Biker Surgeon (Alexander Zaldostanov): biography, personal life. Biker Club "Night Wolves"

Alexander Zaldostanov - the main biker of Russia. The founder of the Night Wolves biker club and its leader. Alexander is also the head of the Russian Motorcyclists group, the president of the Russian Biker Association, and the general director of the Sexton Club office and Bai Center at the Moscow club. Starting as an unknown dentist, Alexander Surgeon achieved remarkable fame by becoming the leader of the biker movement in Russia.


Biker Surgeon

The biography of the biker Surgeon begins in the Ukrainian SSR in 1963. Alexander was born on January 19 in the city of Kirovograd into a family of doctors. By nationality, Alexander Zaldostanov Ukrainian. It was the influence of parents that largely determined the future path of the future biker, although the medical business for a short time occupied a significant place in Alexander’s life. After studying at the medical institute, he began to work in a dental clinic.At night, Alexander had fun at noisy parties, and in the daytime he helped patients. Since that time, “Sasha Dentist” has changed significantly, becoming Alexander “Surgeon”: at present, his image is associated exclusively with the harsh lifestyle of the biker. And this is not unreasonable: now he is actually recognized as the founder of the biker movement in Russia.

This path was not easy, since its beginning goes back to a time when the society was still extremely negative about any deviations from the generally accepted norm. The nonformals of that time often had to participate in fights, defending their worldview. Judging by the memories and various eyewitness accounts, the Surgeon was willing to fight and was not shy about waving his fists.

The Biker Surgeon was always against the ordinary: around the 80s he joined metalworkers, quit his job as a dentist and never officially worked.

Metalist Surgeon

Moldoy Surgeon

Participating in a variety of street fights, the young Alexander Zaldostanov once became familiar with the leader of metalworkers Rus Tyurin. His group "Black Aces" differed foul and stubborn temper. Dressed in the skin, listening to the forbidden metal and rock, always ready to fight "Aces" did not take everyone.They rarely made contact, unlike the Surgeon, who adored giving interviews - that is why Rus provided all the conversations with journalists to him.


An active and enthusiastic future biker. A surgeon in his youth was able to gather many like-minded people. Zaldostanov gave the name to his own group, dubbed it the completely natural name - “Surgery”. As head, he himself took the nickname Surgeon, by analogy with his professional activities.

Biker Surgeon

Zaldostanov on a motorcycle

At the same time, he bought his first motorcycle firm "Java". This event motivated him to transform his society into a club of motorists.

Later, in one of his travels in Europe, the biker Surgeon made acquaintance with the members of an important European motor club. So he learned about the basic laws of the biker hierarchy.

Attracting people to this new culture was not so easy because of the lack of intelligible information. But soon the first video salons appeared, where you could watch almost any film: many people became acquainted with the biker subculture in this way. Particularly popular in those days were the movies "Streets in Fire" and "Savage."Thanks to this, the groups began to imitate the style of European and American motorcyclists, which included powerful motorcycles, leather jackets and massive chains. Adhering to this style, Zaldostanov quickly became the leader of the informals. His task was to glorify his club, not only within the country, but to the whole world.

"Night Wolves"

Motorcycle surgeon

Of great importance in the fate of the Biker Surgeon was his trip to Germany in 1985 - almost immediately after his wedding. In Germany, Alexander began working on various places from the watchman to the sitter, including a bouncer in the Sexton nightclub. So he got a unique opportunity to get close with the German bikers from the famous club "Hell's Angels". The desire of Alexander Zaldostanov to organize such a movement in his homeland only strengthened. The nature of the surgeon has always been stubborn and persistent, so that he achieved his goal. In 1989, he returned to the country and executed his plan, having organized the Night Wolves biker club.

A new era in the history of the formation of biker culture in Russia began in 1993. Biker Surgeon, who recently celebrated his 30th birthday, was the leader of the main club of motorbikers, defeating the head of the Cossacks motor club, Alik Goch.So Alexander became the monopolist among bikers in Russia.


