Black rosehip: description, useful properties, features of the application

The well-known healing plant, endowed with a record number of healing properties, is always available and is very much in demand in medicine (both in traditional and in folk). Incredibly, this plant helps to get rid of many diseases. Often we are looking for miraculous means and are ready to go after them to the end of the world. Or maybe you should pay attention to what is near? This unique plant is called black rosehip.

Features of the plant

Having a delicate aroma, a pleasant taste and a unique vitamin-mineral composition, the berries of this plant are indispensable for maintaining human health. The fruits, which has a black wild rose, are very juicy. The leaves and roots of the plant also have beneficial properties. You can buy them at the pharmacy, as well as grow and stock up yourself. Anyone can drink a drink made from this culture: women, men and children.

This amazing medicinal plant does not lose its benefits during drying and storage.The healing properties of the black rose are due to the content of a very wide range of vitamins. But drinking infusions and decoctions of wild rose is possible only in the absence of contraindications. It is a little of them and they, as a rule, are dog rose

Gathering and nerd

You can not wait for frost. The best time to pick black hips is mid-autumn. Berries of a plant are similar to a large currant or even to olives. Rosehip is a relative of the rose. Therefore, spines grow on its branches. In order not to get hurt, the harvest of medicinal fruits is carried out in gloves.

Immediately after harvesting, do not hesitate and dry the fruit. In general, if wild rose is needed as a medicine, then everything must be done in due time and according to the rules. Otherwise, you can get only a tasty drink, but deprived of part of the dog rose useful properties application

Rosa spinosissima is the name in Latin for black rosehips in the special literature. It is also referred to as: feminine rose, fine-cutted rose, prickly rosehip. In the form of a wild plant can be found in Asia and Central Europe.

Rosehip black is the ancestor of an ancient variety of cultivated roses - Scottish.Spiny briar with large cream-colored semi-double flowers is found in central Russia. This is the garden form of the plant.

A good stock for roses is a wild rose. It gives frost resistance, and also resists fungal diseases, pests, and greatly prolongs the life of roses.


There are two varieties of black dog rose:

  • Rosa spinosissima var. Spinosissima.
  • Rosa spinosissima altaica.

The first widespread in South-West Asia and Europe. The second species is common in China and Siberia. Both have common signs. It is a form, flowers and fruits.wild rose black

Characteristic features

Rosehip with black fruits - spreading shrub up to two meters. The shoots of the plant are arched and have strong thorns. On the prickly and long petioles, complex, asymmetrically pinnate leaves with a dark green color of leaf plates are located. In the fall, this color changes to purple.

Rosehip flowers are single, with a diameter of 2-6 cm. Most often, the petals are painted white. Spinosissima can be yellowish in color.

Flowering plant occurs from May to June. The flowering period is two weeks.

Fruits are spherical, black. The diameter is from 10 to 14 mm. Inside the seeds of fruit (nuts). The wall of the fruit from the inside is covered with stiff hairs.Maturation occurs at the end of summer. On the plant, the fruits are held until winter.

Healing properties of black rosehip and its chemical composition

This plant can be used to cure many diseases, as well as their prevention. We are most accustomed to using red hips. But black is not inferior to him. The composition varies slightly depending on the type and area of ​​growth. But its value does not diminish this.

Averages, as a percentage, per dry weight are:

  • 6.43 - ash;
  • 12.52 - fiber;
  • 14.1 - pectin substances;
  • 2.8 - acidity (total);
  • 23.9 - sugar (total).

In fresh fruits 109 Kcal per 100 g (7 kcal - proteins, 7 - fats, 95 - carbohydrates).

In dry form, the caloric content is higher: 284 kcal (18 is protein, 16 is fat, 250 is carbohydrate).

Immature fruits vary greatly in chemical composition from fully ripe. In immature starch (2.75% of the total composition) has not yet been converted to sugar (glucose, fructose and sucrose).

Wild rose seeds are rich in fatty acids (92% of the total seed mass). This is mainly oleic acid.rosehip and apple black tea


Per 100 grams of the fruits of this amazing plant accounts for:

  • 470 mg - vitamin C;
  • 1.7 mg - vitamin E;
  • 0.05 mg - vitamin B1;
  • 0.033 mg - vitamin B2;
  • 0.6 mg - vitamin P.

Fruits are also rich in folic acid and minerals (iron, potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese and copper).

By the number of vitamins, black currant and wild rose are not equal. The content of vitamin C in currant berries is at the level of 200 mg. This is 2 times less than in the wild rose.

Since the rose hip is not consumed fresh, but it is used to make decoctions, tinctures and oils, the caloric content should be considered the product that will be consumed. Above was called the calorie berry itself.

