Achatina snails in cosmetology: how to use?

Since ancient times, the use of Achatina snails is famous. In cosmetology, these creatures are popular and able to get rid of many skin problems. What are these snails and why the beautiful half of humanity loves them so much?

Achatina in Russia

This species of snails lives on the territory of Africa. In Russia, such mollusks live only as pets and are bred in nurseries. Not only exotic delicacy are Achatina snails. In cosmetology, they are more popular, and in the salons are increasingly provided procedures with the participation of this creature.

The size of the Achatina shell is impressive, it is ten centimeters in length, and there are twenty-centimeter specimens. Snails - picky creatures and at home will not bring much trouble. They eat exclusively vegetable food, not only fresh, but also withered greens.

Achatina snails in cosmetology

How to contain Achatina?

African Achatina snails (in cosmetology, they are used quite often) may be kept in the home. Caring for them is quite simple, they are unpretentious.In order for the clam to feel as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to settle it in a terrarium or aquarium with the ground. The soil must be kept moist, and if the moisture is not enough, the snail will show you this, constantly hiding in the "house".

The aquarium should be spacious, and each mollusk needs a volume of at least ten liters. Also it is necessary to provide a place for swimming Achatina, putting in a terrarium container with water. This container should be heavy, shallow, so that the snail does not overturn the water.

Achatina snails in cosmetology how to use

How to use a snail?

Of great value are the snails Achatina in cosmetology. How to use this creature interests all women with whom it lives at home. Thanks to this neighborhood, every girl can save on trips to expensive salons, and there are no special tricks to use snails:

  1. The first step is to clean the problem area of ​​the skin from cosmetics and dust, using water and detergent.
  2. After washing the skin with a cotton disc, apply milk.
  3. The snail must be washed in running water.
  4. Clean Achatina is placed on the area of ​​skin that needs to be processed.
  5. Give the snail to crawl quietly on the skin, but the procedure should not last more than fifteen minutes.
  6. After the snail on the skin remains mucus, you need to let it soak and dry.
  7. Wash with warm water without soap and other detergents.

There is nothing difficult in how to use Achatina snails in cosmetology, and at home they can be used to carry out rejuvenation procedures on their own. Thanks to regular procedures, the skin will become much younger, will get a healthy and fresh look.

Achatina snails in cosmetology reviews

What is useful snail slime Achatina?

Achatina snails in cosmetology are used for a reason. Many believe that there is no benefit from shellfish, and professionals use the trust of women for their own benefit, only for earnings. This is a deep misconception, and the mucus of snails or ointments and creams based on it are really useful.

The mucus Ahatin contains a large amount of elastin (elasticity of the skin), collagen (tissue regeneration) and glycolic acid (helps to exfoliate dead skin cells). Allantoin is also present, which is quickly absorbed and struggles with aging, prolonging youth. These substances are necessary for the skin, and especially for mature age, for women whose bodies lose the ability to create collagen on their own over the years.

If you use snails from a young age, you can avoid the early appearance of wrinkles and other signs of aging skin.

No wonder on the basis of mucus Ahatin produced a large number of healing ointments and anti-aging creams. It has been proven that this mucus helps wounds heal faster and prevents the appearance of large scars after injuries. The content of antibiotics in mucus contributes to the rapid healing of wounds, the destruction of bacteria and microbes that are harmful to the skin's health.

The great advantage is that Achatina mucus is completely hypoallergenic and can be used by girls and women with problematic skin, prone to irritation and redness, who cannot use creams.

Achatina snail photo in cosmetology

Achatina help in the fight against cellulite

Do you still resort to the help of expensive creams against cellulite? It is worth trying the massage effect Achatine. Achatina snails in cosmetology provide a wide range of services. If this mollusk is allowed to go for a walk in problem areas of the body that are prone to cellulite, then soon you can completely get rid of the "orange peel".

The principle of operation is quite simple: at least three times a week for up to fifteen minutes to plant snails on the stomach, hips. Massage effect and collagen will do their work, and after two months you can safely wear the most blatant bikini.

African snails Achatina in cosmetology

Achatina against varicose veins

For people with varicose veins, the massage that Achatina snails do is especially useful. In cosmetology, these mollusks are used for daily massage, which helps to improve blood circulation, relieve spasms and strengthen blood vessels. It is worth noting that the movement of the snail over the skin is tangibly, but completely painless, with the daily use of this type of massage it is possible to get rid of this ailment in the early stages of varicose veins.

It is worth remembering that with progressive advanced varicose, snails are used only in conjunction with medical treatment.

how to use snails Achatina in cosmetology

Are there any contraindications?

Will give an idea of ​​how the Achatina snail looks like, photo. In cosmetology, this mollusk is very popular, but only for those women who are able to overcome disgust and fear. If you can not imagine this creature moving through your body, then it is better not to fight with yourself and resort to using creams based on Ahatin mucus. Stress has not brought any benefit to anyone.

Although mucus does not cause allergies, it can still have a negative effect on the skin, therefore, before a full procedure, plant a snail on a small area of ​​skin. If after five minutes you do not feel unpleasant feelings, then you can continue the process.For the same reason, you should not immediately buy Akhatin for maintenance at home to carry out your own procedures. First try this method of rejuvenation in the beauty salon.

use of snails Achatina in cosmetology

Achatina snails in cosmetology: reviews

Many women who took a course on rejuvenation with the help of Achatina in the salon, acquired such creatures for home maintenance. What do women write who constantly use these snails?

Everyone writes that Achatina snails are simply irreplaceable in cosmetology. It is noted that after the first use of mollusks, the skin becomes smoother and more taut.

They also write that you can completely forget about creams, scrub and peeling, because with constant use of Achatina skin becomes noticeably younger, coarse cells disappear.

There are many reviews about massage. For these purposes, Achatina is used not only by women, but also by men. It is said that the condition of the skin after such a massage is simply amazing. There are records that this method has helped many in the early stages to completely get rid of varicose veins.

Many people write that thanks to the massage effect of the snails cellulite completely disappeared. The skin has become elastic, beautiful.

Note and ease of keeping pets. They write that these are the most lovely and picky creatures and are ideal for busy people. There are reviews that such snails are very popular with children and they take care of them with pleasure.

There are reviews from those who for a long time could not overcome fear and disgust, but still began to use the method. They write that you should just buy a clam, get used to it a little, watch it. And it turns out that these are not at all scary and nasty monsters, but rather pretty and funny creatures.

There are opinions that the observation of Achatina calms the nerves. These snails slowly and imposingly move, then hiding in the shell, then showing up from it, it is very interesting to feed. And after fifteen minutes of observation of the snail, all alarms pass.

These are interesting and useful creatures. Many people experienced the miraculous action of Achatina snails and were satisfied. These mollusks are quite inexpensive, and everyone can afford such a pet.

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