Antoine de Saint-Exupery: biography, photos and interesting facts

The name of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is familiar to the whole world, mainly due to his philosophical work “The Little Prince”. But what kind of person was Exupery? The biography of this writer-pilot is very little familiar to many, despite the fact that his fate is full of interesting twists and turns. It contained dramatic love, great friendship, and adventures, many of which were reflected in his books.

Family de Saint-Exupery

The future writer's biography begins in the French city of Lyon, where he was born on June 29, 1900. He was the third child of the Comte de Saint-Exupery and his wife. In just 4 years of marriage, the couple managed to acquire two daughters, Marie-Madeleine and Simone, and a son. Shortly after Antoine his brother Francois was born, and two years later his younger sister Gabriel de Saint-Exupery was born.

The future writer's biography soon became clouded. Immediately after the birth of the youngest daughter Jean de Saint-Exupéry,which George Sand herself dubbed as the real French chevalier, died, leaving his spouse alone with five children and without a livelihood.

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Antoine Exupery: a brief biography. Childhood

After the death of the father and husband, the family settles with Aunt Marie in Lyon on Place Bellecour, but often the children stay in the castle of their grandmother, where Queen Margot herself used to be.

Despite poverty, the family is very friendly, and all the children get along well with each other. Of course, Antoine is attached to the sisters, but the real friendship connects him with his younger brother Francois. She adores her little son and his mother, she calls him the Sun King for his light curls, upturned nose and light character, who stayed with Exupery for the rest of her life.

His biography is full of memories of his contemporaries and family that the boy grew up very cheerful and inquisitive, adored animals, and also loved to delve into the engines, perhaps this is where his love of aviation originated, which will develop later.

Saint Exupery biography


At 8 years old, Antoine enrolled in a Christian school in Lyon, and then he and his brother continued their education at a Jesuit college in Montreux. The next stage is a college in Switzerland, where the boy entered at the age of 14.After receiving a bachelor's degree in three years, the young man plans to enter the Naval Lyceum in Paris, he even attends preparatory courses, but does not stand up for the competition.

When Antoine turns 17, his brother Francois unexpectedly dies from articular rheumatism. The young man is experiencing hard the loss of a person close to him, he withdraws into himself.

After failing to take exams at the Saint-Exupéry military school, he was forced to be content with attending architecture lectures at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Acquaintance with the sky. Pilot

Exupery, whose biography is inextricably linked with the sky, dreamed about him since childhood. The first flight happened in his life when he was only 12 years old. The famous pilot Gabriel Wroblewski, despite the prohibitions of Antoine’s mother, took him to the aviation field in Amberieu. This brief flight impressed the boy so much that he left a mark in his whole life.

Antoine Exupery Brief Biography

However, the next chance to get closer to the sky presented to him only by the year 21, when he went into the army and became a soldier of Exupery. His biography from now on is full of flights. First, he enrolled in the aviation regiment in Strasbourg, where he was identified as a non-flying soldier in repair shops.However, the sky beckoned him, and de Saint-Exupery decided to pass the exam for a civilian pilot. In parallel with the service, he learns to fly, and at the end of the year he is transferred to Casablanca, where he takes the exam and is promoted to officer.

During this period, he writes in diaries that he feels an irresistible desire to fly. Shortly after receiving the opportunity to be a civilian pilot, he also received the right to control a military aircraft, and then, having received the rank of junior lieutenant in the reserve, he was transferred to service in an aviation regiment near Paris.

In the year 23, Exupery gets into his first accident, suffers severe injuries and temporarily ties him to aviation. He works at the tile factory, sells trucks, until fate finally gives him a chance to realize the second passion and talent of the young man - writing.

The first samples of the pen

Writing Antoine began quite early and immediately successfully - his first work, the tale of “The Odyssey of a Cylinder”, written by him in college in 1914, receives the first prize in a literary contest.

However, the door to serious literature will open for him much later. In 1925, at the invitation of his cousin, Antoine arrives at her salon, where he meets writers and publishers.They are literally fascinated by the young man and his work and offer to publish his stories. And in April of the following year, his story “The Pilot” is printed in the magazine “Silver Ship”.

Return to the sky

The first public success brings Exupery with a wealthy entrepreneur de Massima, who represents him to the management of Aeropostal Airlines. At first, Exupery worked only as a mechanic, and then as a pilot of a mail plane. And he began to fly not just anywhere, but to Africa. Soon he becomes the head of a small airport in the city of Cap Jubi in the heart of the Sahara desert. To the surprised inquiries of his relatives about his fate and career as a writer, he always answered that in order to write, one must first live. And his life here is amazing. In addition to the main work, Saint-Aix, as it came up to call his friends, uses all his diplomatic talents and then fights among themselves the warring African tribes, sometimes pacifies the warlike Moors, then rescues the crashed pilots from their captivity, and even tames the wild fox.

brief biography of de saint exupery

This work and travel to new amazing places did not change the character of Exupery.His big kind heart was ready to give everything to people. He spent money and time to help his friends and relatives, helped solve their problems, and believed that hatred can be overcome only by love. Thanks to this work, Antoine has his closest friends, Jean Mermoz and Henri Guillaume. Together they will make a significant contribution to the development of aviation, not only in Europe, but also in Africa and even in South America.

New points on the map

After Africa, Exupery briefly returns to France, where he begins to cooperate with book publishers, and also improves his pilot skills. And soon a new appointment is the branch of Aeropostal Airlines in South America, in Buenos Aires. Regular night flights over Casablanca - this is the main work that Antoine Exupery does.

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A brief biography of the further period of his life was marked by the financial collapse of his native airline in 31, after which Exupery left it. In the future, he works on mail lines linking Dakar, Marseille and Algeria, tests new seaplanes and again falls into a serious accident. He miraculously remains alive, and he is hardly found by divers.And his next accident happened soon in Saigon, in the valley of the Mekong.

