Air rifles IZH-61, IZH-60, IZH-38

Pneumatic rifles IL, as is well known, differ among themselves somewhat modified design and tactical and technical characteristics. What can I say about IL-61?

Basic information

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The IZH-61 air rifle is a “remake” of the IZH-60. In fact, almost nothing has changed. The base, which the IZH-60 air rifle has, served as a constructive basis. “Innovation” is only in the fact that the shop is now a five-charge type. The rest of the air rifle IZH-61 completely copies its predecessor.

Make way for beginners

The manufacturer assures potential buyers that this model was created specifically for beginners who are just beginning to learn how to shoot from a pneumatic weapon. It is necessary to pay tribute to the company: here it is not disingenuous at all, it does not implant. The IZH-60 air rifle, which became the basis for creating the next model, is also quite applicable in this regard. That, in principle, is understandable.

air rifle IZH-61

An excellent training tool will be the 61st model for children, as well as for women. Newcomers to pneumatics are definitely interested in it. Another category of shooters who will certainly pay attention to these weapons is people who are trying to upgrade the rifle themselves. Now they can afford it. The design of IL-61 provides for the introduction of some changes. As the arrows themselves call them, “upgrades”


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The IZH air rifle, the price of which is not so high, will not cause such regret in the event of a breakdown (during the upgrade), as a more expensive professional rifle. It has an appropriate build quality, which again plays into the hands of a certain plan. If you decide that you want to do an air rifle upgrade, the IL-61 will be the best option. If I may say so, the perfect guinea pig.

This model is good in that it allows newcomers to turn around, but in the course of working with it they get a lot of experience, which later finds its practical application. That is why the road “to big pneumatics” after mastering even such an unsophisticated model as IL-61, becomes open.

It is worth saying that the 61st model has two big advantages over other similar ones.The first advantage, of course, is its value. She is only 3,000 rubles in official gun stores. If you buy a rifle, as they say, with hands, then it will cost only 1000-2000 rubles. The second advantage is the absence of the need to install optics. The fact is that the accuracy of shooting at the IL-61 at a distance of 10 meters is sufficient. Installing optics when shooting at such a distance is stupid. But for a long distance the bullet can no longer fly.

Air rifle IZH-38

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Izhevsk Mechanical Plant became famous for air rifles, which are distinguished by their long service life and high reliability. From a short distance to hit targets with the help of these weapons does not constitute a special problem. The caliber of cartridges is minimal, which means that use is possible only for such purposes, but not on the hunt. It is worth noting that the rifles of the IL series are not the best indicators of muzzle energy. And it makes its own adjustments to the purpose of use. Although nevertheless there are in IZH'ey models of the modified look which possess the increased muzzle energy. They constitute an exception.


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Air rifle IZH-38 is a single-shot spring-piston type weapon. When shooting from this weapon lead bullets are used. The initial speed of the bullet at the time of the shot falls in the interval from 150 to 180 meters per second.

Cocking a rifle is easy. Cocking is carried out with the help of the overlapping of the stem part. The breech cut opens, allowing you to manually charge a bullet. There is an automatic safety device that instantly blocks the trigger. Due to its presence, weapons can be safely called the most secure in terms of operation.

The fly is decorated in a closed style. It can not be moved, it occupies a fixed position. But the position of the rear sight can be adjusted. This is done both horizontally and vertically. To make this function possible, micrometric screws were added to the design. Adjusting the length of the sight line is also possible with the help of appropriate tools.

At the factory before assembling a rifle, all parts are oxidized. This is a mandatory procedure, which pays great attention.When the handguards are made, both wood and plastic are used. To get the best performance, apply solid wood.

Advantages and disadvantages

This model air rifle is available in terms of price. These are products that have a fairly wide consumer circle. In fact, a small cost is a significant advantage of the model. This variation of weapons found a huge number of fans precisely because of its cheapness.

Pneumatic rifles IL generally everything in its kind is quite inexpensive. But beginning shooters appreciate them not only for that. Air rifles IZH also easy to operate, have the possibility of tuning, improvements. Tuning allows you to increase the performance of the product.

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At the same time, pneumatic rifles IL have low recoil. Again, it allows you to set the sighting device on the variation and use it successfully. As for the other advantages, it is possible to call not such large dimensions, high compactness. Very important parameters if you need to transport weapons. Repair air rifle IL, if necessary, will cost you cheaply, and this is another plus model.

The rifled barrel, which is made of steel, allows the rifle to achieve the greatest range of the ammunition. Here, perhaps, all the benefits of IL-38. And now let's talk about its shortcomings, so that people who are going to purchase the appropriate products, once again think of everything as it should.

The main disadvantage of this air rifle is its singularity. Some may try to argue with this, but no one will be able to cross out the fact that single-handedness makes weapons impractical. Constantly for this it is necessary to break the barrel. And this leads to the fact that the axial bolt is simply loosened. The result is clear - the accuracy of shooting is reduced.


For some shooters, the front sight may seem too high. This is a matter of taste, but perhaps this fact will really become an obstacle in aiming. The descent is heavy enough, which again, not everyone will like. In order to carry out the shooting of IL-38, you really need to make a physical effort, otherwise nothing. In general, for beginners this rifle will not be the best weapon.

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