Actor Viktor Pavlov: biography, filmography, personal life and interesting facts

Few of the Soviet ministers of Melpomene could make such a brilliant career as the actor Viktor Pavlov. Meanwhile, his biography has not always been formed, as he wanted to. How did a student locksmith at a Moscow factory manage to become the favorite actors of millions of viewers?

Childhood Victor Pavlov

The future actor Viktor Pavlov was born in October 1940 in Viktor PavlovHis mother was a doctor and met his father - Pavel Pavlov in Chita. Due to the fact that even in the pre-war time Pavlov Sr. specialized in military equipment, from the beginning of the Great Patriotic War he was assigned to the engineering troops, which helped him survive.

Not every child who survived the war could boast that his father had returned. However, Viktor Pavlov was lucky in this regard. His father not only survived, but in future years he made a good career, retraining from military equipment to agricultural.Subsequently, this helped him to take the post of Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the RSFSR.

Despite his work in this field, Pavel Pavlov was a very intelligent man and a passionate theater-goer. It was he who instilled in his son a love for this art. And starting from the 3rd grade, the young Vitya, together with his father, attended the brightest premieres of famous Moscow theaters.

Unlike his father, the future actor not only liked to watch the performances from the outside, but also dreamed of playing them himself. For this reason, while still a schoolboy, the boy signed up for the local theater and participated in most of the productions.

From locksmith to artist

Despite the love of Pavlov Sr. for the theater, he was not sure that this profession would be able to feed his son. Therefore, he contributed to the fact that after the 8th grade, Victor left school and began training at the factory as an apprentice mechanic, and then as a radio assembler.

Therefore, after work, the young man attended evening school to get a certificate. However, the dream of becoming an artist did not leave him. Therefore, he enrolled in the drama club Vadim Bogomolov at the House of Teachers.

Bogomolov soon noticed Pavlov’s outstanding talent and strongly advised him, after receiving his certificate, to go to study at a theater school.
Following the advice of a mentor, Viktor Pavlov soon entered the Schepkin School for the course of Nikolai Annenkov and Vera Pashenna.

The years spent here, the actor Viktor Pavlov considered the best in life. The course in which he studied was truly outstanding, because such future stars as O. Dahl, V. Solomin, M. Kononov, J. Baryshev and M. Fomin studied with Pavlov. Pavlov’s teachers were so selfless that they forced students not only to love their profession, but to live it.

All these efforts turned out to be in vain, and after graduation Pavlov was invited to work at Sovremennik, which was considered one of the best theaters in the USSR.

Pavlova's theater career

In such a well-known institution, the young actor Viktor Pavlov was received quite cordially, and he was immediately offered several interesting roles. However, playing in the performances "The Naked King", "Elder Sister", "Cyrano de Bergerac" and others, the artist did not feel that he was in the right place. Therefore, after 2 years he moved to the theater. M.N. Yermolova.

Here the young actor played 8 bright roles, the most famous of his hero was Beavers from the play “Time and the Conway family”.

actor Victor Pavlov biography

Despite a successful career in a new institution, in 1969, the artist enters the Theater named after VV. Mayakovsky. He did this in order to work together with a famous director - Andrei Goncharov.

In the new theater, Viktor Pavlov played in such sensational productions as Conversations with Socrates, The Man from La Mancha, Talents and Fans, Aristocrats.
In 1975, Viktor Pavlov again changed the theater and moved to the Small. He quickly turns into a leading artist, and often viewers come to the performances not for the sake of the performances themselves, but to look at Pavlov.

The most famous plays with the participation of the artist in the Maly Theater are “King Lear”, “Inspector”, “Woe from Wit”, “Hot Heart”, “Forest” and others.

In 1985, for 5 years, the actor returned to the theater named after M. N. Ermolova, and then, until the end of his days, he continued to work in Maly again.

What is remarkable, in Pavlov's career, that despite his fantastic workload of filming for the cinema, he never left the theater and always miraculously combined these two classes.

The first film roles and triumph in Gaidai

Viktor Pavlov began as a student, in 1961, in the film “When the Trees were Large”.His typical Slavic appearance was immediately noted by the directors and they often began to invite workers to small roles (“Taiga landing”) or soldiers (“Spill of the earth”).

The real breakthrough was the role of a student named “Oak” who decided to outwit the strict examiner in the film “Action“ Y ”and other adventures of Shurik” with the help of a cunning device. Although Pavlov's character appeared in just a few small episodes of the picture, he made the whole country literally cry with laughter.

Gaidai liked the young artist so much that after a few years he invited him to play a small role in his other comedy “The Twelve Chairs”.

A kaleidoscope of movies with Pavlov in the 60's and 70's.

Many believed that after the roles of Gaidai, Pavlov would be consolidated as a comic artist. Moreover, in the theater he often played funny characters, and everyone loved and appreciated this facet of his talent in it. But Viktor Pavlov managed to prove to everyone that he was able to play outside of any role.

If in the second half of the 60s he starred in 1-2 films a year, then in the next decade, the artist began to appear in 5-6 projects a year.

Due to his slightly overweight physique, Palov played mainly merchants, small intelligentsia and servants in many historical films of this period - “Dauria”, “Old Fortress”, “Hamlet of Shchigrovsky County”, “Strogovy”, “The Only Road”, “Fourth Height” , “While the Dream is Mad”, “Emelyan Pugachev”, “Dumas in the Caucasus” and others.pavlov viktor actor

The Seventies ended for Pavlov with one of his finest film works — the role of a gangster Levchenko in the film “The meeting place cannot be changed”.

The role of the artist in the 80s.

