Alexander Galimov: biography of hockey player

Alexander Galimov was a talented hockey player who died tragically in a plane crash. Death did not come immediately, but on the 5th day after the disaster occurred. Hockey fans of the Yaroslavl team will always remember their pupil, who is a real example for young guys.

First steps in sports

Alexander Galimov was born on May 2, 1985 in Yaroslavl. At the age of 5, his parents took him to ice hockey. Alexander tried not to start his studies. He usually always sat at the first desk, and often went to workouts with textbooks so that he could learn the material on the way. Upon completion of training in the hockey school, this striker began to play for the Lokomotiv-85 team. Many talented young hockey players played in it, who in the future became professional players. Club "Lokomotiv-85" three times in a row became the champion of the country.

Alexander Galimov

Alexander Galimov was the leader of that youth team. That is why he so early hit the double “Lokomotiv”, who spoke in the First League.Alexander quickly began to show good results. Together with the team in 2003, he became the winner. It was clear to everyone that this is a high-level hockey player, and in time he will become a player in the Super League club. Alexandra began to be attracted to training for the main team quite early. This striker wanted to get many Russian clubs. But the leadership of the Yaroslavl team managed to persuade Alexander to stay at home.

Debut for a professional team

Alexander Galimov made his debut for the main team “Lokomotiv” in 2004. At first, he performed with her in the Super League, and after - in the KHL. The Yaroslavl team in the times of Galimov never won the championship, but always performed with dignity. In 2008 and 2009 she won the KHL silver medals. The team was hard to concede twice in the final series. That period was the best for the club for a long time the existence of the team. In 2005 and 2011, the club was the bronze medalist of the Super League, and after - the KHL.

Alexander Galimov hockey player

At the end of the last season for Alexander in the KHL he ended the contract. He received an offer from several teams that are regularly fighting for the Gagarin Cup.But this hockey player decided to stay at home and continue to play for his favorite club “Lokomotiv”, to which he came at the age of 5 years. The new contract was signed for 4 years. Alexander was pleased with the way he was doing. New lucrative contract - and at home he is always waiting for a beautiful wife and beautiful daughter.

International career

Alexander Galimov, unfortunately many Russian fans, played a little for the national team. In 2005, he was summoned to the national team to participate in the World Youth Championship. Alexander Galimov hockey player was hardworking and responsible. It is thanks to these qualities, he got into the main team of the country. In 2009, the athlete played three games in the Karjala Cup. Alexander at the tournament played on the unusual position of the defender.

Tragedy in Yaroslavl

On September 7, 2011, Alexander Galimov, together with the club “Lokomotiv”, went to Minsk as part of the regular season to compete with the Dynamo team. However, this match did not take place. When departing from Yaroslavl, the plane carrying the Lokomotiv hockey team crashed.Alexander Galimov hockey player wife

Alexander is the only player from the Yaroslavl team who survived.He managed to get out of the plane. Upon the arrival of rescuers, he was immediately transported to one of the Yaroslavl hospitals. Alexander Galimov - hockey player who has done a lot for the city. But this time he himself needed help. The whole country supported the athlete. But the doctors immediately stated that he was in a very serious condition.

Death of an athlete

On September 8, Alexander Galimov was flown by the Institute to them. Vishnevsky for immersion in medical sleep. It was the only opportunity to save the hockey player. Doctors did everything they could. But the last surviving hockey player from the Yaroslavl team burned 90 percent of the body. There was no chance of saving the life of an athlete with such a diagnosis. All of Yaroslavl could not believe that Alexander is no more. The entire population until the last hoped that their pet would recover. Everyone was waiting for a miracle, but it did not happen.

Alexander Galimov hockey player wife photo

On the morning of September 12, Alexander Galimov died without regaining consciousness. He was the last of the team “Lokomotiv”. A large number of people again came to the palace with flowers to say goodbye to 26-year-old Alexander Galimov, who spent his short career in his native club.At parting, class teacher Marina Zaitseva bitterly cried. In all the school photos, Alexander was in the background, she recalled. He was a modest man who did not chase fame. The next day, his funeral took place in Yaroslavl, which took place according to Muslim custom.

Athlete's personal life

Alexander Galimov - hockey player, whose wife after the tragedy alone brings up the child. Marina Galimova used to work in the support group of the Yaroslavl Lokomotiv. It was there that she met her future husband. After that, Marina began to work as a choreographer and dancer in the volleyball club "Yaroslavich". Daughter Christina was born in 2009. Alexander was extremely happy about this event. He often talked about this when talking to journalists. I really wanted to be with my daughter when she first went to kindergarten, Alexander Galimov (hockey player).

The wife, the photo with which he asked to always remove journalists, was always in the first place for him. He did not want his family life on display. In his free time from hockey, Alexander Galimov regularly went fishing and hunting with his father.In the same area on September 7, a terrible tragedy occurred. Alexander also loved to ride a snowboard and a quad bike. This hockey player warmly related to his fans. He transferred a part of the earned money to charity.

Alexander Galimov biography

Alexander Galimov, whose biography was successful, became a real legend for the Lokomotiv team. The tragedy that took place interrupted his career, which was only gaining momentum. Undoubtedly, this hockey player would have spent a large number of successful seasons. The tragedy that occurred in 2011, took the lives of not just athletes, but good husbands and fathers.

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