Best netbook operating system

To date, netbooks gained great popularity. It is easy for people to use these small and compact devices. This is understood by the developers. And we will try to answer the question of what is the best operating system for a netbook.

netbook operating system

What is a netbook

Before we go to the main topic, let's first find out what is a netbook? Speaking in a simple way - this is a smaller laptop, a mini-computer that can cope with tasks that do not require large capacities. The performance of a modern netbook is not much lower than the average notebook, however, a netbook with all this costs less. It is lighter in weight, more compact and can work more autonomously. All these factors allowed this device to make a weighty competition to the older "brother".

Let's start withWindows7

For netbooks there are many operating systems. So, buying a new device, it is worth taking this issue seriously. Let's figure out which operating system for a netbook is best suited. Let's start with Windows 7.This OS is very popular in the world. Most computers work on Windows, and when the seventh version came out in 2009, it was immediately recognized by many computer users. As for the devices considered here, the developers from Microsoft have released operating systems for netbooks of the newest versions. Windows 7 Starter - the most suitable for working on your netbook. Compared to other versions, it is lightweight.

best netbook operating system

OS X second place

Apple's OS X boldly ranks second. This operating system for a netbook has a simple interface and a nice appearance. However, it can be installed exclusively on Apple devices. So, if you have an apple netbook, then OS X will cost you little. And if not, look for other operating systems.

Third place - Linux Mint

If you need a netbook to solve mainly office tasks, surf the Internet, then the operating system for the Linux Mint netbook would be a good choice. This OS is very easy to use and does not require any special knowledge. Before Windows, the Linux Mint system is a huge plus - it is free, and anyone can get it.For netbooks, it is used by many users also because of its flawlessness when working with these devices.

The choice depends on the comfort of work.

netbook operating systems

Versions of Windows XP (Pro or Home) are also suitable for work on a netbook. But you should not take WindowsVista into account, because the hardware requirements of this OS exceed the capacity of small devices. The operating system for netbooks Ubuntu for Netbooks Remix from Linux can work faster than others. Its user interface is adapted for comfortable work on a small screen. It loads quickly and will be understood even by an unprepared user. The light version of Canonical Ubuntu Light is a creation of Canonical. Lightness is its main feature. It downloads and connects to the Internet in 7 seconds.

It is difficult to determine which operating system for the netbook will be the best. The point here concerns in particular the preferences of each individual person. However, it is fair to say that most users around the world prefer Windows 7.

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