Bradley Cooper: Hollywood Handsome with Blue Eyes

Bradley Cooper is a handsome Hollywood man with an athletic figure, a white-toothed smile and sky-blue eyes. It is a bit like the young Paul Newman, who became a legend in the cinema of the 20th century. Actor is subject to different genres: comedy, psychological thriller, mysticism. Directors and spectators are sure that with his expressive play he is able to save the picture even with a weak script.

Now I can not believe that Cooper had a long time to achieve a resounding success. He did not escape the dangers that await beginners and low-demand actors, such as addiction to alcohol and drugs. After defeating all the demons and, above all, his own uncertainty about the ability to reach the pinnacle of success, Bradley made a breakthrough in film career.

The comedy “Unwelcome Guests” was the first film that gave him hope to get noticeable roles in the future. They followed in the next few years, after which Cooper finally gained deserved fame.

Childhood and youth

Childhood and youth

Bradley Charles Cooper was born on January 5, 1975 in a Catholic family from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother is Italian, and his father is Irish. Bradley has an older sister, Holly.

The older Coopers were very serious about believing in God: they often took children to church and forced them to read prayers before dinner. However, strict upbringing did not affect the daring behavior of the offspring. Together with the neighboring teenagers, he was a hooligan, and once he was even arrested for drinking alcohol.

Bradley did not have any particular preferences regarding his future profession, and on the advice of his father in 1993 he entered the Catholic Villanova University. The rules and requirements of the school did not suit him and a year later he transferred to Georgetown University, where he studied English language and literature.

Having received a bachelor's degree, Cooper decided to bring his dream of acting closer and applied to the New York drama school of New School. The family did not support the aspirations of the heir, and for training he had to take in the bank a student loan of 75 thousand dollars.

For the first time, Bradley assumed a huge responsibility, but he was confident that he would quickly succeed and repay the loan.He only had enough money to pay for his studies, he had to earn a living as a waiter and doorman at the hotel.

The first creative successes

The first creative successes

Bradley Cooper was the first on the course to hire an agent who found small roles for him in popular TV shows: Sex and the City, One Eye, Law and Order, and others. The young actor worked hard on them, hoping that the portfolio would produce impression casting directors of feature films.

Despite all the efforts, he could not get the role in the full meter, but a handsome young man joined the company of the same kind of debutants as he himself, who was eager for the glory of debutants. The parties organized by them lasted for weeks, and at some point Bradley stopped going to the castings, where he received only refusals.

No matter how the Cooper family protested against his acting, they realized that their son needed support. A mother who worked on the NBC channel helped him get the lead role in the entertainment program “Globe Trekker”.

Telling about the fascinating sights of South America and Europe, Bradley traveled the world, and this occupation separated him from destructive leisure activities with trains of bottles of liquor.

Returning to the United States, he changed the agent and in 2005 was approved for the role in the film “Unbidden Guests”. Rachel McAdams, Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn became partners. Cooper's hero is a sleek egoist and a bully, but he is not lost against the rest. The actor believes that the rise of his career began with this picture.

Cooper's Most Popular Movies

Comedy genre - one of the most popular around the world. In Hollywood, such paintings are produced a great many, and often they are quite unassuming. We can not say that Cooper starred in at least one film that does not reach the bar of the national event in the film industry.

Although he began with roles in funny entertainment tapes, the character of the characters the actor showed masterfully. He learned to work on roles since the time of participation in episodes, and with the advent of experience of participating in serious projects, his diligence and talent developed.


The crazy comedy about the unfortunate adventures of four friends turned into a trilogy thanks to box office success. The groom and his three friends go to have fun in Las Vegas the day before the wedding. After a whole series of amazing adventures, they wake up in their room in the morning and remember nothing about them.

Gradually unraveling the sequence of events, they are amazed at the scale of their fantasy and turretlessness. Bradley Cooper said that he played himself in a period of no demand at the beginning of zero.

A great contribution to the recognition of the film by the audience was made by Zach Halifianakis, Ed Helms and Justin Barth. It is easy to believe in the friendship and mutual understanding of their on-screen fours, and their adventures and liquidation of consequences cause uncontrollable laughter.

"Silver Linings Playbook"

The film “My boyfriend is crazy” is more likely a tragic comedy, but there are plenty of ridiculous moments in it. Hero Bradley Cooper - a school teacher with bipolar disorder - returns to his parents' home after a long treatment in a psychiatric clinic.

The former wife avoids him, but the new acquaintance Tiffany, who also has mental problems, persistently tries to captivate. Jnnifer Lawrence, who played the role of Tiffany, has repeatedly become Cooper's screen partner.

The audience was so accustomed to their couple that they attributed love relationships outside the venue. The actors deny it. Glitter extraordinary psychological film adds Robert De Niro, who played the father of Cooper.

"American scam"

Criminal tape tells about the relationship of the Italian mafia with a government official and the attempts of an FBI agent to disclose it. The role of a strange agent went to Cooper, and the fraudster through whom he acted was Christian Bale.

