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Amazing Facts About US Presidents

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Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Even if you know American history by heart, you are hardly aware of everything that happened within the walls of the White House. Watergate and the Monica Lewinsky case are just the tip of the iceberg of scandals, most of which are carefully hidden from the general public.
The biographies of the presidents are rich in strange, absurd and curious facts, against the background of which the transformation of Ronald Reagan from an actor to the head of state seems commonplace. Ridiculous deaths, family scandals, murders, dependencies, inadmissible absent-mindedness and much more - all of this is on our list of 20 incredible facts about US presidents.

George Washington lost almost all battles

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

No matter how effectively George Washington looked on a horse, in reality his actions during battles did not bring any benefit.
About the first president of the United States goes a lot of ridiculous rumors. Contrary to one of them, his teeth were not made of wood: prostheses were made from the bones of a hippopotamus, human teeth and metal clips.As for the success of the President in the military, everything is not as rosy as it is sometimes claimed.
In fact, Washington was useless on the battlefield. In strategy, he was an absolute kettle and lost all the major battles in which he participated, each time making a decision to retreat and running away from the battlefield, tail tails up.

Also, the first president of the United States smoked weed

Hemp is used not only as a drug, but also as a raw material for the production of many things. You can verify this by visiting any country which legalized the use of marijuana. Herbs are made into clothing, eaten and used to produce hemp. One can only guess for which of these uses cannabis were grown in the backyard of their own homes by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.
In the XVIII century, many farmers planted grass for industrial use, and it began to smoke later. Therefore, it is believed that Washington, who grew hemp at home, added the plant to tobacco and beer, not knowing about the special properties. But it is much more fun to think that the first president of the United States was also the first rastaman.

John Adams and Herbert Hoover kept home alligators

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

John Quincy Adams prudently kept an alligator in the White House.
John Quincy Adams was not much loved by the people. There were various legends about him: for example, that he was a pimp (as sung in the P.I.M.P. hit 50 Cent), and also stole part of the Shakespearean chair when he went with Jefferson on a trip to the writer's house.
It is reliably known that one of the crazy rumors had a basis: Adams actually had a home alligator, presented to him by a French general, the Marquis de la Fayette. The animal was kept in the Eastern room of the White House. But the son of Herbert Hoover, to whom we will return, had two crocodiles, freely roaming where they please.

Andrew Jackson taught the parrot to curse

The seventh president of the United States, Andrew Jackson, is remarkable not only because the folk-punk band is named after him - in his time he was a sort of Johnny Knoxville. Having lost in 1824 to John Adams, Jackson and his followers founded the Democratic Party and subsequently went down in history as the first Democratic president.
But more remarkable is the fact that Jackson had a parrot, which he taught curses.The bird in this case clearly succeeded. The report on the funeral of the head of state stated: “Before the funeral word, when people were still gathering, the vile parrot, the pet of the deceased, as if mad, began to shout out loud curses and everything did not let up, because people were embarrassed, and some even went away.”

And the seventh American ruler killed people in duels

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Andrew Jackson was a harsh man and loved fights.
Jackson not only nearly killed a hapless criminal who had attempted on his life to death, but also killed opponents more than once in duels (some even on the lawn at the White House). According to different sources, he shot from 13 to several hundred people. In those days, such fights were considered a matter of honor. Twenty steps, turn, shot ...
The most notable opponent of Jackson was Charles Dickinson, a lawyer and a famous duelist who insulted the future president and his wife at the races. Of course, Jackson finished him off.

Zachary Taylor passed away from food poisoning

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

The 12th President of the United States was a gallant man, and died of simple food poisoning.
The 12th President of the United States stayed in office for just over a year.He rose to the rank of general and made a great contribution to the country's victory in the war with Mexico, thanks to which he was elected head of state despite the lack of interest in politics. While alive, Taylor was a national hero, but he died not a heroic death at all.
Doctors of the time could not establish the cause of the sudden death of the president. There are still many different versions, including poisoning, in which political opponents could be involved. But a study of the remains showed that the most likely cause is food poisoning. It seems that a jug of milk and a bowl of berries at a picnic in honor of Independence Day were clearly superfluous.