In general, the caloric content of rose hip beverages is not too important, since they are mainly used not as food, but as a vitamin currant and wild rose


Rosehip black is not harmful, especially if they are not abused. As you know, that in abundance, it is unhealthy. But still there is a group of people who do not want to drink black hips. These are people with the following chronic conditions:

  • gastritis, increased acidity;
  • duodenal ulcer;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • heart failure;
  • endocarditis;
  • thrombophlebitis
  • increased sensitivity of tooth enamel;
  • individual intolerance and allergic reactions to this group of plants or vitamins.

How to store black rosehip. Beneficial features. The use of infusions and decoction

The collected fruits are dried. Some use this method of storing dogrose, like freezing. But the best is considered the same drying.

Pharmacist preparation “Holosas” is prepared from rose hips, which improves liver function.

Dry berries are stored for two years. In order for the therapeutic effect to be at a high level, it is necessary to crush the rosehip before use. Thus, the nutrients from the pulp will be able to go into the broth (infusion).

Basically, infusions and decoctions are used for the treatment of colds and its prevention, the normalization of the vascular condition, bleeding, general health promotion by increasing immunity. In addition, these decoctions and infusions are used to eliminate the symptoms of atherosclerosis, stone removal from kidneys, anemia, problems with the uterus, decreased gastric secretion, colitis, increased pressure, weakness of the vascular walls, poorly healing wounds, rheumatic conditions, radiculitis, exhaustion, blepharitis, conjunctivitis.As can be seen, the range of diseases is wide. Therefore, it is not necessary to ignore such an excellent medicinal plant when it is possible to help your body in the fight against ailments.rosehip black tea

Amazing wild rose: useful properties, recipes

From this plant you can make a lot of drinks and tinctures, which are not only tasty, but also bring invaluable benefits to the entire human body. From dogrose you can make a drink without adding other plants, or you can add it. In this way its beneficial and taste qualities will improve.

To the wild rose are added: leaves of currant, mint, raspberry, viburnum, elecampane, oregano, coltsfoot, linden, chamomile.

Also on sale you can find factory black tea with wild rose and the addition of some more fruit.

Freshly prepared dogrose with raspberries or raspberry leaves helps to lower the temperature in the best way. Such drinks greatly enhance immunity, which gives the body the strength to fight off pathogens.

When it is necessary to obtain a diuretic effect, viburnum berries are added to the dog rose. If such a drink is combined with a large amount of warm drink, the body can quickly get rid of accumulated harmful substances.

As a preventive measure, as a general tonic, black tea with rosehip and apple is often used, which can be found in stores or made at home by yourself.

In the ENT practice, dogrose is also not bypassed. If you have a sore throat, will help a strong broth hips, which is used for rinsing. The therapeutic effect comes due to tannins, which are part of this amazing plant. A stronger effect can be achieved by adding chamomile or other herbs with antibacterial properties to this broth.

To prepare the most useful decoction, you need to wash the fruit and crush them without damaging the kernels. After that, wild rose is poured with boiling water, which is taken 6-10 times more than wild rose. The resulting mixture put in a water bath or on slow fire. Time languishing on fire is 10 minutes. Then remove the decoction from the heat, wrap and allow to infuse for about 2 hours. Before use, the broth is filtered.

Rosehip should not be too heated and boil for a long time over high heat. At the same time many vitamins are lost. Instead of the proposed method, you can brew the hips in a thermos, which has a glass flask. Products with metal flasks should be avoided.

The main dogrose vitamin is ascorbic acid (C). It is thanks to her culture has such popularity. This vitamin affects not only the vessels, but also promotes the synthesis of hormones and the formation of catecholamines and dog rose useful properties

Be careful!

It is important to know that the black rosehip, the beneficial properties of which do not cause any doubts, is constantly undesirable to drink. When the body is saturated with any substances, first of all the liver is loaded. She is forced to recycle them hard. In addition, the abuse of wild rose berries can trigger non-infectious jaundice.

Drink decoction from the roots of wild rose can not be with cholecystitis, since the secretion of bile slows down. But with diarrhea, a decoction from the roots of this plant helps. This, of course, a popular recipe, so do not neglect other drugs. In any case, if you constantly drink such a drink, a person may develop constipation. It should be remembered that this decoction can be consumed if there are no special problems with digestion.

Healthy oil

Black roses are also used to make oils that have the properties to heal damaged skin, nourish nails, and restore hair structure. Oils can be made independently or bought in a pharmacy.

To prepare the oil, it is necessary to dry and chop the fruit in a coffee grinder. After that, the ground rose hip is put in a bowl and olive oil of good quality is added in proportion: 1 part of powder and 3 parts of olive oil. After covering the container with a mixture of lid and put in a cool place for a period of 10 to 14 days. It is advisable to shake the mixture every morning. But even if you do not, the tool should work.

Similarly, oil is prepared from rosehip petals, which has a slight laxative effect. It also relieves inflammation in the intestines and stomach.

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