Breakfast at McDonalds is what everyone likes

A quick snack is not only the desire of a dynamic person, but also the need for a careerist without a drop of free time. Sometimes deadline deprives even five minutes in the lunch break. And here come to the rescue fast-food restaurants, among which McDonald's is definitely leading. Here, an interesting design, pleasant service, a large selection of dishes and interesting promotions. For example, breakfast at McDonalds is a time when, when customers arrive, they fry eggs, bake pancakes and brew coffee. It's a pleasure!morning breakfast at mcdonalds

Freshness novelty

Many people come to breakfast at McDonalds, but their opinions on this action differ. Some relate to the introduction of breakfast with a negative, because at this time it is impossible to order the usual dishes from the menu, and to try a novelty in the morning is too risky. Who knows if she will like it ?! In most cases, restaurant visitors note the attractiveness of the fact that dishes were prepared especially for the morning meal.In the morning we all want hot coffee, pancakes and, maybe, scrambled eggs. Sometimes even to the place of porridge or omelet. Well, without a hot bun can not do.big mcdonalds breakfast

Where did the trend go?

Even in the last century in California, there was a small restaurant where mainly motorists had a snack. The institution belonged to the MacDonald brothers - Mac and Dick. For them, a landmark event was an acquaintance in 1954 with equipment supplier Ray Kroc, who highly appreciated the idea. He entered into a contract with the brothers and founded a company with a world name - McDonald's. The establishment has long specialized exclusively in burgers and fries, but the need to satisfy the desires of the audience made it grow. The menu appeared mac-breakfasts at McDonalds. They are served from the opening of restaurants (usually it is 7-8 am) and up to 10 hours. The change in prices occurs quickly - the staff simply turns over the plastic price tags and the work goes according to the routine. For sweet teeth, it is not at all necessary to know how many mac-breakfasts are at McDonald's, because according to the dessert menu you can make an order in the morning.How long is poppy breakfast at McDonalds?

We'll go through the assortment

So, what will make a gourmet morning breakfast at McDonalds? For example, macmaffins with cutlet and egg, as well as lettuce, bacon and tomatoes.You can order rolls with meat, bacon, cheese, potato patties and dressings. The original taste makosta with cheese and ham. Also in the menu there are pancakes, however, the portion is not as large as we would like, only 2 pieces. For those who care about the slim figure, there is oatmeal and potato pancakes.

For lovers of food

When in the morning the appetite is just a wolf and one pancake only tease him, you can take a big McDonald's breakfast. In the portions there are scrambled eggs, potato pancakes, a loaf with a chop and seasonings. And if you need a bite to eat purely nominally, then you should taste the rolls with cottage cheese, raisins and dried apricots.

Without drinks, of course, can not do. McDonald's serves a variety of delicious coffees, tea, milk, and juice. You can pamper yourself with a milkshake. At the prices, by the way, breakfast is not amazing. For example, porridge will cost only 65 rubles per serving. A pair of pancakes - about 90 rubles, potato pancakes - 44 rubles, and a big breakfast - 124 rubles. Prices for macmaffins range from 76 to 131 rubles, and for rolls - from 75 to 143. Maktost will cost the least - 34 and 43 rubles. Price for drinks is in the range from 48 to 100 rubles.poppy breakfasts at mcdonalds

People say

Most often, people speak negatively about McDonald's morning breakfast shares, and the menu itself is not subject to harsh criticism, but people don’t like the fact that you can’t order the usual burgers and fries in the morning. Breakfast at McDonalds seems to be lighter in calories than the daily menu, but omelette, let's say, received reviews like a fat dish. Fresh rolls pancakes did not cause a stir because of their dryness. But the staff makes compromises and can, for a small surcharge, add ingredients to the macmaffins to the taste of the client.breakfast at mcdonalds

With an eye on the figure and working attitude

Given the fact that it is not just a meal, but breakfast at McDonalds, the food should be both tasty and nutritious. Does the proposed treat match these parameters? On the one hand, yes, since there is a lot of protein (due to eggs, meat, cheese), carbohydrates (due to lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers) and fiber (if you take oatmeal). The food is very tasty, although some visitors to the restaurant say there is a lack of seasoning and some dry buns. Caloric indicators are also quite acceptable. For example, a big breakfast will reach 630 calories, but this is providedthat the client refuses to jam and honey, going in the composition of the portion. If you drink tea with honey, then the total caloric content of breakfast will reach 690 calories. At first glance, a bit too much, but for an adult person, the figure of 1800-2500 calories is considered to be the norm of calories consumed. Of course, the rate is determined by daily activity. But with three meals a day, 600 calories for breakfast will not seem something creepy.

But the downside is the fact that, being at McDonalds, it is difficult to resist not to order a dessert, for example, a cherry pie, a muffin with chocolate or ice cream. And this is plus 300 calories to the total. Do not forget that the milkshake also "weighs" a lot - from 375 calories for vanilla.

So from time to time you can have breakfast at McDonalds, it will be very tasty and not expensive in terms of energy. But to introduce it into the tradition is still not worth it, since such a habit is dangerous over weight and addiction to the assortment of the restaurant. Let it be a pleasant moment, but not an obligation. And therefore, enjoy your meal and productive working days, which should start a rich and tasty breakfast!

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