Belevskaya candy: a recipe for home cooking

Belevskaya candy is a popular dessert, the taste of which has been familiar to many since childhood. But not everyone knows what it is made of and how to prepare it yourself. Homemade delicacy is obtained not only delicious, but also natural. The article will present the recipes of the Beleva pastila, which even a novice chef can use.

Why is this dessert so called? The fact is that this word a few centuries ago looked a little different. It was correct to write "post". It is believed that it came from the word "bed", that is, from the method of preparation.

This delicacy has many recipes. Check out them and choose your favorite!

Belevskaya brewed pastila

Classic belevskaya pastila in the oven

This recipe only needs two ingredients. Belevskaya candy is made from one hundred grams of sugar and a kilogram of green apples. The sweetness of the delicacy directly depends on the variety of the selected fruit.Compared to red, yellowish and green apples will give a more sour taste. Therefore, adding sugar is a matter of personal preference.

So, first you should do the preparation of products. Apples cut into quarters or thin slices. Core remove necessarily, and the peel - at will. Since fruits will be baked, they will be absolutely soft, both from the inside and from the outside.

Put the sliced ​​apples on a baking sheet and put in a preheated oven for about forty minutes. The temperature in the cabinet should reach 180-200 degrees. The warmer it will be in the oven, the faster the fruit will be cooked. Therefore, this point should be monitored. When apples are baked, they will get a brown tint, and juice will stand out from them. If you pierce the fruit with a knife, you can feel their soft structure. In order not to pre-grease the baking sheet, you can put parchment paper.

Ready-made apples for classic Belevskaya pastila need to sue, and then grind in a blender. The result should be almost homogeneous gruel. Put this mass on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.From now on, be patient. The pastila will be baked in the oven for quite a long time - no less than 2.5 hours (at a temperature of 80-100 degrees). It is important to prevent it from drying out. After about 1.5-2 hours, the dessert will get a darker color, and the top will harden and dry a little. This means that the delicacy is almost ready, you need to keep it in the oven for literally half an hour.

belevskaya candy without sugar

After that, you need to roll out the apple "dough." Its thickness can be from one to four centimeters. Do as you wish. Some like thin pieces, while others - thicker. Cut the candy in squares or roll it into rolls. Now you can enjoy the dessert!

Old pastille recipe

This is an uncomplicated recipe of the white pastila, at home which is quite easy to perform. Its difference is that in the composition there are egg whites. The rest of the cooking process is similar to the previous version. This delicacy was made by the most famous houses of the past centuries. Moreover, such Russian writers as Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Chekhov were very fond of him.

So, for this dessert, you need three kilograms of apples, four hundred grams of sugar, four egg whites and powdered sugar (to taste).

Fruit bake in the oven at a temperature of two hundred degrees to a mild state.After that, turn them into a puree. Add sugar, whipped whites and mix thoroughly. Put the resulting mass in a thin layer on a baking tray covered with parchment paper. Send in the oven, preheated to 80-85 degrees, for about seven hours. The finished delicacy can be cut and powdered with powdered sugar. In appearance it will resemble pieces of bread or butter biscuits. Dessert for this recipe turns out to be gentle, moderately sweet and very tasty.

Belevskaya candy without sugar

The composition of this dessert includes only the apples themselves and water. The exclusion of sugar allows you to use a delicacy for those who suffer from diabetes or follow a strict diet. This marshmallow is a little sour, but also very tasty. Cook according to any of the two recipes mentioned earlier, simply by removing the sugar from the composition and adding water.

belevskaya pastila ingredients

Belevskaya candy with honey

Another great recipe for sugar free Beleva pastes. It will be replaced by homemade honey, which will make the dessert more healthy and tasty. Also, you will be sure that you prepare a completely natural product.

So, prepare two glasses of mashed baked apples and a glass of honey.Mix the ingredients together and beat well. Put the resulting mass in a thin layer on a baking sheet. Put to dry in the oven at a temperature of 40-50 degrees for two hours.

At the beginning of cooking, you can add cinnamon. As you know, it goes well with honey and apples. Therefore, the delicacy will be spicy and fragrant.

Apple Sauce

In order not to spend a lot of time preparing dessert, take the already mashed potatoes. You can buy it in the store or get it from your inventory. Also suitable baby puree, but, as a rule, it costs more.

The composition of the Beleva pastilles includes a pound of apple sauce, powdered sugar for powder and 150-170 grams of sugar. Its amount depends on the desired sweetness.

Combine the sugar with applesauce and mix well. Put the resulting mass on a baking sheet and put to dry in the oven, preheated to 70 degrees. Cooking time is approximately five hours. Pastila in this recipe should be very tasty and tender.

Pastela from jam

Take a hundred grams of sugar and a liter of ready apple jam. The last ingredient you need to pre-whip and pass through a sieve or cheesecloth. This procedure will make the pastila tender and airy.

Next, follow the classic recipe of the Belev pastila, which was mentioned earlier. Put the jam on a baking sheet and dry in the oven for about three hours at a temperature of 120 degrees.

belevskaya pastila classic

Recipe with gelatin or agar-agar

Prepare a pound of ready apple puree, 60 milliliters of water, a tablespoon of sugar, powdered sugar and 4 grams of agar-agar. Since the last ingredient is not so easy to find, it can be easily replaced with gelatin. Any of these substances will allow you to make an interesting dessert that resembles marshmallow in consistency.

