Beautiful and modern Kazakh names for boys

All over the world, and in Kazakhstan in particular, his name has always been of paramount importance for a person. Before parents carefully think over and pick up a name for him that will accompany him all his life. After all, it is the personification of a person’s character, and sometimes the name somehow influences human destiny.

Therefore, below we will talk about modern names for Kazakh boys. How do you call kids, what is important? And also we will examine the notation names presented in the article.

boys names Kazakh modern

General information

Kazakh names are endowed with their own classification, dividing them by structure:

  • simple;
  • complex;
  • compound.

Simple names are the names of animals, birds, food, household items. In general, everything that is part of the culture and everyday life of the Kazakhs. For example,Alma- an Apple,Balta- ax, etc.

Complicated names are formed as follows: connect either two nouns, or a part of a noun with a verb. For clarity, we give an example:

  • Baytas: "buy" - a rich man, "tas" - a stone;
  • Zhylkybay:"zhylky" - horse, "bai" - rich.

It also happens that the boys are named with a name that reflects the phenomena and cases that occur at the time of his birth. For example,Aytugan- born on a full moon, orZhanbyrbai- born in the rain.

In the Kazakh language there are also Arabic names that are firmly rooted in the life of the people at certain stages in the formation of their culture. These includeZhusil, Kalima, Zhangaliand others.

Kazakh names constantly undergo changes: some words will forever disappear into "non-existence", but new ones take their place, which are firmly rooted and become beautiful and modern names for Kazakh boys and girls.

It is safe to say that before the Kazakh parents presented the widest choice of names. You can use more than 10,000 words when choosing.

But what modern names for Kazakh boys are popular now?

boys names Kazakh modern 2017

Classification by value

Many online resources offer a classification of names in alphabetical order. It is really convenient to search.

But we will distribute modern Kazakh names for boys with meaning in different categories.

Character names for boys

In this category, consider the names, the meaning of which personifies the character peculiar to man.

Asmet- distinguished by nobility and humanity.

Abai -observant.

Abzal- respected, respected.

Agzam -great.

Adil -equitable.

Aydar- endowed with physical and mental strength.

Akylbay- smart, knowledgeable.

Aldiyar -noble.

Haman -healthy.

Anuar -hardworking, reliable.

Asan- beautiful.

Ayan- popular.

Baisal- prudent, calm.

Baktiyar- happy.

Battal- fearless.

Bokey- heroic.

Boshay- independent.

Duman- cheerful, amusing.

Edige- good, kind.

Aleu- revered, respected.

Erbolat- true man.

Ermek- funny.

Yesen- healthy.

Zhangali- fearless, courageous.

Jandos- friendly, friendly, friendly.

Zhantuar- bright, pure soul.

Zholgay- lucky, lucky.

Zaki- visionary.

Elias- powerful.

Kadir- almighty.

Each- authoritative.

Kaisar- persistent, achieving his goal.

Kaiyrgali -good man

Karim- generous.

Mazhit- doing everything right, coping.

Mamazhan- a worthy son.

Mansur- a born winner.

Mardan- brave.

Matabi- authoritative.

Makhambet- worthy.

Muzaffar- bringing victory.

Mukhtar- elected, privileged.

Mustafa- elected.

Nazarbay- bright, remarkable, attracting attention.

Lobster- full of life.

Rayymbek -merciful, compassionate.

Rakim, Rahman- merciful.

Rashit- bold.

Rustem- strong and courageous.

Sabit- strong-willed and loyal.

Sagit- lucky, "favorite of fortune".

Saiyn- the best.

Sahi- generous.

Suleimen- safe, protected.

Taymas- unshakable, reaching the goal.

Talip- inquisitive.

Talmas- active, never tired.

Targyn- severe, ferocious.

Wise- strong, hardy, full of energy.

Uacap- generous.

Hamit- harmless, peace-loving.

Shadi- fun.

Sharip- authoritative, respected by all.

Shashubay- generous.

Sherkhan- the bravest, like a tiger.

Ydyras- diligent.

Yskak- cheerful, laughing.

Kazakh boys names are beautiful and modern

Male names denoting power and patronage

Popular in 2017, modern Kazakh names for boys are names that mean power. These include:

Amir- Lord, good master.

Arkat- the elect of the gods.

Askar- greatness.

Bembet- ruler.

Bekzat- the heir of the ruler.

Ilyas, Kadir- powerful.

Kaztugan- the descendant of the judge.

Malik- the king, the lord.

Manap- ruler.

Maulen- a just, beneficent ruler.

Nakyp- head.

Nursultan- sunny sultan.

