Asus K551LN: description and specifications

Compact universal laptops are gradually becoming the leaders, replacing heavy machines that are not burdened with advanced technical equipment. Previously, laptops of this kind were low-performing and very few people were interested, except for office workers. Today, things are completely different. Components are much cheaper, so manufacturers can create advanced multimedia computers with a large margin on professional activities. About one of these computers and will be discussed in this review. Notebook ASUS K551LN - perfectly balanced device that solves several key tasks at once. The manufacturer offers the owner a device in a stylish case, with a powerful "stuffing" and rich features.



The laptop set is truly spartan. The box was able to detect only the computer itself, a user manual in different languages, a warranty card, a power supply unit and a cable for connecting the laptop to the electrical outlet.


ASUS K551LN is equipped with a standard set of accessories. For convenience, we have placed the information in a table.


Intel Core i5 with a clock speed of 1600 megahertz (can be increased to 2300 megahertz)


6 gigabytes

Main memory

Hard disk capacity of 1 terabyte, speed - 5400 rpm


15.6 inches, resolution 1366 x 768 pixels

Video subsystem

Intel HD Graphics 4400

Discrete graphics

Nvidia GeForce 840M (2 gigabytes of video memory)


4500 milliamps * hour

Dimensions and weight

38 x 25.8 x 2.3 centimeters, 2.2 kilograms

Housing and communications

The design of the case ASUS K551LN is made in the spirit of the latest developments of Apple. Straight, ascetic and stylish - this is how you can describe the appearance of the laptop. Of course, ASUS could not get past another popular trend and used aluminum as the main material of the case. The cover of the laptop is made of matte black aluminum, and the working area is made of silver. Another thing ASUS has stolen from the MacBook Air is the panel tapering towards the front of the case. It looks great, and most importantly, everything is collected very carefully. Parts of the case are fitted close to each other, backlash is imperceptible. The only unpleasant moment is the flimsy communication ports on some models.

Notebook ASUS K551LN

A set of wired interfaces on the body standard. Nothing outstanding or superfluous.

On the right side of the case are located:

Everything else is concentrated on the left side:

  • two third-generation USB ports;
  • HDMI port for connecting an external display;
  • classic network port;
  • charger jack;
  • Kensington Castle.

Input Devices

Surprisingly, but here everything is done in the best traditions of "apple" ultrabooks. For you to understand, this is not at all bad, but, on the contrary, very good. ASUS K551LN is equipped with an island-style keyboard. Each key is fixed directly in the computer case, which means that pressing will be stable, and the keyboard panel will not bend during intensive work with it. Importantly, the manufacturer has paid special attention to the formation of the correct course of the keys. It is quite low in ASUS K551LN, while sharp and quiet is the perfect combination. All keys are full-sized, the distance between them is maintained, on the right there is a full-fledged digital block. Perhaps the keyboard ASUS K551LN - one of the best in laptops.

ASUS K551LN, reviews

Immediately under the keyboard is a large touchpad. It occupies an area equal to the Spacebar and Alt keys.These dimensions are sufficient for comfortable work with the touch panel on an ongoing basis. Conveniently drag objects on the screen, scroll through websites, highlight text and so on. Sensitivity is high and can be adjusted programmatically. For this, the company has developed drivers for ASUS K551LN and a software complex for fine-tuning the touchpad.

Display and sound

There are two different configurations of the ASUS K551LN laptop. In one you can see the display with Full HD-resolution, and in the other only HD. In this review, the model appears ASUS K551LN with a matrix, the resolution of which is 1366 x 768 pixels (this is the HD format). Unfortunately, this is not the only problem that computer users will have to face. The manufacturer clearly decided to save money, and therefore in the reviewed model they put the classic TN matrix together with IPS. This factor adversely affects the viewing angles of the display. The brightness level is decent. It cannot be called outstanding, but it will be enough to work in the room. Of the advantages is to highlight the technology ASUS Splendid, thanks to which you can conveniently calibrate the display, achieving the most realistic or rich color reproduction.

ASUS K551LN, drivers

With the sound of a laptop everything is in order.The SonicMaster proprietary system and MaxxAudio software equalizer are responsible for its playback. Despite the compact size of the device, the audio system does its job well. If desired, you can make a point adjustment of the sound and reach the necessary level of depth. At the same time, the built-in speakers have a very wide range of frequencies, which means that they will not irritate with a wheeze, regardless of whether you are watching a movie with a dynamic soundtrack or just while away the evening listening to light jazz. In fairness, it is worth noting that some users found the “tuning” from ASUS unnecessary and recommend using only Realteck software to achieve the highest sound quality.

