Alexey Nasonov - the path to fame

Nasonov Alexey Viktorovich - a policeman who played a major role in the television series "Detectives". The multi-part film was released on screens in 2006 - first it was broadcast on Channel One, and since 2011 it has been on Channel Five. The role of the former operative Aleksey Viktorovich brought to the ordinary police major fame and love of the audience.

Biography of Alexey Nasonov

Born in Moscow on November 14, 1967. Dreaming of becoming a pilot, but without having passed a medical examination, he entered the MAI (Moscow Aviation Institute) for the specialty helicopter industry. He nevertheless left his studies and went to serve in the army, where he fell into the anti-aircraft missile forces. Returning, he graduated from the Moscow Art School. Then he served in the police precinct, he had the rank of junior lieutenant. He was awarded the medal for "The difference in the protection of law and order." After serving 12 years in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the city of Moscow, he was demobilized with the rank of major.

In the TV series "Detectives"

From the police to the artists

Working in the Babushkinsky police department of the city of Moscow, Alexey helped the director who complained to him to bring order to the courtyard where he lived. They began to communicate, and after a while Alexey Nasonov was invited to the casting.

In the TV series “Detectives”, the main role was not sought by the artist, but by the current police officer. And among many competitors, including professional actors, they approved the candidacy of Nasonov.

The film tells about the work of private detectives. People turn to them when there is no hope or opportunity to get help from the police. Observing the interests of clients, detectives are looking for witnesses, extract the necessary evidence using modern equipment. The results of the investigation are always a surprise for detectives and viewers.

The television movie shows the lives of ordinary people, which is why it is still popular.

star "Detectives" Alexei Nasonov

Not being an actor by profession, Alexey Nasonov experienced at first difficulties with remembering a large amount of text. But, thanks to the help of the film crew and constant training, he coped with this task.

Despite the fallen popularity, Alex did not see himself in the future in the acting profession, considering it unworthy of a real man. But from the series was not going to leave.

In 2011, the fate of the series was in question, there was a long break between filming.While working in the series from all over the country, letters came to Nasonov, people asked him for help as a detective. Having relevant experience, he decided to try his hand at this.

Having received a license, Alexey Nasonov and a friend opened a private detective agency.

Personal life

About himself, Alexey Nasonov does not like to talk a lot, as befits a real man. He treats glory and merit calmly, only his family is a reason for pride. He devotes almost all his free time to her.

with my wife

In legal marriage, he is already as much as 29 years. Wife for him is not only clever and beautiful, but also a reliable rear. When Alexey served in the police, his wife courageously endured all the burdens and deprivations of his service.

Alexey Nasonov has three children: a daughter (student) and two sons of school age.

Alexey tries to share her personal life and work. He protects his family, so he tells very little about her.

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