“Antonov apples”, a brief content. "Pictures" from the book "Epitaph"

The thirty-year-old writer originally gave this name to his story “Antonov apples”. The summary of the work reveals the outgoing noble life mainly from the poetic side. The story consists of four short chapters. Parting with the past, Ivan Alekseevich lives in the world of the sweetest memories. As he himself wrote, “Antonov apples” is a brief summary of the spirit of the landlord environment, “romanticized by my imagination, forever disappearing before my eyes.”

Antonov apples summary

Country life

Through the eyes of the young man’s hero, the author clearly sees and vividly recalls the passing autumn season and all its smells: apples, honey, fallen leaves, autumn freshness.

Antonov apples chapters

A large garden stands gilded, thinned and deserted. It employs hired burghers people from the village. And all day they load Antonov apples in carts. A summary of their actions is garden security and trade.These people and the hut in which they live, and guns for protection. And how does the barchuk like to go out into the garden on a cold, dewy night, peek at the brilliant shine of the Milky Way, Stozhar and, with the permission of a tradesman, shoot a heavy gun, then go back to the house completely ozyub and feel how good life is. Elegiac, which suddenly appeared in many stories of Bunin, was very clearly manifested in the story “Antonov apples”. A brief description of the chapters has already given the story in section I of the village life.

Chapter II

And at an early dawn it is worth only to wash with heavy cold water from a pond in which willow leaves are floating, and she will immediately chase away the dream. Then you can have breakfast in a human and walk through native villages.

story Antonov apples summaryThere are good old men. Strong, tall, as on the selection of long-livers. And this is a sign of a rich village. A conversation with a hundred-year-old old man Pankrat makes you forget that this is all the fruit of the author’s artistic fantasy. And the yards in Vyselky are rich: they have bee-sticks and bityugs, heavy and suitable for difficult peasant work. In the courtyards there are barns, and rigs, and barn houses, where a new good is kept. And the writer remembers, that the noble life in those days was not too different from the rich peasant.The author and her hospitable aunt Anna Gerasimovna, who has a small manor, but strong and with signs of serfdom, recalls.
Bunin Antonov apples chapters

The old manor was lined with centenary birch trees, and in its courtyard there were sturdy outbuildings huddled under thatched roofs. The house always had the smell of mahogany furniture, lime blossom and apples. And everywhere silence and purity. But here is an important and friendly aunt floats up. And then under the talk of antiquity they carried an unusually tasty lunch.

This is a special story. There is no plot in the generally accepted sense of the word: the characters meet, fall in love, their romance is developing. The non-standard story "Antonov apples" summarizes its content in the description of the nobility environment. The writer tells of her past contentment and beauty.

Chapter three

A mature man remembers his beloved brother-in-law Arseny Semenovich, an inveterate hunter. He is tall and light, with broad shoulders and looks like a gypsy. He wears a silk crimson shirt, velvet bloomers and high boots. There are a lot of hunters in the light house, everyone smokes, after a hearty lunch and drunk vodka they get together to have a good time. In Arseny Semenovich, a young man more than once took part in autumn hunting,when all the landlords gathered with a pack of dogs. And in cold, clear, wet days they spent all the time in the field.

Bunin Antonov apples chapters

The wolf used to be prey. And the more they did not know how to do. The house is boring, the garden is empty and cold, sowing light rain, which then goes into a downpour. But now it is clear time. The sun shines brightly. The sky is blue, the clouds are snow-white, and it began ... The cheerful sound of a horn gathers schools of dogs, howling from impatience, hunters on horses. All are excited and are already rushing through the forest without dismantling the roads. Somewhere a shot thumps. Sedok stops a stubborn horse, which from the race is covered in foam. The young man eagerly breathes cold dampness. Excitement and general excitement completely captured the young man. The forest rattles with barking, gunshots and screams. But here it is getting dark. It's time to get ready for the house, and it's very far to it. And such a violent company tumbles into a hospitable unfamiliar manor for the night. Yes, it happened that they stayed there for a few days. Landowners' classes in the fall are also the story “Antonov apples”. Short descriptionincludes scenes of hunting and life of Russian nobles.

In the manor

And sometimes a strong young dream in the morning was not interrupted.The young man woke up when everyone had already left. In sweet languor, the hero lies in bed for a long time in complete silence. Then he will walk through the cold empty garden, find a strong wet apple, eat it. And what is it tasty and juicy. Then - to the library. Glorious old books have a special, unique flavor. Scrolls at random almanacs with entries in the margins made with a quill pen. There are Voltaire translations, romantic novels of French writers. And the cuckoo clocks measure time, which flows smoothly and slowly. The journals with the names of Batiushkov, and Zhukovsky, and novice Pushkin, then still a high school student, began to appear. And from the walls look cute portraits of noble girls. And with tender sadness I remember grandmother, polonaises, clavichord. Poetically, Bunin "Antonov Apples" subtly registers. A summary of the chapters gives a lyrical picture of the dying life of the old lordly village and manor. I remember only the best.

Chapter IV

All the old men have already died, and the author again sees himself in the village, but in a completely different one. This is the time of educated people, but already completely poor. Involuntarily remember the "extra man."Yes, it remained fragments of serfdom, an endangered tribe. They are superfluous, not because they have a surplus of forces, but rather because it is their disadvantage.

a summary of the story of bunin antonovsky apples

It is deep autumn, winter frames are already inserted. Days pass in the saddle with a dog and a gun. Then the hunter returns home and sits down in front of the stove on the sharp-smelling winter straw. Twilight is in the rooms, and the hero goes to the people room, where the girls together chop cabbage for the winter and sing village songs, sometimes sad, sometimes funny.

Fragments of serfdom

And then he will call in a small local and take him over for a long time to stay with him. There life is different. Get up early. The first cry: "Samovar!". And then at the Riga - to watch the grain being threshed. The gentleman stands and watches how everything moves in a measured and harmonious way from early morning until dark. He is all gray with dust, but he glances into the distance, on the field - when will he turn white? When is the hunt? And only from November begins a merry whirlwind, when all the small-place people gather and, hunting, walk on the last money and sing to the guitar with hopeless boldness.

This is a summary of the story of Bunin "Antonov apples".

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