Battle Fantasy: list of books, reviews

"If there is no point of reference, everything loses its meaning." Sergey Lukyanenko

Books in the genre of martial fiction

Combat fiction is a popular genre that both young men and mature men enjoy reading. This genre has a dynamic plot, a large number of characters. Often, actions take place in an alternate reality or on another planet. Each book is its own small Universe, which was created by the author’s unlimited imagination. Consider the most popular books of the genre of martial fiction.martial fiction

"Risen from the ashes"

Roman Zlotnikov "Risen from the ashes" belongs to the cycle "Eternity". 36th century. The world has long lost the form that we see today. People travel around the universe, inhabiting worlds, while forgetting that they are not its only inhabitants. The aggressor who attacked humanity is strong and cunning. A long confrontation exhausts people, drains hope of victory - all that remains is to rely on the Creator. And the Creator responds to their prayers.He chooses a hero, endowing him with superpowers, which is able to save humanity. Yves possesses the makings of a leader and is distinguished by a brave heart. But can he win this battle?

Roman Zlotnikov is called one of the most talented science fiction writers. Nevertheless, this book has caused completely different emotions among readers - from delight to disappointment. Moreover, the golden mean in their reviews is not observed - either very bad or very good. Of the minuses can be noted a sharp jump from one reality to another. This forced readers to get used to the new world, when they were just used to the "old". Moreover, some note the illogical actions of the protagonist. Of the benefits - an interesting, boring plot and carefully thought out worlds and characters.Zlotnikov's novel risen from the ashes

S. Lukyanenko "Labyrinth of reflections"

The work, which was written by Sergey Lukyanenko. "Labyrinth of reflections" also refers to the genre in question. More recently, the world of virtual reality was far from real life. Meanwhile, in the future this world has become quite real and, moreover, turned into a refuge for those who dream of creating their own illusion of life and ... freedom.The action takes place in St. Petersburg and the virtual city of Daptown. Now people can go on a journey through this world, but only specialists called divers can freely dive into the Depth and leave it. The rest use special timers for immersion. Our hero, Dmitry Dibenko, will save a young man who is stuck in a virtual world.martial fiction books

This novel was written in the cyberpunk genre. It is he who says that Lukyanenko is able to write not only classic, but also lyrical cyberpunk. Initially, Sergei planned to write only one novel, but delighted readers demanded a continuation. And Sergey nevertheless wrote it - the next volume of the story was Fake Mirrors.

What do readers say about the book? Most reviews of the work are more than positive. An interesting plot and deep meaning smooth out some inaccuracies of the text associated with a lack of knowledge of computer programs. In essence, a story that is technically written imperfectly carries the powerful message of the author to its readers, and this is the main thing.

Critics explain the popularity of the novel by its closeness to reality, because every person who is familiar with computer games once dreams of being in a virtual world.However, the writer warns the reader about unlimited freedom, which ultimately leads to self-destruction.

"Cursed Horn"

The book, which was written by A. Pekhov, "The Damned Horn", the final part of the series "The Guard", consisting of four volumes. In this work, the author answered many questions posed by readers during the reading of the previous volumes. According to the version of "Fantlab" - this is the best novel of 2014.Sergey Lukyanenko Reflection Maze

In the center of the plot - a team of friends who are familiar to us from the first book of this series. The main character, Ludwig van Normayenne, a graduate of the Brotherhood of the Guardians, travels the world fighting against evil. In this difficult struggle, Gertrude, the Preacher and the Scarecrow become his companions. It is noteworthy that the novel ends with exhaustive scenes that do not leave readers in some ignorance about the fate of the characters, as many science-fiction writers do.

The series of novels has received many pleasant reviews and awards. Readers speak about it with delight - they note the sincerity of the characters, which makes them empathize, and some "spark" in the plot. Some people compare the series with Witcher Harold, however, if the scope of activity of both characters is similar, then this is where the similarities end.Pehov managed to create his own unique creation with original characters.

"Price of Greed"

Another book that we included in our list was written by Sergey Tarmashev. "The Price of Greed" tells the story of Captain Ivan Berezov and his team. The captain is familiar to the readers of the first book of this cycle with the title "Area. Infection." According to the plot, the taiga in the Ukhta region slowly dies from toxic emissions one after another. All its large and large area turns into an incorporeal desert, called the Zone. People and animals that come into contact with this terrible place mutate, posing a threat to humanity, but politicians do not care - they play their own game. Resist the virus and human greed can only special detachment under the command of Ivan goddamn horn

This story throughout the book carries a single message to the reader - people must learn to build, not destroy. Alas, this topic is extremely relevant today, despite the fantastic plot line.

Opinions of readers differ: some single out in the plot predictability, uninteresting and sometimes absurd turns of the plot. However, others call the book more dynamic and vibrant in terms of plot.The novel ended on the most interesting place, so fans of Sergey's work with impatient interest are waiting for the sequel.

"Under the banner of prophecy"

It is impossible to ignore the work that Vitaly Zykov created. "Under the banner of prophecy" is also deservedly included in the ranking of the best books of the genre described. The world of Thorn is experiencing troubled times. The prophecy is carried out. Necromancers are gaining strength, dark and light elves leave their forests to take part in the battle. Demons attack mortal cities. Not one nation of the world will leave this battle.

This is a classic fantastic action movie with an abundance of magical battles between people and other races of the world of Thorn. The third part of the cycle, as the readers note, turned out to be more intriguing and dynamic than the first, the plot “draws” literally from the first pages. The protagonist has a personal life that can not but rejoice the female half of the readers. Critics are predicting a future bestseller book.

List of books in the genre of martial fiction

Consider the other representatives of the genre. Mostly these are books by Russian writers who already have extensive experience in their field of activity.What books in the genre of combat fantasy should pay attention to the reader?

Tarmashev price of greed

1. "Metro 2033" (Dmitry Glukhovsky)

2033 The world collapsed. Few survivors hide in an anti-nuclear bomb shelter. The city has died, and the former subway tunnels are inhabited with horror. The heroes of this novel have to go through these tunnels in order to save humanity ...Vitaliy Zykov under the banner of prophecy

2. "Fourth year" (Artem Stony)

A group of earthlings falls on a planet where the Middle Ages still reigns. It is difficult to survive in a world alien at first sight, but for real men nothing is impossible.

3. "On the threshold of darkness" (Andrei and Maria Cruz)

The first book in the series “On the threshold of darkness” tells about people who have fallen into another reality, and quite by accident. And now they are stuck in a world from which they are trying to get out with all their might, simultaneously learning to adapt to the conditions of life in another society.

4. "His Majesty's Company" (Anatoly Drozdov)

Ilya Knyazev - a former commando who recently lost his beloved.

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