American TV series: a review of the best

American TV shows currently occupy one of the leading places in the modern film industry. Many of them are broadcast in various countries of the world and enjoy a high popularity rating. Some of them consist of several seasons. This is due to the fact that today the interest in multi-part projects is quite high, therefore considerable funds are allocated for their creation, and famous actors often prefer to play not in a big movie, but in sitcoms and other films of a similar genre.

"She wrote murder"

The best American TV shows are, as a rule, adventure and detective pictures. The latter category includes the named project, which has become one of the most successful in this genre: twelve seasons, many nominations and awards, as well as spectator love have provided him with cult status.

American TV series

He went out in the 1980s – 1990s, but even nowadays from time to time he can be seen on television channels. The series tells the story of a tireless adventurer, a famous writer, author of numerous detective novels,which, by virtue of its irrepressible character, is constantly at the center of some dramatic story. Possessing extraordinary mental abilities and exceptional observation, she unravels the most complicated puzzles and invariably leads the criminal to clean water.


Some American TV series have gained world fame thanks to an interesting plot, carefully written characters, as well as good humor. Such is the mentioned successful project, which tells about the life of a cheerful company of young people living next door.

top american tv series

The main line of the series - love, which, however, did not prevent the comedic component. Each episode tells one main story and two or three minor stories. The project turned out to be so popular that its creation dragged out for ten years. Currently, the film is recognized as a classic of the genre: it has become a real benchmark for paintings of this genre.

"Dr. House"

Some American TV shows are devoted to current medical topics. The above project in this series has become one of the most successful along with the “Ambulance”.Now we can safely say that in many respects it was the image of the main character that provided the interest and love of the audience to the picture. A clever, sarcastic and somewhat eccentric doctor possesses outstanding intellectual abilities, with the help of which, just like Sherlock Holmes, from the first time he accurately determines the patient's illness.

american TV series list

American TV shows are based on the principle of interaction of the main character with other actors in the picture. In the aforementioned series, a large role is played by the doctor’s team, each member of which is interesting and original in its own way.

"Game of Thrones"

The category “The Best American TV Series” undoubtedly includes the named project, which today has gathered a huge army of fans all over the world. And they even created their own community. This film is an adaptation of the famous cycle of fantasy novels of J. Martin "Song of Ice and Fire." The action takes place in a fictional world that resembles the European Middle Ages, but with a broken chronology of action. The picture is based on three storylines: the struggle of several families for power, the attempt of one decayed order to defend the Wall in the North from the terrible threat and adventure of the princess in the East.

new american tv series

Despite the fact that many critics reacted negatively to the use of obscene language by the heroes, scenes of violence and naturalism, the project has gained popularity and love of many viewers. Six seasons have now been filmed, two more are expected in the next two years.

"Hanna Montana"

American TV shows about teenagers are prominent in modern cinema. One of the most successful recent projects was a series about a famous pop singer of school age who leads a double lifestyle. Hiding under Hannah Montana’s fictional image, she lives like a regular schoolgirl, and only relatives and close friends know her secret. American TV shows, the list of which is impossible to imagine without this successful project, are often filmed in the sitcom style. This film has become popular not only due to good humor, but also thanks to the songs that were performed in large numbers by the young actress Miley Cyrus.

Screen version of the Russian novel

Nowadays, film companies often turn to large-scale historical projects that are always popular with viewers.American series, a list of which is presented in this review, should be updated with the recent adaptation of the famous novel by L. Tolstoy War and Peace.

American TV series about teenagers

This film has caused mixed reviews: some users note discrepancies with the original work and indicate that the new cinema does not correspond to the spirit of the Russian classics. However, the project attracted the attention of the general public, and therefore it should be mentioned in this top.


In the near future, viewers will be able to see the continuation of the cult story "The Game of Thrones". The trailer of the season has already been released, which has become the subject of debate and discussion among fans. Also expected to continue the already won his audience the film "Black Mirror". This movie is interesting because it represents a rather original and stylish parody of modern society. The creators had a very thin line between the real life of people and modern computer technologies, which have already become part of this very life. Thus, the new American TV series, even before the release of the screens, arouse the interest of the public.

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