Adjutant is an honorary title?

If you read the book "War and Peace" when the school curriculum demanded it, then you must have come across such a word as "adjutant." But it’s hardly possible that you opened an explanatory dictionary and clarified its meaning. Let's try to fill this omission.

Modern vision

The mysterious girl in the photo at the beginning of the article is not just an abstract figure, but a person who is quite popular among young people. It is she who will appear in front of the eyes of a teenager who has heard "the adjutant is who?" And not only in adolescents.

face adjutant starcraft

StarCraft, released back in 1998, was invariably accompanied by the voice of this cybernetic person. And let it be just a female robotic bust with a huge number of connected cables. She was the one who accompanied hundreds of thousands of players on their intergalactic travels and gave a lot of useful advice. Therefore, you should not blame them for their ignorance of the knowledge of historical terms and that the adjutant is a mechanized girl.


To accurately answer the question: "Is the adjutant who is this?" - you need to understand to which area of ​​human activity it is directly related.In our case, this will be the army and military rank. The ranks in the armed forces of any country determine the position of servicemen in relation to their co-workers. They are assigned in accordance with existing skills and various merit received.

These ranks include the adjutant. In the literature until the XVIII century, you can find only a synonym for the phrase "military rank." And it was the so-called "rank." Military involvement in a particular rank is determined by various elements of clothing. From the cap to the stripes on the pants.

Russian officers

So, you should understand what is the adjutant in the military hierarchy.


Until the beginning of the XIX century, all the duties performed by the adjutant fell on the shoulders of a soldier who bore the proud name of an esaul. On their shoulders, basically, the work went on at headquarters, which the higher ranks were not able to fulfill.

Orders for the rear forces are unfairly considered to be less significant than the feats of those who give debt to their homeland directly on the battlefield. But without the coordinated work of the main headquarters as a whole and all its units separately, no soldier would have any idea about which side the enemy is and where it is necessary to advance in order to unite with the allied forces. Such duties carried with them the title of adjutant.Transfer of correspondence between different types of troops, the report of orders of higher authorities to ordinary soldiers. All this provided a stable link between the leadership and subordinates, and therefore, invariably led many military operations to a victorious conclusion. Therefore, the title of adjutant has long been considered very honorable and responsible. Among other things, she was honored with multiple references in literature and cinema.

Adjutant His Excellency

film adjutant

Perhaps a name like Yuri Solomin does not evoke any memories in you. But the film "Adjutant of His Excellency" probably once met in your life. Perhaps this is one of your favorite movies. Or maybe you just heard this phrase from older relatives. In any case, this film can be considered one of the symbols of an entire era.

If during the reading of our article you wondered exactly what responsibilities lay on the shoulders of the adjutant and what were the hidden difficulties of this post, then it’s best to just watch this film once than to read dozens of articles from the Internet in search of truth.All 5 episodes will fly like one instant. But after watching, you can definitely answer the question: who is the adjutant? And yet, we hope that our article has helped you to sort out this issue a little.

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