ASUS N56V: laptop specifications

ASUS is one of the leading notebook manufacturers. A lot of models left the conveyor of this brand. Most of them were collected in a series. So, in 2008, the world saw an interesting N-series. Then it was planned to release four models that would combine the latest technology and unusual style for users.

In general, in 2008, buyers have not yet been so spoiled by a variety of laptops. Everyone tried to find for themselves only a convenient and functional. But over time, when there was a trend towards design solutions, the manufacturer began to devote more time to the appearance of the device. And there was another line from the already familiar series ASUS N56V.


Immediately it should be noted that under this name the company has released a huge number of models. They practically did not differ in appearance, but inside they had different “stuffing”. Some were produced with famous processors from AMD A-Series. The part worked with Intel Core of different generations.

The differences were in the graphics adapter, which was also offered in several versions: AMD Radeon HD 7730M, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M, AMD Radeon HD 8750M, NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M, etc.asus n56v

Accordingly, the price ranged from 600 to 1,200 euros at the time of release. The difference was observed in weight. Some models have more bulky batteries. The main thing that has not changed is the screen diagonal of 15 inches.


Any model of the ASUS N56V line was packaged in the same way. In a massive black box with a minimum amount of graphic material was a laptop. In general, most complete sets have become a real surprise for buyers. In the box you could find a branded bag, an external subwoofer and a wired mouse from the manufacturer.

Of course, the presence of a mouse is always a nice gift, besides, here it is of excellent quality, discreet design, represented by black gloss. But the subwoofer really surprised. It has a vertical cylinder shape. It looks pretty simple, but the sound makes a powerful and high-quality. Such a surprise inside the box confirms that the ASUS N56V is a multimedia device.

In addition to these gifts, there was also a standard set of instructions and manuals, driver disks, a battery and a charger.


In general, the entire N-series for 5-6 years has changed greatly.As mentioned earlier, the manufacturer first put the technical characteristics at the head, and the exterior of the model was secondary. Later, when the trend among buyers to choose attractive thin laptops began to appear more and more, ASUS decided to experiment. So many became known line ASUS N56.

asus n56v specifications

The design turned out attractive: at the same time restrained, but elegant and sophisticated. The main disadvantage was the brand cap. Plastic, although not glossy, still collects prints, dust and dirt.

There are no additional elements on the back end, but there is a chrome-plated insert that complements and “slims” the whole body. The front end is practically free. It barely noticeable indicators that indicate the power of the device, enabled state, the operation of wireless networks, etc. Just below is a slot for the card reader. The front is also visible chrome insert.

On the right side all connectors are especially visible. The first thing that catches your eye is the grille, through which warm air comes out, which is dispersed by a fan. There is HDMI, a small hole for connecting a subwoofer, a pair of USB 3.0 slots, a network port and a D-sub video output.

On the left side there is a place for a charger, a drive, again a pair of USB 3.0, as well as ports for connecting headphones and a microphone.

Screen and work surface

The main elements that you see when you lift the lid are the screen of the ASUS N56V, keyboard and touchpad. It should immediately be said that the hinge was quite tight, which made it difficult to open the lid with one hand. Its maximum slope reached 145 degrees. The display of 15 inches received a resolution of 1280x720. Above it is a webcam with indicator and microphone.

asus n56v laptop

By the way, there were also models that received a higher-quality screen with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels and an IPS matrix. In general, this screen is also quite good, it has good viewing angles, an adequate supply of brightness and a matte finish, which, although it muffles colors, keeps the image from glare in the sun.

The working panel was endowed with minimalism. But at the same time everything looks attractive. The power button is located in the upper right corner. From it, like waves, pixel circles diverge, imitating the speaker of the subwoofer. In the left corner is the same button, but customizable - it can perform several functions.

Keyboard island type: normal and unremarkable.The only thing that appeared on the ASUS N56V is the keyboard backlight. It has the same color, but can be adjusted depending on the brightness. The touchpad is also normal, nothing special stands out, it has no additional buttons. The touchpad is pleasant to the touch, quickly responding to commands.

asus n56v keyboard


As mentioned earlier, the characteristics of the ASUS N56V laptop depend on the specific modification. So, the N56VM version of the model was equipped with a fairly powerful Intel Core i7 3720QM processor, which, although far from the gaming one, does an excellent job even with laborious tasks. In this case, the graphics is responsible GeForce GT 630M. This video card has long lost its relevance, but laptops with it can easily work with the now popular games Dota 2 and CS: GO.

There were also versions of the model with more powerful graphics cards and processors, but still the laptop does not reach gaming, and it is difficult to call it that way.

The operating system in most models was pre-installed. Usually it was Win 7 of different configurations. But the technical characteristics of the ASUS N56V characteristics it almost did not affect.

By the way, if we talk about Intel processors, then these were not only versions of the Core i7, but there were also Core i5s.RAM could be from 4 to 8 GB, the video card worked with a capacity of up to 2 GB. The type of memory in both cases is GDDR3.

asus n56v keyboard backlight

The result

Laptop ASUS N56V turned out high quality, fast and popular. It works well in conjunction with components from Intel, and with a subsystem based on AMD. It can not be called a full gaming device. He is not the strongest version of the processor, which are more related to multimedia chips. The video card is rather mediocre, although it copes well with modern games at medium settings.

The cost of ASUS N56V ranged from 20 to 30 thousand rubles, depending on the modification. The price for such a device is acceptable. The device easily handles office tasks, everyday user tasks, and most importantly, due to its configuration, it is practically the best multimedia laptop in its price segment from ASUS.

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