Franklin Pierce knocked the old woman out of the water

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

It turns out that such a discreet-looking person is capable of murder.
With connections in the White House, you can get out of absolutely any unpleasant situation. George W. Bush escaped several accusations in the days of hard drinking thanks to his father, Nixon remained at the post for a long time after the Watergate scandal, and Pierce got away with the murder.
In 1853, Franklin Pierce, the 14th President of the United States, knocked down an old woman with a horse and was arrested, but the matter was hushed up due to lack of evidence, which we, of course, readily believe.

James Garfield died at the hands of doctors

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Paradoxically, James Garfield died at the hands of doctors who tried to save him.
The cause of James Garfield’s death has never been a point of contention. Everything is obvious here: the president was killed by doctors who tried to save his life. Like many predecessors and successors, Garfield was the victim of an assassination attempt, but the real killer in the end was not the one who put a bullet in him.
Using a new invention - a metal detector (from the inventor of the phone Alexander Bell), doctors tried to locate the bullet before the operation. Unfortunately, they did not find her, but the metal spring of the bed on which the president was lying, but did not stop at the first unsuccessful attempt. After several incisions in the wrong places, Garfield passed away.

William McKinley treated the sick wife badly.

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

William McKinley did not treat his wife very well.
The 25th President of the United States was killed by the anarchist Leon Cholgosh. The murderer before the execution stated that he feels no guilt, because McKinley was “the enemy of good people.” It is not necessary, however, to judge the person with the words of the offender. Let us turn to the facts: during the presidency of William McKinley, the USA won the war with Spain and strengthened the national industry.
But in some ways Cholgosh was probably right, because of all the husbands of the White House, McKinley was clearly the worst, and that means something. The literature says a lot about how much attention and participation he provided to his wife with epilepsy. What was this incredible concern? When his wife had an attack at a secular reception, McKinley covered her face with a handkerchief to hide distorted features, and pretended that nothing was happening.

Theodore Roosevelt was a killing machine

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Theodore Roosevelt, who had spared the teddy bear, was in fact a man of power.
It is known that a soft toy was named after Theodore Roosevelt - Teddy Bear (he refused to kill a bear cub while hunting). The president loved animals, but this did not prevent him from walking around the White House with a loaded pistol at his belt, ignoring bodyguards.
In war, Roosevelt became famous as a cold-blooded killer. He had a black belt in jiu-jitsu, and in his youth he was a boxing champion. Not to mention that before becoming president, Roosevelt managed to be a farmer-herder, sheriff, police commissioner and assistant secretary for fleet affairs.Everything he ever did was somehow related to murder.

William Taft did not fit in the bath of the White House

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

There should be a lot of a big president (like a person)!
William Howard Taft, the 27th President, was a big figure in US history. Directly astronomical scale. Literally. Like Homer from The Simpsons in the episode where he decided to get fat to work at home.
Before being elected, Taft held the post of Minister of War, and after leaving the White House, he became the chairman of the Supreme Court and the only president in the history of the country who worked in this position. But since this will surprise few people, let us return to the base and rude mockery of its weight. During his presidency, Taft was constantly stuck in the bath of the White House and could not get out of it without help. I had to eventually install a larger tank.

Warren Harding suffered gambling

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Gambling Warren Harding could not stop in time and lost even the property of the White House.
And that's putting it mildly. Warren Gamaliel Harding was rarely lucky in cards, but this was not an obstacle to secret poker games right in the White House.During the times of Prohibition, the political friends of Harding gathered in the Oval Office and sipped homemade alcohol and played cards for huge money.
The figure of Harding is considered one of the most controversial. His good reputation held on to eloquence and connections in journalistic circles, thanks to which he became a republican leader, and all this, along with a penchant for love intrigues. The excitement of the president, as already mentioned above, crossed all the borders: once he lost in a bet all the porcelain of the White House.

Herbert Hoover forbade White House personnel to meet his eyes.

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Herbert Hoover did not have a good attitude to the staff.
Many presidents eventually tied to the servants, but not the father of the happy owner of alligators Herbert Hoover. The 31st President of the United States strongly demanded that the personnel serving the White House not come to the attention of either him or his wife. Literally.
That is, when Hoover or the first lady appears in the room, the maids, waitresses, and everyone else should leave the room immediately or quietly hide in the closet, fulfilling the caprice of the people's choice.