 Antoine de Saint Exupery biography

In 33, Exupery entered the service in the newspaper "Paris-Suar", where he became a correspondent. Among other countries he visits the USSR, where he meets Bulgakov. Exupery essays on the Soviet Union have a great success with readers. Soon, he organizes a large airline event over the Mediterranean to propagate aviation.

Crash plans

Being not only a pilot, but also an inventor, he borrowed money, buys a plane and participates in the development of a project for a high-speed flight from Paris to Saigon. He is in a hurry, because in order to get money for the task, you need to complete it before December 31. On the night of December 30, Exupery, together with his mechanic, is wrecked in the Libyan desert, does not die by a miracle, and tries to survive for several more days without food and water. Nomadic Bedouins save them.

The last serious accident occurs in the flight from New York to Tierra del Fuego. A few days after the accident, the pilot was in a coma, he had serious head injuries and other injuries, so he can no longer put on a parachute because of a shoulder injury.Similar accidents literally full brief biography of de Saint-Exupery.

Literary success

While still working in the hot desert Cap Jubi, Antoine at night wrote his first great work, the book “The Southern Postal”. In the year 29, returning to France, Exupery signed a contract with Gaston Gallimar’s publishing house for the release of seven of his novels. The second piece is written in Argentina, “Night Flight”. In 1931, Exupery received the prestigious “Femina” award for this novel, and a year later, American filmmakers shoot a full-length film on it.

Antoine de Exupery biography

Adventures and travels that fell to the lot of Exupery, have always been reflected in his works. So, the accident in the Libyan desert and the subsequent wanderings on it, formed the basis of the novel “Land of People”. Influenced the work and the journey to the USSR, which made Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

The biography is brief, but full of experiences is included in the novel “Military Pilot”. It is created under the impression of the Second World War. Taking a direct part in it and doing everything that depends on him, Exupery puts all his confusion, all the mental agony into the book.In the United States, it is a huge success, and censorship prohibits it in her native France. On the wave of popularity from America comes an order for a children's fairy tale. In the course of the work, the writer creates his most famous work - “The Little Prince” with author's illustrations.

Personal life

Exupery, whose biography (brief) would not have been disclosed without a personal relationship, truly loved only two women. Despite the subtle mental organization and, undoubtedly, lyrical nature, Antoine was not too lucky with the girls. At the age of 18 he first met the one he loved. Her name was Louise, and she was the sister of his friend. Louise came from a noble rich family and had a very absurd and capricious character. Antoine, having fallen in love with her without memory, made an offer, but did not receive an unequivocal answer. Some time later, when the young man was in the hospital with the first injury, he learned about the final break of the engagement. It was a bounce for him. And Louise only considered him a loser; even the literary success that Antoine de Exupery received did not change her mind.

The biography of a tall, handsome, handsome and charming French pilot, however, could not do without the attention of women, but he himself, once disappointed, was in no hurry to start a novel.At the same time, he was also worried that he was wasting his youth and life. In his letters to his mother, he complained that he could not meet a woman who could have relieved his anxiety.

However, Antoine Exupery soon met such a woman. His biography at that time continues in Buenos Aires, where the writer meets with Consuelo Carrilo. It is not known exactly how they met, but one must assume that they were introduced by a mutual friend, the writer Benjamin Crepe. Consuelo was the widow of the writer Gomez Carrilo and was rather complex. A short, dark, not very beautiful woman was nevertheless the center of attention. She carried herself proudly and haughtily, like a queen, well-educated, well-read and intelligent. She brought to life Exupery confusion, harassed by his stormy scandals and tantrums, however, it seemed that only this was missing.

Antoine Saint Exupery biography

Hard love writer

Curious memories Ksenia Kuprina, the daughter of Russian writer A. Kuprin. She met Consuelo in Paris and was fascinated by her mind and grace. Once an Argentine called Xenia in the middle of the night and begged her to come. She told a 19-year-old girl that she met an amazing man whom she incredibly loved.But they were not destined to be together, as he was shot by the revolutionaries right before her eyes. Shocked Kuprina took Consuelo to her country house and for several days she comforted her friend, literally dragged her out of the lake, in which she wanted to drown with obsessive persistence.

What indignation was Kuprina, when it turned out that the beloved who was shot - this is Exupery, while alive and unharmed. Consuelo was so angry at him and wanted to leave, that she thought up as if he had died, and made others believe it.

They got married just a few months after they met, but rather soon their life together ceased to be joyful and happy. Consuelo literally lost her mind, blaming her husband on her antics. She then arranged a fight and threw dishes at guests, until the morning she went to the bars and told vile false stories about her spouse. However, he endured everything with a smile and calm. Perhaps only he knew what she really was, and saw the other side of her unbearable nature. However, this love was as loyal and passionate as the first day they met.

Antoine Exupery biography

Period of the Second World

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, whose biography also falls on the war years, ended up at 37 in Nazi Germany. He was unpleasantly amazed at what Nazism does to people. When England and France declare war on Germany, Exupery, for health reasons, is determined to serve on the ground, but he connected all the connections and was assigned to the aviation reconnaissance group.

Antoine de Saint Exupery biography brief

After living and working in the United States in '44, Exupery returns to his homeland, but he is not allowed to engage in intelligence activities, as he is already in the reserve. And again it is necessary to connect the connection. Despite serious health problems, he is allowed to make 5 more flights to get pictures of the terrain. On July 31, the plane that was piloted by Antoine Saint-Exupéry flew on mission. The biography of the writer ends at this moment, because the aircraft did not return at the appropriate time. Only 60 years later, in 2004, the remains of the kindest writer of the planet were raised from the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea and identified.

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