Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects

Options with fixed profit werestandardized in 2008. Binary options in Russia became known in 2010. In general, for brokers, the Russian market is attractive enough. Therefore, there is absolutely nothing surprising in the fact that such contracts have appeared in the Russian Federation. This segment of the market is developing quite rapidly. And in the face of tough and highly competitive traders have very good chances to earn extra money.

However, to expect from instantaneous binary optionsenrichment is not worth it. They say that it is not so difficult to earn money here, in comparison with "Forex", nevertheless, you will have to work hard to stay with good money. After all, apparent simplicity can play a bad joke and leave a grieving newcomer with a loss.

Appearance in Russia

Binary options in Russia

Such a new type of trading, as binary options, inRussia began to implement the company Anyoption. Prior to this, Russian firms, trumpeting in their advertisements that they are engaged in this kind of assets, in fact simply deceived traders in the rates for sports competitions in the Western scheme. Most players lost a lot of their money on them. Then on the Russian market came the company Anyoption, until 2013, she held leadership positions in the sales of such contracts. But then other firms appeared that drove Anyoption out of the bench of the unconditional leader.

Binary options in Russia today

Sale of options

In Russia and to date, there are manycompanies that try to cash in on traders under the guise of selling binary options. But deception in this area can be avoided if we turn to firms with world names well known to all.

Companies operating in Russia can be conditionally divided into two types:

1. Some of them have a website in Russian, but there is no representation in our country, nor employees who speak Russian. They occupy about thirty-five percent of all binary option sellers in Russia.

2. The other largest companies have a Russian website and representative offices located in different Russian cities and Russian-speaking employees. There are only seven such firms. Among them are the following:

  • OptionBit. In 2013, the company introduced a system called Algobit. It gained great success, and the company soon took the leading position in the Russian market.

  • 24option. The company invests in training of traders, and due to this, it has the largest number of such traders.

  • DragonOptions. The firm operates in four countries, has licenses from Russian and European regulators. This broker is distinguished by the most experienced analysts, the company's support service is the most operational.

  • "Constructor"An organization that is great for beginner traders.

Binary options for newcomer

Binary options with a minimum deposit anda bet for novice players are good in that they minimize the risks. This, of course, is so, but here we must warn against some common misconceptions. In view of the fact that the risks are minimal and the possible loss does not bother the trader at all, he will not be able to learn how to really work for them. Therefore, such binary options beginners will be suitable only at the very beginning.

Prospects for the development of binary options in Russia

The fact that such large companies operate onRussian market, speaks about the seriousness of their intentions to gain a foothold here for a long time and successfully work. But traders should not forget about a large number of one-day companies and should be careful not to get caught in their network. Nevertheless, relying on the state regulation introduced in Russia regarding binary options and other indicators, the likelihood of this segment of the market becoming more transparent and the number of fraudsters will decrease.

Binary options in Russia

Growth rates

  1. On the market now and then there are all new brokers,the specialization of which is the sale of options. Previously, such an investment could be found only in small offices that do not guarantee anything. However, now the situation has changed qualitatively due to the arrival of serious and large players on the Russian market.

  2. The competition among brokers is increasing, for whichthere are options with a minimum deposit, the amount of which is reduced. The various bonuses offered to clients, insurance of the first deals and other are important.

Binary options in Russia are also attractivedue to its simplicity. Here you just need to understand the direction in which the value of the asset is moving, unlike the exchange, where you need to constantly monitor prices and calculate how the value will change. However, do not be deceived. Many beginning traders immediately lose a lot of money on the very first deals. And this is not due to the fact that they are not familiar with the stock market, but because of the lack of understanding of the option strategy. This will be discussed later.

Trading Strategies

Option Strategies

They serve to reduce the risksTrade, through the use of various financial instruments. Option strategies are used not only in analysis, but in general as a tool for financial management. They can also encompass systematic norms, for example, time investment and options and so on.

Russian assets

There is also an increase in domestic assets. For Russian traders in such conditions, it will be easier and more convenient to work, since fluctuations in value are more easily tracked within their own country, given the political and economic situation that ultimately determines the movement of prices.

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Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects Binary options in Russia. Development and prospects