Bonn soup will help lose weight

The following recipe may shock a novice in the field of cooking with a huge amount of ingredients. Indeed, there are a lot of them, but the result surpasses all, even the wildest, expectations. After all, we are cooking Bonn soup.

Important Information

A little about the history of this soup. His homeland is a town in the south of France. In the Middle Ages, the people of this town were constantly starving, so this soup was their only salvation. Despite the fact that it contains so many ingredients, all this is just vegetables without adding any meat. People put into the dish any greens grown on their plots, and also added a small amount of vegetables. The result was a very tasty and very healthy soup that saved people from hunger for a long time.

Current state of affairs

bonn soupBut such times remained, fortunately, in the past, and today many housewives are expanding their diet with the preparation of this soup. Bonn soup for weight loss is also good. Since there is no meat and fat in it, it helps cleanse the body and is able to burn excess weight in a relatively short period of time.Eating vegetables will not only give you more slenderness, but also promotes a good metabolism, as a result of which the complexion will improve, besides, you will look much fresher and more energetic. And all this thanks to the usual soup! The discovery of this dish in cooking has become a real treat for vegetarians, because this is, first of all, very healthy food. Therefore, in many well-known restaurants, Bonn soup has already been included in the menu and offers it to those who wish to eat deliciously, without becoming fat. Today, the ingredients of the soup sometimes change, including in its composition various seasonal spices or vegetables, but mostly the recipe remains unchanged.

bonn soup for weight lossWhat do we need?

From vegetables, you will need two kinds of cabbage (cauliflower and white cabbage), tomatoes, carrots and onions. All other ingredients are greens. Take chives, celery, dill, parsley and cilantro. In order to make the Bonn soup more fragrant, buy a variety of spices to your taste. In addition to spices, you can add a couple of bay leaves and pepper, so that the soup was slightly spicy. If you are not new to the culinary business, you can easily figure out the proportions.And for novice cooks, we point out that vegetables should be put on about 4-5 pieces, well, greens are already to your taste. Whoever loves her presence in large quantities can lay whole bunches. In any case, it will be tasty and very useful for you.

Bonn soup recipeBonn soup: cooking recipe

We clean a small amount of onion and cut it into half rings. Then fry it with spring onions in a small amount of olive oil. Ordinary vegetable oil will do, but the taste will change a little. Thanks to roasting it in olive oil, vegetables become soft and have a more delicate flavor. In the fried ingredients add all the spices, garlic, chopped cabbage, carrots and add half a liter of cold water. Cook our Bonn soup for no more than 15 minutes so that the vegetables do not lose all the beneficial properties.

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