Benches with storage box: overview, features, types and reviews

Banquettes with a box for storage became a necessary attribute in any room of a residential building. Bench - a bench on which you can sit on top, and inside there are drawers for things. Some consider it a kind of symbiosis of a small sofa and a street bench.

stools with storage box

Original piece of furniture

The banquette with storage box has a bright and unusual look and at the same time is convenient. Manufacturers are trying to ensure that their goods are in demand, so they come up with a lot of additional elements. So, products with a back are popular.

Many people buy stools to emphasize the style of the room. Others buy this type of furniture only for practical purposes. Thanks to the roomy drawers, the product can accommodate many things.

The appearance of the stool with a storage box can be completely different - from the fancy to the classic, made of wood.But the classic way of furniture is a bench made of chipboard, upholstered in fabric. For convenience of sitting the laying from foam rubber is provided. More expensive models are equipped with latex. Under the seat is one or more boxes for storage.

stool with storage box in the hall

Banquettes in the corridor

A banquette with a storage box in the hallway is a fairly universal thing. It is useful when putting on shoes. At the same time, such furniture is quite roomy to hide extra things. In addition, it is convenient to put an umbrella or a heavy bag on the bench. And most importantly, according to the happy owners of this type of furniture, home slippers stop looking for the "fifth corner".

stool with storage box for the kitchen

Living room stool

For the living room it is more convenient to use the stool where the drawer is pulled out. According to reviews, the side stand is very convenient to use as a stand. Here is a beautiful cup of coffee, favorite book, newspaper or phone. A box solves the problem of many living rooms. All small items that often spoil the appearance of the room, necessary to use, can be hidden there.

Supplement in the bedroom

The main role in the bedroom is assigned a bed.A banquette in the bedroom with a storage box will be the final touch. It is able to perform the role of tables, chairs and even hangers.

In addition, it will become a "magic wand" in small apartments. If there is no space for a wardrobe, you need to purchase a spacious stool with space for storing bedding. She can replace even a small sofa.

A small bench takes up very little space, but is very functional. The soft seat has to rest, and the boxes are able to accommodate a lot of necessary things.

 bedroom bench with storage box

Kitchen stools

A banquette with a storage box for the kitchen can create a cozy place to eat and save space. There is no need to buy extra cabinets, because there is plenty of space inside for kitchen utensils.

Bright upholstery can become the dominant spot in the entire kitchen and attract their appearance. Design solutions can satisfy the tastes of any client. You can pick up the stool for the particular features of your interior.

Types of banquettes

If initially the bench was a wooden bench with legs upholstered in fabric, now you can find a large variety of products.Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish them from a full-fledged pouf or even a sofa. In a wide variety of distinguished the following types of stools:

  • without back;
  • with back;
  • on wheels;
  • on legs;
  • with armrests;
  • transformer;
  • footrest.

The classic material of manufacture is wood or its less expensive replacement - chipboard. Costly models are made from ash, oak, cherry or beech. They are decorated with carvings, add gilt.

If you need to choose a banquette in the antique interior, it is better to look at the Baroque style. Such a product is elegant and more often has armrests. Modern style requires less extravagant things, and the bench is compared with an ordinary ottoman.

Increasingly popular is the stool chest with storage box. She reminds grandmother's style and is suitable for a room made in the spirit of vintage.

 stool chest with storage box

Choice of upholstery

The appearance of the furniture sometimes depends on the upholstery. When choosing a bench, it is necessary to pay attention not only to the design, functional features, but also to textiles. The most commonly used materials are:

  1. Microfiber- external properties like velvet, but has a low cost.
  2. Flock- classic upholstery fabric, often used for sofas and chairs.
  3. Velor, velvet- is associated with luxury and quite pleasant to the touch.
  4. Genuine Leather- the product is expensive, but it looks rich and strictly.
  5. Artificial leather- inexpensive substitute, suitable for the kitchen.
  6. Upholstery silk- gives the product a noble look, suitable for use in the living room and bedroom.
  7. Jacquard- indispensable if you need to buy furniture in bright colors with a contrasting pattern.
  8. Brocade- used only in luxury furniture. Therefore, furniture with its use is expensive.

Appearance of a product and spirit of the room as a whole depends on the chosen material.

Practical thing

Some people doubt the appropriateness of the purchase. It seems that it will be an extra piece of interior and can interfere. The manufacturer tries to please consumers and produces a variety of models.

So, according to many people, the transforming bench is very convenient and functional. Shoppers are attracted by a variety of drawers and a removable seat.

Many, judging by the reviews, like models with a removable back. Others speak positively of the chest stool. It is convenient to use as an extra seat, and a roomy box allows you to hide a bunch of different things.

Often, models with a built-in mirror or even a table are chosen as a gift. Their merits are obvious. After all, the lady can put herself in order in a compact place where everything you need is placed.

Banquettes with storage box are not dominant. They comply with the existing furniture in the room. Therefore, it is necessary for the bedroom to select it in accordance with the bed, in the hallway - in the style of the existing cabinets, and for the living room they choose the option based on the general concept of the interior.

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