Beer alcoholism. Stages, symptoms, treatment, effects

Many people associate beer with youth, sports, football and fun. It is so firmly included in our lives that many no longer imagine any company without this drink. And after all, beer alcoholism is currently considered the most intractable.

Fans of this foamy drink can think about what such weakness can turn into for the organism. We will try to understand this issue in more detail.

Distinctive features of beer alcoholism

If we consider the influence of beer from a pharmacological point of view, then it really has a relaxing effect. In the last century, it was prescribed as a sedative.

By consuming beer, a person simultaneously becomes accustomed not only to alcohol, but also to the effects of alcoholism

Beer alcoholism is a real scourge of the 21st century. He does not bypass anyone, starting with men and ending with children and teenagers.Those who drink beer are quite sure that there is nothing terrible in it, and this drink is completely harmless, because it contains very little alcohol.

And if you count this alcohol on the amount of beer drunk, the question arises: maybe it's more harmless to drink a glass of wine than 5 liters of beer?

It becomes terrible that if a predilection for vodka is most often a matter of adult men, then alcoholism can be observed in very young boys and, worst of all, in girls, and these are future mothers.

Not only that drinking beer in large quantities destroys the still fragile psyche of the child, it also entails a whole train of non-child diseases, most of which are difficult to treat, for example, problems with cardiovascular diseases.

Professor Bollinger from Germany coined the term “bullish heart”, and this is no accident, because the beer contains cobalt, which is responsible for the formation of foam. But he is also the culprit of the deterioration of the heart, the thickening of its walls, and subsequently the development of necrosis of the heart muscle.

Cobalt and digestive tract does not bypass the side; over time, digestive problems will certainly appear.

Another feature of beer alcoholism is a special cruelty. Any alcohol destroys the person, makes him lose control over his actions, but it is the beer alcoholics who most often commit robbery, rape, robbery.

Signs of beer addiction

Far from immediately you can identify the signs of beer alcoholism. This process is long and gradual. It all starts with a bottle of beer every day, and then you don’t notice that without this drink you can’t relax at all.

The problem of beer alcoholism lies in the fact that the dependence of young people is formed much faster. In recent years, doctors have revealed signs of already 12-14-year-olds. And this is already evident degradation of society.

If beer alcoholism develops, the symptoms may be as follows:

  1. Every day there is a need for beer, more than 1 liter of drink is drunk per day.
  2. If there is no beer, then there is aggression, irritability.
  3. Over time, there is a "beer" belly.
  4. Periodic headache.
  5. Problems begin to appear in the sexual sphere.
  6. Insomnia at night, and in the daytime tends to sleep.
  7. It is harder to relax without much stimulants.
  8. There is a need to drink beer even in the morning hours, to lighten the mood and tune in to the working mood.

the problem of beer alcoholism

The occurrence of such symptoms can be ignored for a long time or try not to pay attention to them. If relatives are convinced of the presence of beer alcoholism at an early stage, then the person himself will never admit this, he believes that there is no need for him to help the doctor.

Different beer alcoholism among men is also due to the fact that it does not have almost drunkenness. A person drinks beer every day, at the weekend this dose is exceeded several times. It turns out that he is constantly in some kind of borderline state: not sober, but not drunk, but just into a drunken stupor.

The female body is more susceptible to the harmful effects of beer, because in the female body the enzymes that destroy alcohol, are less active. Affects primarily on the appearance of the ladies beer alcoholism. Its symptoms immediately become noticeable, among them:

  • Weakness in the whole body.
  • Edemas appear, especially on the face.
  • Blue lip color.
  • Feet become disproportionately thin.
  • Early skin ages, wrinkles appear.
  • In appearance it looks untidiness.

A woman who is not averse to sharing company with men over a glass of beer becomes outwardly masculine. The voice grows coarse, antennae appear above the lip.

The task of relatives and parents is to try in time to stop the excessive enthusiasm for a frothy drink.

