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Ada Rogovtseva is a talented actress who became a star in the times of the USSR. Fame came to her thanks to the military drama “Salute, Maria!” In this picture, Ada Nikolaevna embodied the image of an underground girl with a tragic fate. By the age of 80, this amazing woman had time to play in more than a hundred films and TV shows. What is the story of a celebrity?

Ada Rogovtseva: family, childhood

The star of the painting “Salute, Maria!” Was born in the Sumy region (Ukraine), it happened in July 1937. Ada Rogovtseva was born in a simple family, she has no famous relatives. Her father before the beginning of the Second World War worked in the NKVD, and her mother - an agronomist by profession. The actress claims that she inherited from her father an easy attitude to life and money, and from her mother - the gift of forgiveness.

Ada Rogovtseva in his youth

Childhood stars had a difficult war years, it is hardly possible to call him happy.The family met the beginning of the war in Odessa, where its head organized the dispatch of people to evacuation. Then the Rogovtsevs lived for some time in Glukhov, after which they moved to Kiev. It was there that the Victory Parade found the young Hell and her family. The father, after all the tests that he had experienced, began to drink, early became addicted to alcohol and the brothers. The family was desperate for money.


Interest in the creative work of Ada Rogovtseva showed even in school years. She performed in the evenings, took part in amateur performances, sang. After graduation, the girl was about to enter the journalism department, but her friends dissuaded her. They convinced Hell that she should certainly devote herself to dramatic art. As a result, in 1954, Rogovtseva became a student at the IK Karpenko-Kary Institute.

Ada Rogovtseva in his youth

Years of study passed quickly because of the busy schedule of classes. The young student immediately became one of the best students of the course. At the age of 18 she began to receive a Stalin scholarship. Around the same time, Ada met her future husband.


She graduated from the Ada Rogovtseva Theater Institute in 1959.Shortly thereafter, the theater named after Lesia Ukrainka opened its doors to the beginning actress. Her debut was bright, the girl played a key role in the play "Youth of Poly Vikhrova."

A woman has devoted about 35 years of life to serving in the theater named after Lesya Ukrainka. “Masha”, “Russian people”, “Sacred monsters”, “Mother Courage”, “At the bottom”, “I go to a thunderstorm”, “The Last”, “104 pages about love” - it’s not easy to list all the famous plays with her participation. The Warsaw Melody production, in which Ada embodied the image of Gelena Modlewska, deserves special mention. It is safe to say that this is one of the most vivid images created by the artist.

First roles

From the biography of Ada Rogovtseva it follows that she began to act in films in her student days. Novice actress debuted in the drama "Bloody dawn." Her heroine was the poor peasant girl Gafiyka, who, together with her parents, dreams of a bright future. Ada received this role thanks to Ambrose Buchme, who was a picture consultant. Then Rogovtseva created a vivid image of the arrest of Christina in the painting “Pavel Korchagin”.

The first roles did not bring the actress fame, but allowed to gain valuable experience. At the beginning of her film career, she played in the films listed below.

  • "When the nightingales sing."
  • "Shelmenko-batman."
  • "End of Chirva-Trump".
  • "Flags on the towers."
  • "When youth begins."
  • "Flying ship".
  • "Forest Song".
  • "Heavy Ear".

Finest hour

In 1970, a two-part drama “Salute, Maria!” Was presented to the audience court. Actress Ada Rogovtseva performed a key role in this film, after which she literally woke up famous.

Ada Rogovtseva in the film "Salute, Maria!"

Events unfold during the Civil War, the scene of action - the south of Russia. Underground worker Maria, the heroine of Ada, is engaged in agitational activities. By the will of fate, the girl falls in love with the Spanish sailor Pablo. Maria’s feelings are reciprocated, but her friends and relatives, as well as her fellow members of the underground, do not approve of her interest in a stranger.