Franklin Roosevelt traveled by car Al Capone

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Franklin Roosevelt appropriated the confiscated car of Al-Capone himself.
President Franklin Roosevelt was in his office when the director of the FBI, Edgar Hoover, was lucky to arrest Al-Capone, the head of the underworld, who until this moment inexplicably escaped the law, although about his involvement in organized crime, including the St. Valentine's Day massacre, everyone knew. It was possible to detain him under the pretext of non-payment of taxes.
The fine for this crime included the confiscation of Capone’s property, including the 1928 armored Cadillac V-16. But for a long time the car in the confiscated warehouse did not stand and became the official car of the president.

Harry Truman was a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Harry Truman followed the advice of a friend and joined the Ku Klux Klan, which greatly helped him build a career.
Harry Truman became president, enlisting the support of businessmen. After the First World War, Kansas City Mayor Tom Pendergast helped him get a district judge. But the local car dealer, Edgar Hind, had a better idea how to contribute to Truman's advancement: to take him to the Ku Klux Klan.
Hind himself was a member of this organization and even offered Truman to pay an entrance fee of $ 10 for him. According to the documentary “The Birth of a Nation”, at that time there were about 5 million people in the Ku Klux Klan, so the political influence was significant. Truman never showed up at an organization’s meetings, but only the fact that he was on her list helped him advance.

Lyndon Johnson was possessed by his whims

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Lyndon Johnson, who did not give rest to his subordinates whims.
For the American people, Lyndon Baines Johnson was a narcissist, masterful tyrant and the complete opposite of his predecessor, the beloved John Kennedy. According to the latter, occupying the post of vice-president, Johnson forced his subordinates to go out of their way to please him.
At one of the remaining audio recordings, Lyndon orders pants, focusing on the fact that they do not have to press in the crotch, and asks the tailor to increase the distance from the beginning of his pants to the presidential "bunghole" (literally - "holes in a barrel").

James Carter claimed to have seen a UFO.

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

James Carter was not particularly different, but he is aware of some and his quirks.
The presidency of James Carter was not very interesting. Compared to other heads of state, he led a quiet and peaceful life and was remembered as a boring type, whose only mark in American history is a joke in The Simpsons: “This is the greatest monster in history!”
But even he could not do without eccentricities. That there is only one incident with the rabbit, who allegedly attacked his boat. And in 1973, while still serving as the senator of Georgia, Carter declared that he had seen a flying saucer, and filed a report with the International UFO Bureau.

Ronald Reagan believed in astrology

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

Ronald Reagan relied on the predictions of the stars.
The performer of the role of midfielder Jepper in the film "Knut Ronka - a Real American" surprised his fellow countrymen not only by the fact that he later became president. After he was shot by a mentally ill John Hinkley Jr., who hoped in such a strange way to attract the attention of actress Jodie Foster, Reagan told the surgeons who operated on him: "I hope you are all Republicans." Obviously, he did not take the attempt on his life, which had almost ended with a logical end, seriously.
At the same time, Reagan took to heart such anti-scientific nonsense as astrology. He always consulted the astrologer before setting dates for press conferences, speeches, debates, reports to congress, and so on. During his presidency, much depended on the position of the stars and planets.

Clinton lost codes from a nuclear suitcase

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

The 42nd President of the United States managed to forget the password from the nuclear briefcase.
Bill Clinton is not only famous for having entered into an intimate relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky, being married. It is unknown how he even managed to hold out as head of state for so long.
For the entire time of his presidency, Clinton used the email only twice. He ruined relations with dozens of countries, and with all the others, and completely destroyed. Oh yeah, one day he also lost the codes from the nuclear briefcase and did not notice this until it was time to change them (and this happened every four months).

Barack Obama has become a comic character

Amazing Facts About US Presidents

So Barack Obama is the creators of comics.
Barack Obama, who was elected as head of state in 2009, became the embodiment of American hopes, which could not but reflect on pop culture.Shortly after he took office, he was portrayed as a Spider-Man partner in one of the comics, and that was just the beginning.
Obama has appeared in the Japanese manga about Air Gear scooters in company with Hillary Clinton and John McCain and in the science fiction comic book Drafted, where he helps to repel alien invasion. But the strangest item on the list is, perhaps, the fantasy comic Barack the Barbarian (“Barak-Barbarian”), inspired by the president’s recognition that he is a fan of Conan the Barbarian.
Presidents are people too, but what! Sometimes it seems that in order to take a high position, you need to pass some kind of top-secret freak test (at least in the US). By the way, note: there is no item on the list about George W. Bush.

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