Stages of development of beer alcoholism

Any dependence is not formed immediately, overnight, whether it is alcoholic or excessive love for tranquilizers. This also applies to dependence on beer. There are two stages of beer alcoholism:

  1. The first begins completely unnoticed, the person simply does not pay attention to the fact that he began to drink more beer. It all starts with a bottle several times a week or on weekends, and then there is a dependence on this drink.
  2. In the second stage, the dose gradually increases, consumption becomes everyday, without a dose of beer, the person simply cannot relax, and in its absence, aggressiveness and irritability alcoholism symptoms

It ends with the fact that a beer alcoholic can drink more than 15 liters a day, but he does not at all consider this a serious problem. From beer dependence hand to serve before drinking more strong drinks.Many vodka alcoholics once started with beer.

The reasons for the development of beer addiction

The main factor in the formation of beer alcoholism can be considered the fact that almost no one considers beer as strong alcohol. Many after work allow themselves a couple of glasses, considering this to be an ordinary rest.

It will take quite a bit of time, and the person will simply not be able to fall asleep without drinking a bottle of beer before going to bed. Doses drunk will gradually grow, and beer alcoholism is formed, gradually destroying the entire human body.

An important role in the formation of beer dependence is played by advertising on television, when they show a football match, for example, and all the fans are sitting with glasses of beer in their hands. At the subconscious level, an association of normal rest arises with this drink.

The small fortress of this drink adds fuel to the fire, because many believe that it is harmless to the body. The dependence on beer is not recognized by most, and this is the main threat to human health.

So gradually, from bottle to bottle, addiction is formed, and the person becomes an alcoholic without even realizing it.

Teen alcoholism beer

Such a relationship is quite common among young people, especially in recent times. It's so cool - with a glass of beer in hand to prove one's maturity among peers! According to statistics, in our country, many adolescents begin to drink beer from 12-13 years old. The body is not yet strong, the psyche is not fully formed, so addiction occurs much faster than in adults.adolescent alcoholism beer

Here the big responsibility falls on the shoulders of parents, they should know the company with which their child communicates, what they do. Very often, such a relationship begins to emerge from the desire to become more reputable among comrades, to feel like an adult.

The following symptoms should alert you:

  1. Sharply decreased performance.
  2. The baby became irritable and nervous.
  3. Parents began to notice that their son or daughter was starting to lie.
  4. Closure.
  5. The child began to come home late, trying to do it at a time when parents are already asleep.

In this case, the treatment of beer alcoholism can still be quite effective, although it will take enough patience and time.A large role is played by the maturity of the psyche of a teenager, because it is believed that this is more psychological dependence than physical.

Parents, for their part, should make every effort to ensure that the child finds a hobby he likes, be it sports or a computer circle. If the company has become the culprit of such addiction, then it is desirable to protect the child from communication with her.

Female alcoholism

Most people think that beer is a purely masculine drink, but as it turns out, no. Beer alcoholism in women is also found, and not as rare as we would like. Often the foundations are laid in adolescence, and gradually the problem grows like a snowball.

Women often have the following problems with drinking:

  • Problems at work.
  • Difficult family relationships.
  • Difficulties in personal life.

All this may ultimately lead to the fact that the beautiful lady is trying to distract from all problems with the help of alcohol. Very often beer becomes such a drink, here are some signs of beer addiction in women:

  • Emotional instability.
  • Frequent depression.
  • Apathy to work.
  • Closure.
  • Hysterical behavior.

beer alcoholism in women

In addition, you can select more physiological symptoms that do not keep you waiting:

Alcohol constantly affects the female body and causes damage to the nerve endings, which gradually leads to memory lapses, a decrease in intelligence. The woman loves interest in life, her goal is another bottle of foamy drink.

It has already been said that alcohol destroys the female body much more quickly; beer alcoholism in a woman leads to the degradation of the individual. It ends with the fact that it ceases to practically orient itself in the surrounding world and turns into a drunken and sick person.