In the new decade, Viktor Pavlov turned 40, but his age did not become a hindrance to his career. As in past years, he is removed a lot. But now it’s not only historical tapes (“Say a word for the poor hussar”, “The Son of the Regiment”, “Chelyuskinites”, “At the Edge of the Sword”, “Midshipmen, Forward!”), But also domestic and acute social dramas , “Village Story”, “Lonely Dormitory Is Available”, “Among Gray Stones”, “Mirgorod and Its Inhabitants”, “Coming Age”, “Don't Walk, Girls, Marry”, “Bright Personality”, “Katala”, “Lawyer "), Fairy tales for children (" Rock and roll for princesses "," Lilac ball ").Viktor Pavlov actor filmography

Viktor Pavlov (actor): filmography after the collapse of the USSR

After 1991, the film industry of the Russian Federation was in a very difficult position. There were very few films made, and many famous artists were forced to look for additional income in order to survive.

However, Viktor Pavlov was lucky, who, despite the crisis, remained in demand in the profession. Now he filmed not only cinema, but also in numerous television series that began to appear on television screens in the 90s. New political realities demanded new heroes - businessmen and ... priests. Thanks to his many-sided talent, the artist could play both the first (“And the hell with us”, “Anecdotal, or the History of Odessa in anecdotes”) and the second (“The Russian brothers”, “Children of Monday”).

Thanks to the solidity that Pavlov acquired with age, he began to play more and more often the military and law enforcement officers (“I myself”, “Thief”).Viktor Pavlov biography of the actor familyThe acquisition of this lineage was especially instrumental in the role of the military comedy DMB, in which he played Major-General Talalaev, nicknamed the subordinates Batya.

Victor Pavlov (biography): personal life

For the title of a sex symbol, the artist obviously never pulled, given his pleasant but not heroic appearance. However, he was a very pleasant and charming man and women liked him.But, unlike many colleagues, he was Monogamous and married only once, and he turned out to be an exemplary husband.alexander victorovna pavlova daughter of actor viktor pavlova

Even while working in the theater. M. N. Yermolova Pavlov met a charming and slightly funny actress Tatyana Govorova. Soon, a romance began between the colleagues, and they got married, and in 1967 they had a baby - Alexandra Viktorovna Pavlova.

The daughter of actor Viktor Pavlova did not continue the acting dynasty and became a doctor, like her grandmother. According to other sources, she became a stewardess.

Sasha Pavlova, having married, gave birth to a daughter Natasha, who became a real favorite of her grandfather. He spent a lot of time with her, spoiled her, and also tried to teach her to his favorite hobby - bird care.Viktor Pavlov biography personal life

It is worth noting that, despite the love of hunting, the actor Viktor Pavlov adored birds, especially pigeons. He had his own dovecote, where he courted and raised his winged pets. His friends and colleagues called the pigeons grown by him as “Pavlovskies”.

Recent years and the death of the artist

Throughout his life he was also keen on fishing and painting Pavlov Victor. The actor was not a special fan of active sports, but despite this, he knew how to keep himself in good shape.A big surprise for him and his loved ones were heart problems, which the artist had when he was 65 years old. At the insistence of the doctors, in the spring of 2006 he was hospitalized and spent several months in the hospital. His condition gradually improved, and Pavlova was discharged.

However, in late August 2006, Viktor Pavlovich’s condition began to deteriorate sharply again. Without having had time to go to the hospital, Victor Pavlov (actor) died in his Moscow apartment, in the arms of his beloved wife. The cause of death, as established by medical examination - a heart attack.

Such an early death of a movie star was a real blow for many of his colleagues and fans. At the funeral ceremony, which took place 4 days after the death of the artist, hundreds of people came to say goodbye to Pavlov.

The spectators' favorite was buried at the 8th section of the Kuntsevo cemetery, not far from the grave of father Viktor Pavlov.

Interesting facts

  • The first role that Viktor Pavlov played in his life was a black woman, in one of the performances of the school drama circle.
  • During his career, the actor Viktor Pavlov starred in 175 film projects, and also voiced 2 cartoons (“Alyonushka and Soldier”, “Kings and Cabbage”) and the film “Non-Professionals”.
  • The famous bulging ear, which stands out so brightly for an artist, is a consequence of a children's trauma.Once, in a fight in the yard with the guys, Pavlov twisted his ear, and it remained for a whole life a little bit of an unusual form.
  • In addition to the multi-part tape “The Place of Meeting Cannot Be Changed”, scenes telling about the military past of the characters Pavlov and Konkin were additionally filmed. However, they never entered the finished picture. By the way, he agreed to the role of Levchenko, without even reading the script Pavlov Viktor. The actor at that time was very busy in the theater and filming in other projects, so he instructed his wife to read the manuscript. After reading the script, Tatiana Nikolaevna was delighted with him and advised her husband to necessarily withdraw in the project, especially since his role was one of the most ambiguous in the picture.
  • The last two works of the artist, the paintings "Curator" and "Moscow Smiles", came out after his death.

Compared with other colleagues, Viktor Pavlov did not live long. Biography of the actor, his family and hobbies - all this has always been an example for his friends and colleagues. Viktor Pavlovich was not only one of the best in his profession, but remained so selflessly devoted to her that he did not have time for depression, alcoholism and other related attributes of a creative personality.Perhaps due to the fact that Pavlov never took care of himself - his heart could not stand it, and he died only 65 years old. But even after such a short life, he left behind a memory for his descendants, creating on the screen more than 100 various heroes that left no one indifferent.

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Actor Viktor Pavlov: biography, filmography, personal life and interesting facts 62

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