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The older generation must remember the beautiful Blue Lagoon film, which the audience at one time appreciated not only as a fascinating Robinsonade, but also as a film with amazing seascapes, because the action takes place on an island lost in the ocean. A tiny island with a rim of sandy beach, covered with lush greenery, has delighted many, but not all are what the sea lagoon is in real life.


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This word comes from the Italian laguna, which, in turn, takes its roots in the Latin word lacus, meaning lake. So, let's understand what the lagoon. It is a small and shallow body of water, which is separated from the rest of the sea by islands or large coral reefs. This refers only to reservoirs formed naturally. The spit separating the lagoon from the sea can be a watershed between practically fresh and salt water. This happens if a large river flows into a lagoon, in our country this can be seen, for example, in the Kaliningrad Bay.

We found out what a lagoon is, and now let's see how it is formed. First, the coral reef may begin to loop, and eventually forms a kind of large bowl, in which there is water. Such coral lagoons are usually connected to the rest of the sea using small ducts, and the water is thus constantly updated. Secondly, the current during ebb and flow can form an embankment consisting of sand and pebbles along the coastline. Over time, increasing, it forms the so-called bar. In the future, the bar will grow even more and rises above the water level, blocking access to it.

History of origin

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Initially, the lagoon designation was used only for the shallow bay, in which Venice was once formed. This is one of the most typical lagoon cities. Later, Venetian merchants, traveling the world, extended this name to the various small bays that are found along the shores of the seas of the whole world.

Closed world

What is a lagoon? This is a completely unique separate world, which is closed from the rest of the sea. On the spit most often inhabit the numerous birds that create large colonies.Large animals have nothing to eat, so they are not found here. If it is a coral lagoon, then, accordingly, the whole is a large living organism consisting of coral branches. Otherwise, no matter what the water in the lagoon, comfortable conditions are formed in it to live for various species of fish and insects, since large predators do not fall into such places.

blue Lagoon

By the way, depending on what microorganisms live in this reservoir, it can be painted in different colors. For example, there are pink lagoons in which phytoplankton lives, producing pigment of this color. The bright blue color of the lagoon can be colored due to the high content of minerals in its water. Water from such reservoirs is considered healing, therefore lagoons often become expensive resorts.

So what is a lagoon? These are unique natural objects, many of which are under the protection of world nature conservation agencies.

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