Apple vinegar for hair and other uses

Autumn is slowly approaching, which means that very soon it will be possible to feast on your own harvest of fragrant ripe apples. Sin is not to take advantage of the fertility of Mother Nature and not to prepare a delicious fruit for the winter! In addition to juice, jam and puree, apple vinegar is not the last. Useful properties of this product can be listed for a very long time, and today we will talk only about some of them.

apple vinegar for hair

How to cook apple cider vinegar


Nothing special is needed for this, and the benefits will be much higher compared to the store product. We will need ripe and juicy apples, a juicer and a capacity of about 30-40 liters. For these purposes, well enamelled pan. From the apples you need to squeeze fresh juice, at the top of which there will definitely be a very dense foam. Let it settle for a while and thenhow to take apple vinegarSkimmer carefully remove the top layer. Now you need to ferment the juice. To do this, add sugar at the rate of 100 grams per 1 liter of pure juice.Leave now our future vinegar to ferment in a warm, but dark place for about two weeks. It is not recommended to move the pan from place to place. After the specified period, strain the fermented juice through cheesecloth, pour into storage vessels and leave for another two weeks. It is advisable to pour into a large container, and immediately before use take a small amount of vinegar from it. As you can see, everything is very simple, without unnecessary trouble. At the same time, such a product will really be beneficial, because all useful substances are stored in it, which, unfortunately, vinegar cannot boast from the store.

How to take apple vinegar

Its application is so extensive that it is far from being limited only to seasoning for food. A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, diluted in a glass of water and drunk on an empty stomach, is a powerful fat burning agent. Of course, this procedure must be repeated from day to day to achieve results. Apple vinegar for hair can be used as a conditioner balsam. It adds shine and significantly helps in combing tangled ends.With pain in the joints make compresses and grinding from the healing elixir.

Apple Vinegar for Hair

apple vinegar useful propertiesOne of the most widespread applications of apple cider vinegar found in the field of cosmetology. It is added to creams, masks, enrich them with shampoos and simply rinse the body. If you have brittle and dry tips, apple cider vinegar will bring them back to life in just a few applications. Add a tablespoon to the egg yolk and make a moisturizing mask. One of the common recipes for strengthening hair also contains an amber drug: 1 dilute 1 tablespoon of chamomile broth in 1 liter and rinse the curls with the resulting solution. Apple cider vinegar for hair is the most valuable remedy that not only nourishes them with vitamins, but also gives them a healthy shine, relieves dandruff, and also helps to lighten and maintain a lasting color. We think that after such weighty arguments in favor of this unique product, you will even more want to cook it yourself at home.

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Apple vinegar for hair and other uses 9

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