Brochure is an important attribute of any advertising campaign.

Among the modern printing products are very popular brochures. They occupy an important place in the conduct of any advertising campaign. They are ordered by many firms, companies, organizations. What are these advertising publications? What is the secret of their popularity?

What it is

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A brochure is not a periodical text edition, most often in the form of a book with a cover without a hardcover. It is intended mainly for promotional purposes.

According to modern standards, the brochure should be from 4 to 50 sheets. Pages in such a print edition are interconnected by means of a thread, paper clip, wire, or in any other way.

Advertising brochure allows you to get the necessary information about the products or services of the manufacturer. Advertising publications are used at various exhibitions, promotions, fairs, presentations and other crowded places.

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Historical facts

The word "brochure" has French roots. The term comes from the verb broshure, which translates into Russian as "stitch". The first brochures appeared in France during the period of reform and were used to promote political goals and the views of revolutionaries. In Russia, they appeared in 1917 and became the main instrument of influence on the masses.

At the end of the 20th century, the print media found a "peaceful" use. They have long been used for educational purposes. The beginning of the new century is closely connected with fundamental changes in all spheres of society. They are closely related and print publishing. Brochures were used for promotional purposes. Currently, a brochure is a product designed to inform customers about new products or services.

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Variety of editions

The brochure is a high-quality illustrated printed products. It is created using the most modern means of print publishing. They differ in purpose - the type of brochures depends on the subject matter of the publication. All printed products are divided into several types:

  1. Informational. Such publications contain information on medicine, pedagogy, sociology, etc. They are ordered by various commercial and government organizations.
  2. Advertising.This includes print publications that promote advertising for a particular product or service. They are most often ordered by manufacturers interested in selling their products.
  3. Business Such publications include personnel and corporate information intended for employees, customers and visitors of commercial and government organizations.
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Advantages and disadvantages

A brochure is a source of any information that is structured and logical provided to customers. Such publications contain a large amount of information (as opposed to leaflets and booklets). They are intended for longer use.

The quality of printing brochures is usually higher than that of other promotional products. Made on high-grade paper, illustrated with bright photographs, it can not only compete with glossy magazines, but also serve as decoration for any bookshelf.

Despite many advantages, the procedure for the production of such a print edition takes more time compared to other promotional products, and also costs more. That is why brochures are used most often during long-term advertising campaigns.

Interesting Facts:

  1. The most memorable edition is considered to be a brochure published by Junior for the Faculty of Criminology of Griffith University.
  2. The smallest in the world is considered a brochure produced by Uncle Gray advertising agency for the University of Opxyca. Its text can only be read under a microscope.
  3. The most creative - released by the Dutch manufacturer Ikea. The print edition is simple enough to open, and a furniture room made in three-dimensional space will appear to the buyer.
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Manufacturing secrets

How to make a brochure? Design development is an important part of the production of printed matter. The success of an advertising campaign depends on successful design. You can execute a printed edition in Word. Any brochure consists of the following components:

  1. Logo.
  2. Text part.
  3. Graphic arts.
  4. Contact Information.
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The text should be interesting and fun. Occupancy depends on the target audience. Photographs should be bright and colorful - they should complement and decorate the text part of advertising materials. Contact information in the manufacture of any promotional products are provided fully and reliably. The logo contains any promotional items. This is an indicator of the solidity of the manufacturer.

How to print a brochure? Execution of the print edition may be different. A brochure is made on quality paper using colorful graphics and creative textual information. A small print run of promotional products can be made using digital printing. Circulations of more than 500 copies are produced using offset printing.

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