Since Zaldostanov did not work anywhere, he needed some source of income: that is why the Night Wolves organized the Sexton rock club, borrowing the name of the German club, where the Surgeon had once earned money. Club "Volkov" was known for loud celebrations with spirits and large-scale carnage. In 1995, a fire broke out at Sexton, and nothing was left of the club. But with the demise of the old, a new one came: from that day the biker movement began to organize annual international bike shows.


The leader of the "Night Wolves"

In 1999, the Surgeon had an accident and was in a coma for 2 weeks. This turning point made Alexander turn to God: after these events he approached the church and Orthodoxy. Often, a famous actor and once Orthodox priest Ivan Okhlobystin visited the “Sexton”, who later joined the “Night Wolves”. The leader’s religious orientation contributed to a split in the community: later many members separated from the group. Monopoly "Volkov" collapsed in front of his eyes, but Zaldostanov was in no hurry to return the leadership back, starting to restore the "Sexton".

The Surgeon's Views

Surgeon with president

Biker Surgeon tries to take part in public life.He often speaks, gives interviews and speaks on various topics, trying to have a positive impact on the minds of young people. The influence of his personality and the Night Wolves on society is obvious: Alexander promotes patriotism and love for his native land, supports Orthodoxy. In 2013, he even won the Order of Honor for his active work with young people.

As for the events, “Night Wolves” often organize festivals, motor races, as well as various shows in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Battle of Sevastopol, and the Stalingrad Battle. Zaldostanov also participates in religious processions with the priests of the Orthodox Church, despite the dissatisfaction of many bikers. Zaldostanov is familiar with Vladimir Putin: the president has visited Sexton more than once and participated in biker runs.

In 2015, the Surgeon, together with Mikhail Porechenkov and Yulia Berezikova, became one of the creators of the Antimaydan trend, which criticizes the situation in Ukraine. The movement is directed against protest actions demanding the overthrow of the current government.

In addition, the Surgeon initiated the inclusion of Bandido Nation and “Angels of Hell” biker clubs in the list of undesirable in Russia.In his opinion, they can cause irreparable harm to the minds of Russian motorcyclists, bringing the idea of ​​a color revolution. Defending the ideas of patriotism and love of neighbor, Zaldostanov actively opposes any inner hatred and enmity.

In 2016, the Surgeon spoke out against the statement by Konstantin Raikin, the artistic director of the Satyricon, on the abolition of censorship. In his opinion, the absence of censorship will lead to total corruption and widespread vulgarity, which is unacceptable in the conditions of modern society with extremely weak morals and intermittent values. At the same time, Zaldostanov is an extremely freedom-loving person, but on this issue his position is unambiguous: at least selective censorship of certain elements is necessary in order not to clutter the minds of citizens and youth.

In 2018, Alexander attended the inauguration of Vladimir Putin along with the popular singer Timati: they appeared in rather extravagant costumes. The surgeon came without a hat, but did not forget the traditional biker jacket, from which was visible a white turtleneck - a biker, according to rumors, first put on a white shirt for such a solemn occasion. Timati also adorned in a green jacket.

Personal life

Alexander Zaldostanov with his wife

The life of a biker Surgeon has a long and rich history, which, however, is obscured: Alexander is in no hurry to spread his personal relationship in an interview.

Back in 1985, the Surgeon married German journalist Matilda, the daughter of the director of the Mercedes-Benz plant. It is not known why their marriage failed, but it is obvious that the Surgeon had some more love affairs. According to rumors, the surgeon was still married several times, but he himself refutes these conjectures, calling Matilda his only wife.

The surgeon has a son named George: according to unconfirmed rumors, he has several brothers. Zaldostanov recognizes paternity over George and is actively involved in raising his son.

The surgeon does not cover his personal life, therefore, it is practically impossible to learn anything reliably. However, many people respect such a policy: personal life should remain personal.

There are a lot of rumors and conjectures around the Surgeon - after all, the person is extremely extraordinary and in many ways controversial. But Alexander himself does not take seriously the various kinds of gossip. The way he made, starting as an unknown metalworker and becoming known throughout Russia and even abroad as the leader of the biker movement, was full of losses and litigation.Now the main biker of Russia The surgeon is reaping the laurels of his success and enjoying his own freedom, despite the discontent of his enemies and to the joy of his followers and like-minded people.

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