Consequences of beer alcoholism

Many people think that addiction to beer is a completely harmless hobby. But scientists from different countries have repeatedly conducted studies to identify the effects on the body of beer and other alcoholic beverages. The results are completely disappointing:

  1. Enlarged liver - this diagnosis is most often given to beer alcoholics.
  2. Beer leads to the death of brain cells, so dementia gradually develops.
  3. Gastritis and pancreatitis are frequent companions of beer lovers.
  4. Impaired vision and hearing.
  5. The development of hypertension.
  6. The consequence of beer alcoholism is lactic acidosis.
  7. Disorders of the spinal cord.
  8. Neuropathy.
  9. In the male body, the production of testosterone is reduced, which makes the strong half of humanity effeminate.
  10. The formation of vodka alcoholism.

Do not all these serious consequences make many people think about the harm they cause to their bodies while having fun in the evenings with a glass of beer in their hand?

Treatment of beer addiction

You can cope with any disease if you ask for help at the initial stage and are serious about treatment. If there is a beer alcoholism, treatment at home is possible only after consulting with a narcologist. Therapy is usually long lasting and requires patience and willpower. It is necessary to understand that in one moment the patient will not be able to give up his favorite drink, he will most likely need psychological help.

During treatment, it is advisable not to attend events, companies where there is a chance to break and drink. To get rid of dependence as soon as possible, you should contact a narcologist.

If the question arises about how to get rid of beer alcoholism, then we can confidently say that only an integrated approach can solve the problem.An important role in this is played by the relatives and relatives of the patient, because they must provide all kinds of moral support. All treatment can be divided into two stages:

  1. In the first stage, the most important thing is for the patient to completely eliminate alcohol from his life. It is difficult, but possible. To facilitate the task, the doctor prescribes drugs that cleanse the body from the decay products of alcohol.treatment of beer alcoholism
  2. At the second stage, the psychotherapist who helps to cope with psychological dependence enters into work. The methods used are different, for example, hypnosis, but not all have the same effective effect.

Since a beer alcoholic often gets depressed and irritable, it is advisable not to leave it alone for long, so that it is not possible to cheer yourself with a glass of beer. Often go out somewhere, communicate, distract him to household chores, care for children. Beer alcoholism will gradually recede; home treatment must be carried out in close connection with a narcologist.

One of the mistakes is constant reproaches from relatives on the side of an alcoholic; this will not lead to anything good.Alcoholism is the same disease as hundreds of others, so help is needed, not moralizing.

Psychological aspect of the treatment of female alcoholism

If a man is treated for alcohol addiction, then he is most often sympathized, empathized, supported, but if such a problem arises in a woman, then she, as a rule, is left alone with her. Friends turn away, the family despises.

To get rid of female alcoholism, you must:

  • Find out the causes that lead to the bottle, and eliminate them.
  • Do not leave a woman alone, to show care and attention.
  • Try to interest her with something else, for example, to write for sewing and sewing courses in the fitness section.

Women are more psychologically malleable, so the support of loved ones plays a very large role. Care and attention will return a woman to normal life much faster than constant reproaches and moralizing.


Prevention of beer alcoholism is currently greatly hampered by the constant propaganda of beer on television. In addition, this drink can be easily purchased at any kiosk, and sell it to almost everyone.

When children are left to themselves, they have no hobbies, they don’t go to clubs and sections, there’s nothing left for them to do but drink alcohol and smoke in the gateway.

prevention of beer alcoholism

Not only teachers, but also parents should be involved in preventive work. And above all, they themselves are obliged to lead a healthy lifestyle. Parental authority should come first, joint family sports activities, going to the theater and the cinema simply will not leave a choice, because they are not compatible with alcohol.

Especially scary when you see a young girl with a bottle of beer in her hand. The time will come when she wants to start a family, have children, and it may happen that getting pregnant or carrying a baby does not work out, but it is beer that is to blame. Moms have to talk about it with their daughters.

Very often innocent children then pay for innocent children, being born with a bunch of neurological and other problems.

Any disease is easier to prevent than to cure. The same applies to beer alcoholism. We must be more attentive to our loved ones, not to leave them alone with their problems, to become a friend for their children.Only in this case, you can not worry that in search of comfort they will reach for a bottle of beer.

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