"Adult" tricycle (photo)

Bicycle types

Tricycle for adults is available in several versions. Depending on the needs of the client, this may be:

  • Cargo bike It is very popular among villa residents. Very comfortable for older people. The reinforced design, strong containers for luggage, and you can place them in front and behind, good stability on the road, low frame - all this makes the cargo "adult" tricycle very attractive as a reliable vehicle.
  • Rickshaw. Received widespread in Asian countries. Recently, it is beginning to gain popularity in Europe. It is very popular in recreation areas, parks, where movement by motor vehicles is prohibited. The tourism industry can give impetus to the development of rickshaws, not only in Western countries, but also in international resorts. Available mass models open and closed, with seating for passengers in front of and behind the rickshaw.By analogy, the production of bicycles for youngadult tricyclemoms, where there are special safe places for small children. You can go for a walk in the park with the whole family on a safe and reliable transport.
  • Bicycle "adult" three-wheeled folding. Models of such trikes are particularly popular due to the possibility of their rapid transformation into significantly smaller structures. This is an added convenience when transporting (car, elevator) or vehicle storage.
  • Tricycle for adults with a low frame. This model is more convenient for landing on it (it does not require a high leg lift), provides for comfortable operation by older people.
  • "Adult" tricycle (photo presented in the article) tandem. Designed for unhurried walks for two people. This model provides for the use of physical efforts of both cyclists. When buying such a bike, you should think about the place of storage, its dimensions are considerable, and a large area will be required.tricycle for adults
  • Double Different from the tandem arrangement of seats, in this embodiment, they are close, and not one after the other.As in the classic tandem, you can pedal on it simultaneously or alternately.
  • Tricycle chopper. A variant of the classic model, made in a stylish format: an elongated frame, high steering wheel.


A separate category of tricycles, which are used as racing. This design allows you to ride in a reclining position or lying on your back. The specific appearance attracts attention. Such an "adult" tricycle develops greater speed than standard models. Semi bicycles are divided into:

- by appointment (sports, pleasure and record-racing);

- by the nature of the drive (with rear, with front-wheel drive and a movable carriage, with front-wheel drive and a fixed carriage);

- the largest wheelbase (short, medium, long);

- on the height of the seat above the ground: from high, medium (40 cm to the ground) and low (15-20 cm) landing.

- Recumbent tricycles can be single and double (tandem).bicycle adult tricycle folding

With electric motor

The electric bike is another type of tricycle for adults. It differs from others in the presence of a small electric motor that allows you to move without physical effort. Very attractive option for people with disabilities.Perhaps this is the most popular modification of the "adult" tricycle in European countries.

Ease of operation, safety and reliability, decent speed (up to 20 km / h), the ability to carry up to 100 kg of cargo are not all the advantages of an electric bike. A lot of storage space it does not take. Moreover, developed and folding models of bicycles with electric motors.

The only concern will be charging the batteries. This can be done from a standard 220V outlet. The batteries are completely sealed and packed in a special removable bag for easy recharging. It lasts for 35-40 kilometers. Lead batteries need to be changed once every 4 years, helium batteries can last up to 10 years.adult tricycle photo

The disadvantages of electric bicycles include a rather large weight of batteries. But recent developments with lithium batteries show that electric motors have a great future.

Bike do it yourself

Today, in specialized stores you can find special kits with kits that will help you to assemble a tricycle "adult" with your own hands.

To get started, you need an old model of any domestic or foreign manufacturer.The life of the future tricycle and its aesthetic qualities will depend on its appearance and physical condition.

The length of the frame, the size of the trunk, the size of the wheels, the shape and style of the steering wheel, the seat - all these parts can be selected or tailored to individual requirements. When creating a transport masterpiece you should not forget about the practical side:

  • the bike must be easy to use, fitted to the growth of the owner;
  • it must be stable when cornering;
  • the steering wheel and pedals should be turned smoothly, without extraneous sounds (squeaks, squeals);
  • it is necessary to equip the bicycle with reflectors, brakes and a sound signal (bell).


A two-wheeled bicycle looks more familiar, but not everyone can use it. The advantages that an "adult" tricycle gives are the following:

  • stability on any road;
  • no effort is required to maintain balance;
  • low frame for easy fit;
  • It has a high load capacity;
  • provides gentle exercise for the elderly or people with disabilities;
  • vertical landing reduces the load on the arms and back;
  • provides comfortable conditions for a walk;
  • there are no expenses for fuels and lubricants;
  • environmentally friendly transport;
  • does not create noise.tricycle adult do it yourself


The biggest disadvantage of a trike is its absence on the shelves (or a very limited selection of models). While it is more realistic to purchase such equipment via the Internet. There is a huge selection of modifications for any needs and budget.

Dimensions that do not allow such a bike to be freely carried in an elevator, public transport, or small car also create some inconvenience when using it.

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