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How many have I seen relationships that have broken about bytovuha. Yes, and my relationship with my ex-wife in large part because of bytovuhi collapsed.
As it turned out, it is rather difficult to keep romance and ease in relationships when people start living together. Practically from the first day of life in the same house, the question of domestic affairs is raised, the look at which almost always differs in women and men.
So historically, women are more tied to the house, women build a nest and think more about the family in the classical sense. And men often think big, men need feats and global events. And in this, in fact, there is nothing bad, you just have to try to find a compromise together. But this turns out to be the most difficult, especially if a man and a woman are both character and assertive.
I really do not want to blame someone, but still the topic of bytovuhi is most often raised by a woman, because women are like that. But the family lives in a common house, which is more in the interests of the woman precisely in the domestic plan.A man, of course, also cares and thinks about home improvement, but more globally: make money in the family, drastically change or rebuild something, and similar other things.
This is where conflicts arise. When a man is in a house, he is purely in a practical sense in the field of action of a woman, and the achievements and care of a man are often not materially tangible at once, like cleaned rooms, beautiful plates and cups, a pile of toilet paper and so on.
Especially if the initiator of the purchase, for example, was just a product, was a woman, although the man earned money, then this is considered a family achievement of the woman. After all, it was the woman who thought and reminded about the products.
It turns out that both the woman and the man think and slaughter about the house, albeit slightly different categories, but whoever speaks more often about beautification and everyday life is good. Again, this happens because by nature the issue of the family nest is more female.
In general, of course, the house and the family should be dealt with together, but a little advice for women: do not constantly poke the words of men into the everyday life. This can cause problems that women do not immediately realize.
Well, or poke, but then do not be surprised that a man comes home to the night, somewhere hovering before.
So it goes.
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