows also helps well: 2 tbsp. l Pour half a liter of boiling water and insist on a water bath for 15 minutes. Taking 100 ml 2-3 times a day.

burdock root treatment

You can insist burdock roots on vodka or on alcohol. Raw materials pour in the ratio of 1:20 and leave in a dark place for 30 days, shaking occasionally. Take a teaspoon 3 times a day.

Burdock root in oncology is also used in medical products used by oncologists. This fact has found a scientific justification. Therefore, the use of burdock in its pure form will be very effective.

Tasty and healthy

Burdock - a product not only healthy, but also tasty. It can also be used raw. Roots taste like artichokes. Fresh leaves can be added to salads. They have a delicate flavor, slightly sweet. And the roots can be added to any dish and brew as tea. This medicinal weed saved many people from starvation in difficult times.

In the past, burdock roots were ground and used as flour. Why not conduct a similar experiment in the kitchen today, giving everyday and festive dishes originality and benefits.

burdock roots on vodka

Burdock - honey plant, and the bees gladly fly for its pollen. From one hectare, covered with burdock, you can collect up to half a ton of pure fragrant honey.

Proper collection and storage

Leaves, inflorescences and burdock roots have useful properties. The most useful rhizomes of the first year, when the plant has not yet managed to bloom. Once the leaves begin to wither, the roots can be harvested. The best time for this is autumn. If the plant is older, then you need to dig in the spring, when the leaves just hatch.

Roots are dug, cleaned from the ground, washed and cut into pieces. Drying is carried out under a canopy, in a cooling furnace or in the attic. You can store them for 5 years.

Leaves are harvested from June to September. All season they are ready to eat fresh. Having dried them under a canopy, you can stock up on useful and safe medicines for the whole winter. They retain their healing properties throughout the year. The best packaging for them is a wooden shoe or paper bag.burdock root instruction


The benefits and harms of burdock root are the subject of study of scientists around the world. A wide range of applications of this plant due to its medicinal properties. Treatment should be carried out according to the medical instructions to burdock root, so that the effect was maximum. But he has very few contraindications.These include individual intolerance to any component or an allergic reaction when taking. It is strictly impossible to apply decoctions and infusions during pregnancy and lactation. As with any treatment, you must first consult with your doctor.

Burdock is a true natural gift for health. Growing like a weed by the roads and on the rubbish heaps, it has amazing vitality and shares it with everyone. Nature itself has taken care that people, using its gifts, are always full of strength and health.

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Burdock root: what heals, methods of use, properties and contraindications 38

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