Attachments for motoblock: what exists?

Motorblocks greatly facilitate the life of an agricultural worker. They can do most of the hard work associated with cultivating a small piece of land. Attachments for the motoblock can significantly expand the capabilities of technology. For a different type of work, special equipment is used, which allows reducing the time spent and physical strength.

Potato harvesters and potato planters

Such attachments for the motoblock, like the potato planter, simplify the process of planting potatoes. This is a mechanized device that is installed on the motoblock and helps to plant potato tubers in a pre-prepared soil.attachments for motoblockSome models of potato planters are equipped with a fertilizer hopper. With the help of potato planter with a bunker, you can feed the soil simultaneously with the planting of potatoes.Most potato planters have an adjustable planting depth of tubers and distance between rows. The cost of such equipment averages 12,000 rubles.

Potato diggers are designed for digging up potato tubers and separating them from the ground. Work as a shovel takes away a lot of time and effort. And this technique allows you to save manpower and resources. Potato diggers go to many models of motoblocks, but you can independently assemble this simple mechanism. The self-made hinged equipment for the motor-block, made by an experienced specialist, is not inferior to the factory equipment. The price of the simplest version of the potato digger is 1,400 rubles, but there are models worth more than five thousand.

Mowers, mowers

attachments for motoblock nevaRapid beveling of grass and hay is carried out with the help of a mower. They are of two types: segment and rotor. Farmers prefer rotary mowers, as they are easier to use and maintain. In a rotary mower knives when meeting with the grass folded under the disk, thereby prolonging the life. The cost of a rotary mower is 10 000-13 000 rubles.

Segment mower provides a better and neat grass cut. Mowed grass folded in the direction of the spit, then it is convenient to collect it with a rake.The work of the motoblock on uneven terrain is more effective with segment mowers, as the grass is cut at its very root. The price of mowers of segment type is two times higher than the rotary.

Plow and Pochvofreza

The main purpose of the plow is to cut the topsoil and then turn it over. Such attachments for the motoblock, like a plow, allows you to pre-prepare the ground. Before planting plants, it will be necessary to break up the formed large clumps of earth with a soil cutter. And to make the furrows for seeding will help one of the types of plow - Hiller. With it, also spud plants already planted.

When choosing a plow, you should pay attention to the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination and depth. This will optimize the work of the tiller and improve the efficiency of tillage. The average cost of a plow is 1000 rubles. Active pochvofreza is intended for cultivation of the soil, its loosening. Choosing attachments for the motoblock, it is necessary to consider its compatibility with equipment.


attachments for motoblock saluteFor quick sowing of seeds, use of such attachments for the motor-block as a seeder.It allows you to form neat rows, which subsequently facilitates cleaning of plants. There are seeders for grain and vegetable crops.

Precision seeders allow you to use the same mechanism for planting different crops. For example, attachments for the Neva motoblock include such a seeder. On it you can adjust the depth of planting seeds and their density. Small size seeders can be used in manual mode, for example, to sow lawn grass between paths.


attachments for motoblock pricesA trailer is used to transport heavy loads on site, such as bricks or bags of fertilizer. With it you can remove garbage from the territory. One of the most popular models of trailers among farmers is attachments for the Neva motoblock. Its feature is that it is suitable for many types of tillers.

The use of trailers for walking tractors reduces the physical costs of carrying heavy loads. For gardeners, tillers with trailers are the main technique, as they can be used to deliver tools and seedlings to the tree planting site. The price of a universal trailer is 10 000-12 000 rubles.


The comfort of the worker can be provided using an adapter with a seat. It is used with some types of equipment. For example, attachments for the Salyut motoblock include an adapter. It is better to purchase the adapter that comes with the chosen model of the motor-block, but there are also universal adapters suitable for most equipment.

The adapter is attached to the body of the motoblock and does not interfere with attaching other attachments to the motoblock. Prices for such equipment depend on the manufacturer and the reliability of the materials and fixtures used.

Other equipment

improvised attachments for motoblockOf other attachments often use holeplate, blade-blade, rotary brush. Yamobur rarely comes with a set of equipment to a walk-behind tractor. This device is more suitable for mini-tractors, but can be attached to a heavy walk-behind tractor with sufficient power. Basically, holesholes suitable for the motoblock are made by farmers-gardeners themselves in order to optimize the performance of their equipment.

Blade-blade or dozer blade is designed for leveling platforms or cleaning the area from debris and snow.A heavy tiller equipped with such a knife can act as a small bulldozer. The attachment for the Salyut motoblock includes a dozer knife, which increases its popularity in the selection of equipment.

Rotary brush is used for cleaning asphalt tracks, small sites or parking lots. Can be used to clear fresh snow. Allows to carry out fast and effective cleaning of the territory.

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