Dissolve gelatin (or agar-agar) in water, add sugar and boil syrup. Pour the still hot mass into the apple sauce. This delicacy is not necessary to dry. Just leave it on the table at room temperature. It will dry itself in about three hours. After that, cut the plate into pieces and roll generously in powdered sugar. According to this recipe, you get an excellent custard beleva pastila.

Applecake Dessert

If you are constantly making homemade apple juices, you probably already wondered where to put the cake. The best way to use it will be the preparation of pastes from otzhimok.

For this dessert, you will need a kilogram of apple cake, a glass of water and one hundred grams of sugar. Sugar powder for sprinkling can take at will.

Preparation of delicacies start with the purification of the cake from the seeds. After that, put it in a saucepan, cover with water and cook over medium heat for a few minutes. Pour sugar and keep on the stove until thick. Cool the mashed potatoes and put them on a baking sheet. Dry in the oven at a temperature of one hundred degrees for about 25 minutes. It is important that the oven door be slightly ajar all the time.

Cooking delicacies in the dryer

It is believed that it is in the electric dryer that the homemade Beleva pastila from apples is obtained the way it was in the old days. If you have this technique, be sure to try making dessert according to this recipe!

belevskaya pastila recipe

Take one and a half kilograms of sweet and sour apples, two hundred grams of sugar and two egg whites.

First, bake the fruit until soft and make a smooth mash. Squirrels whip in a strong foam. Together with sugar, add them to the apple mass and mix thoroughly.

In the dryer, find a special tray without holes. Grease it with butter or put parchment paper.If there is no such pallet, then use a usual baking sheet covered with cling film. Apple-protein mixture is placed in a thin layer and put in the dryer. According to the recipe, belevu pastila should be cooked at a temperature of 70-80 degrees for about 5-7 hours.

Pastila in the microwave

This is one of the easiest ways to make dessert. Only apples and powdered sugar will be needed. There is no need to specify the exact amount of ingredients, this is the whole plus.

Fruits cut into slices and shift into special dishes. Cook in a microwave oven at maximum power for about 12-17 minutes. Periodically check the apples for readiness until they are soft. Baking time depends on the type of fruit and the microwave itself. After that, beat the fruit in a mash with a blender. Microwave again for about 15 minutes, and then mix. Repeat these steps three more times.

Next, the preparation of white pastila should be continued in the oven. Keep there applesauce for about an hour at a hundred degrees. Cut the finished dish into cubes and roll generously in powdered sugar.

Recipe for multicooker

Take a pound of apples, one hundred grams of sugar and two tablespoons of water.

belevskaya pastila composition

Fruits cut into small cubes and transfer to the multicooker bowl. Add water and turn on Baking Mode for forty minutes. Stir the apple mixture periodically. When the fruit is baked, mash them. Then follow the classic recipe, which was mentioned at the very beginning.

Application of aerogrill

According to the recipe for aerogrill, Belav pastila contains a kilogram of apples (or ready-made mashed potatoes), 150 grams of sugar, three egg whites and powdered sugar to taste.

If using fresh fruits, pre-bake them and turn them into a homogeneous mass. Apples puree, whisk well with proteins and sugar. Pour the mixture into a special convection oven and place in the device. Set the lowest possible temperature (about 60-70 degrees) and the highest ventilation power (about 800-100 watts). Cook the dish for half an hour. This will be quite enough for the pastila to become dense and elastic. Take it out and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Again, put in the conveying oven for two or three minutes. The dessert will dry a little and become more delicious.

Treats in the dehydrator

Cooking dessert in the oven is a laborious process that requires control. To facilitate the task will help the dehydrator. It is a special device designed to maximize the removal of moisture from fruits and vegetables.

The process of cooking in the dehydrator is no different from the classic recipe of the white pastila. The only apple puree will not be dried in the oven. Mash should be prepared in a dehydrator at a temperature of 70 degrees for 12 hours.

Preparation of pastes in the bath

In general, initially this dessert was dried in baths, because there were no ovens in the old days. Today, you can also use this option. Only special pallets with holes will be needed so that the candy can be dried evenly from all sides.

homemade apple fruit candy Belevskaya

Apples (in any quantity) cut into pieces and put on pallets. Place them in a heated bath on the canopy (shelf). The treat should be a little dry there. After that, hang the apples on the clothesline in the dressing room. After two days you can eat dessert. As you can see, cooking according to this recipe of Belev pastila at home is quite simple.

What kind of additives can be used to cook pastila?

To diversify the taste of the dessert, add a variety of spices and fruits to the apple sauce.

For example, bananas will be an excellent additive for children's treats. You need three things this fruit per kilogram of apples. In the autumn, you can prepare Belevskaya marshmallow with ginger, which improves your mood. Add this spice to apple purée in a ground form to your taste. Also a fairly common variant of vanilla dessert. You can use vanilla or vanilla extract to make the dish very aromatic.

Now you know how to make Belevskaya pastil in several ways. Be sure to please this culinary creation of your loved ones, especially kids!

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