Processor and RAM

A good laptop should be not only beautiful and ergonomic, but also fast. And in this regard, ASUS K551LN is doing well. The heart of the laptop has become a dual-core Intel Core i5 chip with a clock frequency of 1600 megahertz for each core. The processor supports Turboo Boost technology, which allows you to increase the clock frequency up to 2600 megahertz. Based on the experience of using such laptops, we can say that the power of the chip will be enough for the majority of users.All typical tasks are performed instantly, whether creating a document in Word or loading a two-hundredth tab in Chrome. This is facilitated by a large amount of RAM. In the reviewed model 6 GB of RAM is installed. 4 of them are soldered to the motherboard, and 2 more are inserted into a specialized slot. This means that you can install a large amount of RAM (for example, a 4 or 8 gigabyte board) when you need it.

Notebook ASUS K551LN, review

Graphics performance

The graphics chip from Intel is responsible for the graphic calculations. It sounds strange, but even this “inferior” video card is capable of ensuring comfortable work with graphic editors and simple 3D games. In addition, the integrated graphics spends much less power, which has a positive effect on the autonomy of the laptop. As soon as the task becomes more serious, nVidia GeForce 840M is used. This is a great mobile video card that supports DirectX 11 and is equipped with 2 gigabytes of memory. But these are only dry numbers. To be clear, on ASUS K551LN you can run the game Titanfall (2014 release, AAA-class) at high settings, and the frame rate will not fall below 30.Outstanding result for a laptop computer.


The most controversial point is the data warehouse. Having installed so many advanced equipment in a laptop, ASUS was not honored to equip it with a fast flash drive, but instead installed a standard hard drive at the speed of 5400 revolutions per minute. To say that it will negatively affect the performance of the device is to say nothing. Yes, and such a large amount of memory is unlikely anyone will need. At the same time, ASUS provides 16 gigabytes of cloud storage for ASUS WebStorage, which seems to hint at the need to throw out a huge “hard drive” and put an SSD into the laptop. Alas, the manufacturer thinks differently, so if an SSD disk appears in the laptop, it is only by the will of its owner. Only here the SSD here you need to install shortened, because full drives just do not fit into the case.

Notebook ASUS K551LN, reviews


There is almost nothing to say. Autonomy has long been almost independent of the size of the battery. A key role in the conservation of charge is played by lowering power consumption at the expense of the processor and software optimization. In general, the processor from Intel copes with its task.While Turbo Boost is turned off, and the built-in solution is responsible for working with graphics - the laptop is able to work on one charge for up to 4 hours. In sparing mode (office and browser), this figure will always vary within 3-4 hours. Be prepared for the fact that when you start a modern game or an advanced video rendering program, the laptop's operating time will drop dramatically, down to an hour. Yes, and do not believe the charge indicator, it is clearly odd, deceiving users.


The ASUS K551LN review would be incomplete if it did not take into account the opinion of the real owners. Who, if not them, know about all the disadvantages and advantages of the device. Let's start with the pluses that deserve the special attention of users. It is quite natural that a laptop is praised for the very same aspects for which Apple computers are praised, for example. This is a convenient keyboard, and an excellent touchpad that recognizes several touches at once and handles each of them clearly. And the aluminum case, which almost does not heat up and is very convenient in operation. Even the most sloppy users could not slap or scratch it. It is worth mentioning also the small weight of the laptop, which is a big plus for a computer with a display, the diagonal of which is 15.6 inches.

ASUS K551LN, reviews, review

What did users swear at? Many negatives caused the computer to freeze when working with large amounts of data. In this, apparently, the outdated hard drive is guilty, which is not able to quickly read and write information. There were those who complained about the assembly. Allegedly ports fall out of their nests. They scolded ASUS and for the bad display. TN-matrix few people like it. Well, autonomy. Anyone who has spent a little time behind a modern ultrabook knows what computer autonomy should be, and ASUS’s indicators are still very far from it.

Instead of conclusion

In order not to be too critical, the laptop should be considered in terms of value for money. If you need a truly universal computer on which you can hang up all the routine and home entertainment, then the ASUS K551LN laptop will be the ideal choice. User feedback only confirms this. At the same time, ASUS did not implement any of its ideas and clearly made a laptop, borrowing technology and hardware solutions from competitors. It will seem to someone that this is not the best way, but it was he who allowed ASUS not to lose face and release a device that both adherents of the company and those who do not harbor special feelings for the brand will love.Yes, ASUS blundered with a display and a hard drive, but where else can you find so much RAM, a modern processor, and a video card that can “pull out” AAA-class top video games? Beautiful exterior, comfortable keyboard, touchpad a la Apple. What else is needed for happiness? For the price of $ 700 - nothing. Verdict: we must take!

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