The latter was famous for his transformations for different pictures, and “American Hustle” was no exception. The star of the film includes Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Jeremy Renner.


Cooper has great respect for such classics as David Lynch and Clint Eastwood. Participating in Eastwood was an honor for him. In 2014, the group began work on the tape, which was filmed in America and Morocco. The military drama shows the period from the life of an American sniper who served in Iraq and committed many feats.

Despite all the dangers, he survived the war, but death overtook him in a safe, at first glance, American city. The plot of the film is very tense, but it is impossible to break away from viewing. The film won the Oscar for best sound editing.

Other motion pictures

During his film career, Cooper was a partner of Sienna Miller, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lawrence and other famous beauties.The film about Bullock “Everything about Steve” did not meet the expectations of the public and critics, but this melodrama is worth seeing at least for the sake of their couple. In "Valentine's Day", along with Julia Roberts, Bradley continues the theme of short-term flirting, and their game is much more convincing and sparkling.

The unusual picture of the “Fields of Darkness” shows the actor's addiction to mystical scenes. His unlucky writer, who turned into a genius through a wonderful tablet, shows how a person manages to change beyond recognition in a few days. The detective story makes you sympathize with the writer, then admire his resourcefulness.

A separate role without appearing on the screen went to Bradley in the movie “Guardians of the Galaxy”. Raccoon Rocket speaks in his voice.

Awards and nominations

Awards and nominations

4 times the actor was nominated for an Oscar, but he has not yet received the cherished statuette. He also has nominations for Golden Globe Awards and BAFTA.

Personal life

Bradley Cooper has a rich imagination, and he likes to imagine the ideal relationship, where the roles of lovers are pre-distributed. In reality, the cinema rules do not work, although Bradley diligently plays his part.

Girlfriends do not want to act according to his rules, they have their own manner of behavior and view of the world. For this reason, after 4 months, the marriage of an actor with Jennifer Esposito, registered in 2006, broke up. A pretty Italian, actively starring in television series, did not follow the traditions of the Cooper family and indulge her husband and his mother in everything.

The next "loud" romance rising star spun with Renee Zellweger, who is older than him by 5 years. In it, he found an understanding and forgiving partner, completely dissolved in her lover. Their relationship lasted from 2009 to 2011. and ended when Cooper met Zoe Saldana on the set. He excitedly told reporters that she was the woman of his dreams, but in 2013 the couple suddenly broke up.

The next 2 years Bradley met with the British model and actress Suke Waterhouse. Relationship lovers were stormy, the press willingly published reports on their public quarrels. Everyone agreed that Sookie is complex and scandalous in nature, and she endlessly terrorizes Cooper.

The actor himself admitted that he gave the girl reasons for discontent, often calling up with Renee Zellweger.She and her ex-girlfriend had a great relationship, and Rene always continued to support him.

In 2015, at one of the Hollywood parties, Cooper met the Russian model Irina Sheik. Both did not make plans for the future, but the union turned out to be more durable than the previous actor’s hobbies.

The couple spends all their free time together, and in 2017 it is raising a lovely baby Lea de Sung. Rumor has it that Irina is expecting a second child. In an interview, the model said that she likes being a mother and is not going to stop at one heiress.

The birth of a daughter changed and Bradley. Now more often you can see his photos with Lea on his shoulders than portraits from receptions and Red tracks.

Interesting Facts

Interesting Facts

Beginning at age 5 and coming of age, Cooper has repeatedly performed surgery due to middle ear disease. The prospect of losing hearing scared the future star, but, fortunately, everything ended well. The only disadvantage was the ban on scuba diving.

Bradley Cooper is interested in the culture and history of France. He speaks French, and while studying at Georgetown University for six months went on an exchange to Paris.

It was there that he met a classmate who told him about New School University. In this university, located in New York, the actor continued his education and received a Master of Arts degree.

Bradley Cooper Now - Latest News

In 2015-2016 Cooper tried himself as a producer. Based on the interest in the film "The Areas of Darkness", he launched the production of the same-named series, where he played the role of the same writer, and now Senator Mora.

Rekativeny Raccoon, speaking in a voice of Cooper, continues to appear in the films from the series “Guardians of the Galaxy” and managed to migrate to the large-scale project “Avengers”. Bradley became the producer of the musical "The Star was Born", where he played with Lady Gaga. Its premiere will be held in the fall of 2018.


Bradley Cooper's biography is an example of the classic American road to success. A guy from a simple family, unfamiliar with the film industry, stubbornly moves to the dream of becoming a star. Starting a career with small roles, he falls into all sorts of troubles, but in the end, with the support of his family, he gains recognition and recognition from studio bosses.

Bradley can add many nuances to this short narrative, but the essence remains the same.He is one of the winners so admired by Americans.

Bradley Cooper is popular all over the world, his films are reviewed and discussed on the forums. With the advent of fame, he became even more careful to choose future roles. His name is a sign that the new picture will not seem boring to the audience, rather, it will make you think and try to change your life for the better.

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