Actor Fabio Assunson: biography and filmography

All the dreams of Fabio have always been associated with music. He saw himself only on the charts, but fate decreed otherwise. Today Assunson is one of the most beautiful and sought-after actors in Brazil.

Fabio Assunson: biography

When he was 15, he already played the piano and guitar. Having founded his group Delta T, a guy from a poor family soon realized that without financial investments in the music business he would not go far.

Fabio Assunson was born in 1971, August 10th. His hometown is Sao Paulo. Currently, the actor lives in Rio de Janeiro.

After learning about the recruitment of students to the theater class, a young man who was disappointed in his musical career decided to tempt fate and did not lose. A young and unknown guy, who was never interested in a movie star's career, once woke up a famous actor.Fabio Assunson

First role

Fabio Assunson appeared on the screen while still a student, when he successfully passed screen tests and received his first role in the television series “My love, my sadness”.The film was first released on screens in 1990 and is well known to residents of the post-Soviet space.

The hero-lover - it was in this stage image that Brazilian filmmakers first saw him.

Many fans of soap operas are unfamiliar with the name of this actor. Probably the reason is that the announcers of some TV channels pronounce his name as Asunsan. Fabio, as mentioned above, first appeared on television in the early 90s of the last century in the TV series “My love, my sadness”.

Another series with Fabio Assunson, beloved by the post-Soviet audience - “In the name of love”. Another Brazilian celebrity, Gabriela Duarte, also appeared in the same project.

Fabio Assunson and Gabriela Duarte

Fabio Assunson and Gabriela Duarte embodied Marcela and Maria Eduardo - happy spouses awaiting the appearance of the heir. After the death of the long-awaited newborn, Maria Edward's mother, Helen (played by Regina Duarte), guarding the happiness of her daughter, replaces the dead baby with her own. Interestingly, the “cinema” mom and daughter are in reality also mom and daughter.

Elena's selfless deed does not save the marriage of Marie Edward and Marcel - they break up, and Helen devotes her life to her daughter and grandson - to the child, who is actually her son.

Moving to Rio and starting a career

Shortly after his film debut and the incredible success that fell on him, Fabio Assunson and his young wife, model Priscilla Borgonovi, moved to the capital in order to devote themselves seriously to cinema. Communicating with journalists, he never hid that he was very glad that his first wife was not an actress - this brought a sense of diversity and romance into their family life.

Prior to his acquaintance with Priscila, Fabio was momentarily fascinated by the actresses with whom he worked - Cristina Oliveira and Claudia Abreu. By the way, the marriage with Borgonov, too, was short-lived and existed from 2002 to 2005. In 2003, Priscila gave birth to a son.Asunsan Fabio

Despite the short life together, Priscile and Fabio managed to visit many wonderful corners of the Earth: in London and the Seychelles, in Japan and in Bali. The Seychelles became a special place for them: here Fabio indulged in his favorite sport, diving, and all his spare time was spent reading books and listening to musical compositions.

"Power of desire"

The worldwide fame brought the Brazilian actor participation in the television series "Power of Desire." Fabio Assunson was invited by directors Carlos Araujo, João Camargue and Fabricio Mamberti as an actor working in the role of the hero-lover for the role of Inacio Sobral.For the first time the series was shown on television in 1999.

This television drama returns the viewer to Brazil in the 19th century - the era of slaveholders. The main theme of the film is the love that two men have for the same woman named Helena. One of them, Baron Enrique Sobral, is married to her and brings up two sons, the youngest of which, Abelardo, Helen gave birth to his rival Izhino Ventura.

fabio assunson movies

Helena and Enrique Sobral, the eldest son, tired to watch his father scoff at the mother who once betrayed him, goes to Rio de Janeiro, where he falls in love with the owner of the most famous brothel, but soon Inacio will have to go home: his mother, exhausted by jealousy of her spouse survives the last days. Soon Elena dies, and the real father Abelardo, wanting to avenge the death of his beloved, settles near the estate of Enrique Sobral.

Inacio, seeing the daughter of Izhino Ventura Alisa, falls in love with her and appeals to her grandmother Idalina to help him break up with Esther (the mistress of a brothel) and marry Alisa. Everything seems to be developing in the best possible way: Esther no longer claims to the society Inacio, however, ironically, soon marries his father, Enrique Sobral.

In the meantime, young Abelardo, who knows nothing about his pedigree and belonging to the Izhino Ventura family, falls in love with his own sister, the daughter Izhino.

Fabio Assunson: 21st Century Films

In 2004, the work of Fabio Assunson was appreciated by film critics who had previously disliked the handsome young man. The starting point was the role of Renato Mendez in the series of the famous screenwriter Gilberto Braga "Celebrity", released on screens in 2004.

Among the main qualities of Fabio, specialists from the film industry stand out with the ability to equally embody the image of a hero, a villain, a sophisticated aristocrat or an ordinary hard-working guy on the screen. Fabio Assunson himself does not hide that some characters were given to him with great difficulty. For example, Georges from the Sonho Meu film project. This embodiment of vice and meanness, according to the actor, is very different from all the negative roles that the directors trusted him.fabio assunson biography

One of the most favorite roles Assunson - Marcos Metszenga in the "fatal inheritance." Perhaps because this long-haired rebel in a cowboy hat was not like the other characters in the picture.In addition, during the filming of the film, Fabio had a chance to share the set with Antonio Fagundes, his idol.

Reverse side of success

With the advent of the 21st century, Fabio Assunson successfully advanced in his profession. This continued until 2008, until he was suspended from filming for a long time.

On the set of the series “Business in Chinese”, the actor behaved strangely, he looked bad and could not take part in the work on the film. The reason for this behavior, as it turned out, was drug use. In November of the same year, Fabio underwent a course of treatment in an appropriate medical institution.

Actor's cinema

Assunson is not at all just a TV actor. In his track record there are several feature films.

In 2000, the movie “Twice with Helena” was shown on a big screen for the first time, in which Asunsan was involved (Fabio got the role of Polydor). In the same year, one more motion picture with the actor’s participation - “Set Hour” was released.power of desire fabio assunson

In 2001, Assunson appeared as Bellini (“Bellini and the Sphynx”), and in 2003 Paulo played in the film “Christina wants to get married”.

2004 brought Fabio Assunson two roles at once: in the film “Water Mirror: A Journey on the San Francisco River” he got the role of Enrique, and in the project “Sex, Love and Betrayal” - the role of Thomas.

In the film “Cousin Basilio”, released in film distribution in 2007, Fabio Assunson played the role of Basilio, and in the 2008 film “Bellini and the Demon” he was invited to be Remo Bellini.

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