Bright roles

Thanks to the drama “Salute, Maria!” Attracted the attention of directors Ada Rogovtseva. Films with a talented actress began to go out one by one. She performed her bright role in the military-biographical drama “The Taming of the Fire”, which tells about the formation and development of Soviet rocketry.The heroine of Ada Nikolaevna became a girl named Natasha, in love with a brilliant designer who devoted her life to the exploration of outer space. Rogovtseva colleague on the set was Kirill Lavrov. While working on the picture the actress was pregnant, so Lavrov touchingly cared for her.

Ada Rogovtseva in the "Eternal Call"

In the TV series "Eternal Call" Ada Nikolaevna was not going to act. The actress has almost abandoned the role, as her daughter was still too young. However, the creators of the TV project convinced her to change her mind, promised to provide a nanny. Filming "Eternal Call" took place in the Urals, the actors looked after the child Rogovtseva in turn. The series tells the story of a simple family that unfolds against the background of historical events in the country.

What else to see

In which TV shows and movies Ada Rogovtseva managed to withdraw in the last ten years? A list of film and television projects with star participation is given below.

Ada Rogovtseva in the movies
  • "Yermolovs".
  • "Blessed."
  • "Inheritance".
  • "Provincial".
  • "I'll be back".
  • "Taras Bulba".
  • "On the open water."
  • Neodinokie.
  • Herbarium of Masha Kolosova.
  • "I will never give you away to somebody".
  • "Shark".
  • "Mark".
  • "Lovers."
  • "Cedar" pierces the sky. "
  • "The dance of our love."
  • "Indian summer".
  • "Smile of Fate."
  • "Happy ticket".
  • "Protector".
  • "My mommy".
  • "Dreaming is not bad."
  • "Cordon investigator Saveliev."
  • "Bad blood".
  • "Late remorse."
  • "Silver ringing creek."
  • "Where there is happiness for me."
  • "Curved mirror of the soul."
  • "Dangerous love".
  • "Rare blood type".
  • "Mongrel Lyalya."
  • "Pretty Lala."
  • "Boatswain Chaika".
  • "Fern flower".
  • "Red Queen".
  • "I love my husband".
  • "Ask the fall."

The last of his current role of Ada Nikolaevna sang in the mini-series "Recipe for Love". Baroness became the heroine of Rogovtseva in this teleproject. While her further creative plans are kept secret.

Family love

Of course, fans are not only interested in the creative achievements of Ada Rogovtseva. Biography, personal life - people want to know everything about their idol. Ada Nikolaevna met her future spouse in her student years. Konstantin Stepankov worked as a teacher at the IK Karpenko-Kary Institute, where she studied. The young teacher immediately attracted the attention of Rogovtseva. Interest was mutual, they began to meet.

Ada Rogovtseva and Konstantin Stepankov

Konstantin made Ada a proposal after she graduated from high school. Lovers have played a wedding in 1959. In 1962 a son was born in the family, who was given the name Constantine. Ten years later, a daughter was born, the girl was named Ekaterina. The children of the actress went in the maternal footsteps, tied their lives with creative professions.


Konstantin Stepankov was not destined to live to a golden wedding, he was gone in 2004. The husband of the famous actress died from a serious illness. For several years, the family fought for his life, but nothing was done. The death of her beloved spouse became a real tragedy for Ada Nikolaevna. Only the support of beloved children, who did not leave the mother alone with her grief, helped the actress survive this misfortune, return to her beloved work.

Ada Rogovtseva in adulthood

Rogovtseva dedicated a book to her late husband, called her “My Kostya”. In this work, the actress tells in detail about the last months of his life, his own experiences. To some extent, the book has become a way for a star to speak out.

In 2012, another tragedy occurred in the family of Ada Rogovtseva. Her son Constantine died of cancer.It should be mentioned that he participated in the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster. The loss of her son was crippled by an actress who had not yet fully recovered from the death of her husband. She admits that she lived only for the sake of her daughter and grandchildren.

Photo of Ada Rogovtseva in different periods of life can be seen in the article.

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