Baikal. Rainbows

By the evening it had rained. A dark cloud abruptly jumped out from behind the ridge of the ridge, proporizing its belly against its sharp tops. And the water in a flash rushed down. Once and you are wet to the skin in a second ... In a couple of minutes the cloud floated on the Baikal nab, flapping the torn belly from which the last drops of rain fell.
Politely giving way to the cloud, the Sun hastily disappeared behind the Baikal Range so as not to knock down the passage of time. A narrow strip of coastal taiga covered with twilight. Suddenly, a bright beam that struck from the gorge of Solntsep, caught up with the departing rain plume and lit a rainbow. First one, then the second ...
байкал. радуги-дуги дождя, накрылась, солнце, торопливо, скрылось, байкальским, хребтом, сбивать, времени, узкая, полоса, прибрежной, тайги, вечеру, дорогу, вдруг, яркий, ударивший, ущелья, солнцепадь

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