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Biography of Oleg Strizhenov begins in the city of Blagoveshchensk on the Amur River, in a military family. When Oleg was still small, the family moved to the capital.biography of Oleg StrizhenovAt the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, Olegwas still a schoolboy. As his friends recall, he was very gifted: he studied well, beautifully drew and skillfully read prose, dreamed of becoming an artist.

Biography of Oleg Strizhenov could become a biographypainter, but in 1949, his brother decided to become an actor and persuaded Oleg to follow his example. Strizhenov went to study at the Shchukin Theater School and completed his studies in 1953.

Then Oleg is distributed to the theaterRussian drama in Tallinn. There he becomes a star of the play "Without Guilt, Guilty" by A. Ostrovsky, playing the main role of Neznamov. And yet the biography of Oleg Strizhenov did not become only theatrical - a chance intervened in his life.

In 1952 the film director Alexander Faintsimmerdecided to take a picture of the novel by E. Voynich "The Gadfly". The main role required a young cute actor, whom the director began to look for. His assistants went to theatrical universities in the country in search of a suitable candidate, and in Moscow on the "Shchukinsky" play "Romeo and Juliet" the assistant director saw Strizhenov performing one of the main roles in the play. However, Faincimmer himself, seeing the photo of a young actor, remained indifferent to him.

But fate granted the actor a second chance, shootingthe film was postponed for a year, and already in the Tallinn Theater as Neznamov Strizhenova, the second director of the Gadfly, Akimov, who was in Tallinn passing through, notices. Interested in this coincidence of opinions of his assistants, Faintsimmer immediately invited Strizhenov to test the main role of Arthur, where he was confirmed.

Actor Oleg Strizhenov, whose biography withoutthe film "Gadfly" would be quite different, became famous throughout the Soviet Union. On the set of this film, he meets his first wife - the performer of the role of Gemma - Marianne. Soon they had a daughter, Natasha.

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Then followed the main role in the film adaptationthe story of Jack London by the "Mexican" directed by Vladimir Kaplunovsky and the role of the Govorukh-Otroka in the painting "In the 41st" by Grigory Chukhrai. The painting was a tremendous success and won a prize at the Cannes Film Festival. So the biography of Oleg Strizhenov became the story of the life of an idol of millions of spectators. He was the most filmed actor of his time.

Then there were the works in the films:

  • in 58 - in Nicholas Rozantsev in the tape "In your hands, life" (sapper Dudin);
  • in the 60s - "Duel", "Three Sisters", cosmonaut in "Roll-call", Tchaikovsky in the film "The Third Youth", a robot and scientist in the film "His name was Robert."

It is worth noting that the roles in the movie Strizhenovcould have been much greater if it had not been for his character: he often clashed with the directors, violated the regime and made high demands. So he refused Bolkonsky's proposed role in War and Peace.

In 1967, the actor returns to the theater, enrollingin the Moscow Art Theater Company. Oleg Strizhenov, whose biography was soon supplemented with new data on his personal life, played here the role of Mortimer in Schiller's play "Maria Stewart", Trepleva in the play "Seagull" and other roles. Here he met Love, who became his second wife and gave birth to his son Sasha.

In 1969, O. Strizhenov became a People's Artist of the RSFSR, in 88 - People's Artist of the USSR.

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In the 70s, the actor appeared in several films:

  • "The land, on demand" Dorman (the role of scout L. Manevich).
  • The film by V. Motyl "The Star of Captivating Happiness" (in the role of Volkonsky);
  • Tape P. Todorovsky "The Last Sacrifice" (Dulchin). On the set, the actor meets his new love - actress Lionel Pyriev.

The rise of Strizhenov's creative activitycontinued until the mid-80's. Today the great actor does not act in films, but devotes all his spare time to painting. The last picture, in which he starred, is "Instead of me" in 2000.

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Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance Biography of Oleg Strizhenov: by chance