Actress Maria Anikanova: biography, family and career

Maria Anikanova is a young attractive actress who has created many bright images in movies and TV shows. We invite you to start studying her personal and creative biography right now.Maria anikanova husband children

Childhood and family

Maria Anikanova was born in Moscow in 1973 (June 20). It seems that she was destined to become an athlete. After all, Masha's mother (Irina Lyulyakova) and her aunt in their youth engaged in figure skating. And the paternal grandparents were famous speed skaters in the USSR. And her father, Victor Anikanov, from 1971 worked as a doctor of the Soviet national figure skating teams.

From the age of 3, Masha practiced ice dancing. At various times, her coaches were T. Tarasova and G. Ackerman. She is very grateful for their experience and moral support.

Dramatic changes

Maria Anikanova finally broke up with figure skating after her partner Peter Chernyshov left for the United States. By the time the girl had another hobby - acting.

At first our heroine managed to enter VGIK. But then she transferred to VTU them. Shchukin. In 1995, Masha was awarded a diploma from the university. Then Anikanova got a job at the Moscow Sovremennik Theater.


Maria's film career began in 1991, and immediately with the leading role. In the tragicomedy “House under the stars”, she played Nick, the daughter of the scientist Bashkirtsev.

In 1992, the second picture of Masha Anikanova appeared on the screens. In the drama "Tomorrow" the actress successfully reincarnated in Maya. Her colleagues on the set were Maxim Razuvaev, Natalia Kaznacheyeva and Maria Golubkina.

After a long break, the actress returned to the cinema in 2000. She was approved for the main role in the film “Panther. Probation". However, the film was never completed.

In 2001, Maria Anikanova appeared in two tapes - the detective story "Parisian Antiquarian" and the adventure film "Fatalists."

Our heroine gained wide popularity and recognition of the audience after filming in the TV series “Two Fates-2” (2005), “Everything Mixed in the House” (2006), as well as in the sports film “Hot Ice”.Maria Anikanova

In 2014-2015 the actress's filmography was replenished with the following pictures: the melodrama “The Other Coast” (Ksyusha), the TV series “The Line of Martha” (Olga Nikolaeva) and the detective story “Nyuhach-2”.

Now in the creative piggy Anikanova over 40 film workers. In 2014, she was awarded the title "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation."

Maria Anikanova: personal life

Before us is a bright and attractive woman, who is in her 40 years. She has a smart figure, a lovely smile and an expressive look. Already in adolescence, she bathed the attention of the guys. But how did her personal life evolve? Now you will find out about it.Maria anikanova love life husband photo

At the age of 19, Maria Anikanova married for the first time. Husband, children - the girl had not thought about it then. But true love has changed her plans and thoughts. The spouse of our heroine was the figure skater Yevgeny Platonov. They met when Masha was 14 years old. At first they were bound by friendship. And then the guy and the girl flashed mutual feelings. Unfortunately, this marriage lasted only 3 years. What is the reason for their separation? Zhenya and Masha just spent a little time together. Unsettled life and great employment of both spouses quickly destroyed their family relationships. After the divorce, Anikanova took up the development of her film career. And Platonov went on a tour of America.

New love

The second (civil) husband of Maria was an athlete Ilya Kulik.They had to communicate at a distance, to go to each other. After all, Kulik trained a lot abroad. The couple agreed in advance: if Illya wins the Olympics in Nagano (1998), then Masha will go with him to the USA. He managed to win the gold medal. Our heroine also kept her word. She left the theater and began packing her bags.Maria Anikanova personal life

In the US, Ilya Kulik bought a spacious house. But he appeared in it very rarely (due to training). Masha tried to build an acting career in a foreign country, but soon realized that everything was in vain. At one point she was tired of being a housewife. She announced to Ilya about the parting and her return to Moscow. The athlete did not dissuade her from this step.

Present tense

Is Maria Anikanova free now? The personal life of the actress has developed successfully. She has a beloved man - Andrei Sipin. He is also a representative of the actor's brethren. Their acquaintance took place in 2003. Our heroine came to RAMT as a spectator. And Sipin participated in the production of "The Cherry Orchard." At the end of the play, Peter Krasilov (a good friend of Masha) took her backstage and introduced her to Andrey. Sipinu immediately liked slender blonde.A few days later, he called Maria and invited me on a date. The girl agreed. Andrew beautifully and aggressively courted her.

A month from the date of his acquaintance, he made a proposal to the beloved. Anikanova agreed. Lush wedding was not. The couple signed the registry office. Celebrated the celebration at home and in a narrow family circle.Maria anikanova love life wife children

In 2010, the couple had a common daughter. The baby was called a beautiful and rare name in our country - Aglaia. Sipin Andrey and Maria Anikanova (private life) have been legally married for over 13 years. A wife, children, and a cozy home are what many men aspire to. Sipin Andrew is no exception. Love, trust and respect still reign in their relationship with Masha. They may well call themselves happy people.


Now you all know where she was born, studied and in which films Maria Anikanova starred. Personal life, husband, photo - all this was considered in the article. We wish the charming actress more bright roles, loyal fans and harmony in the family!

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