Rayys- chairman.

Sultan- Supreme ruler.

Wali- ruler.

Strength, power and courage

For a man to be strong and courageous is one of the main factors. In Kazakh life, the courage of a man plays an important role, which is why many future parents are trying to give courage to their future son through a name.

Kazakh boys names are beautiful and modern

Modern Kazakh names for boys in 2017, denoting courage and strength, are as follows:

Abyz- keeper, patron.

Agzam- almighty.

Azamat- a true jigit.

Aydar- strong, brave.

Arystan- brave, like a lion.

Barlas- brave, hero.

Bokey- Strongman, accomplished feats.

Yerasyl- the most expensive hero.

Yerzhan- brave, brave man.

Ersaiyn -famous hero.

Zhangali -brave.

Elias- very brave, not fighting anything.

Kairat- strength, energy.

Kambar- great power.

Karasai- mighty giant.

Kaharman- a brave man, ready for feats.

Mardan- always winning victory.

Nariman- A warrior born of fire.

Rashit- brave man.

Rustem- a mighty and brave husband.

Sabaz- daring man, strong horseman.

Serali- mighty lion.

Wise- strong, full of energy.

Ulan- daring man.

Sherkhan- brave, like a lion.

Rare names for boys

Kazakh modern names for boys 2017 year

There are rare modern Kazakh names for boys in the republic. Rare they, because to meet a guy with that name in Kazakhstan - a rarity.

Such names appeared several centuries ago, when infant mortality was high, especially among boys. At that time, parents, who had many children dying, began to call their sons very strange names:

Ultarak- insole.

Eleusiz- inconspicuous.

Elemess- invisible.

Such names can be heard in the modern world from the Kazakh people. They name children to protect them from possible evil eye or damage. Kazakhs believe that an inconspicuous, inconspicuous name will help take away all the troubles from their sons.

In addition, there are still some names for modern Kazakh boys, and their meaning is:

Itkul- a dog's servant.

Karakul- black slave

Satylgan- sold to strangers.

Satybaldy- bought from strangers.

Tulegen- paid.

Tlegen- The long-awaited and very welcome son.

Sagyndyk- missed you.

Tezekbay- so much as dung in the Kazakh steppes.

Bitby- the owner of a huge amount of lice.

Quandyk- rejoiced.

Suyundik- admired.

At a time when the mortality of newborns was simply enormous, a strange ritual arose: a newly born baby was brought under its hem by several old-timers to convey this "gift" to the newborn. After this ceremony, the baby was given a name:

Ushkempir -three old women.

Tortkampir - four old women.

Beskempir - five old women.

The high mortality rate of Kazakh boys has given rise to such strange and now rare names:

Tursyn- let it stay alive.

Balta- an ax. This name was used to name a newborn boy who was born after several dead babies. Thus, the parents wanted the "ax" to cut off all subsequent mortality in the family.

Ulmes- will not die.

Osken- will survive and grow.

Zhanuzak- a soul that will exist for a long time.

Kunuzak- a long, never ending day.

Such strange names are considered rare in the Republic of Kazakhstan.They are usually called babies in honor of their ancestors.


names for boys kazakh modern muslim

Many modern Muslim Kazakh names for boys denote objects and natural phenomena. These include:

Amanzhol- smooth, good road.

Aydos- having a friend in the moon.

Aytugan- the one whose birth fell on a new moon.

Anwar- Sunshine.

Ahan- iron.

Zhagypar- clean spring stream.

Juman- expensive, valuable stone.

Zunis- dove.

Monke- silver.

Flies- the great ocean.

Oral, Oralbek- the name derived from the name of the Ural River.

Saurik- young trotter.

Safuan- granite stone.

Hamza- A plant with healing properties.

What other male names are popular

Altynbek- a rich man who owns gold.

Arkat- elected by the gods.

Armand- a dream.

AsanorHasan- endowed with a beautiful appearance.

Askar- greatness.

Atabek- Mentor, teacher.

Akhat is the only one.

Bakir- searching, exploring.

Bakhyt- happiness.

Bayat- White color.

Burkan- certificate.

Gabit- the sender.

Danial- God's gift.

Diyar- terrain, edge.

Jadiger- inheritance.

Jakia- long living.

Zhambyl- reliable fortress.

Zhanabil- father's soul.

Karmys- born among ordinary people.

Kasiman- sincerely believer.


boys names Kazakh modern rare

Kazakh parents, like parents of other nationalities, take care of the name with which their born son "will go through life." Therefore, even before the birth of a child, a name suitable for the boy is selected. And we introduced you to the Kazakh modern names that are relevant today.

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